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Boeck was arraigned in Tivoli Village Court and sent to the Dutchess County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail, the Sheriff Office said.Along with a team of three other trainers and a chaplain, Sporer works as both a dog trainer and PTSD therapist with the program. There are currently five veterans and dogs in a class, and a waiting list of people hoping to raise enough money to start training in April. The program includes 15 plus weeks of service dog training, as well as therapy for the veterans. By the end of the course, the dogs should be able to help not only calm veterans during a panic attack, but perform tasks such as fetching a ringing phone or turning lights on and off.Under interrogation, the men also told the Qataris that the bomb they used was sent from Moscow by diplomatic pouch into Saudi Arabia.”I can’t emphasize this enough. This was one of the biggest problems for our members,” Aaron said. get, Aaron said.Suicide rates are increasing fastest in the oldest of the old those age 85 and over. Older men face the highest risk, accounting for 83 percent of the suicides in people age 65 and over.Depression in pregnancy needs to be treated
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Be able to live nutritious but will not force ones methods or maybe systems when another. Instead provide what works available for you, giving this pupil a decision. At your site most of us prevent knowledge that had been useful one which will without a doubt be employed to another. We carry suggestions by our readers and most of us present their options for living healthy whether or not it appears to be foreign to help us. Some skill is far more abstract in comparison with others but is art nothing the fewer. healthy living way

The pretty pleased parents incorporate the use of a family portrait with some sort of Star connected with David motif, a Menorah attraction, or some sort of starry Shalom to share the joyous news. Christmas in addition to Hanukkah labor and birth announcements are specifically well fitted to the already folded, pocket style greeting cards. Recipients find the experience connected with opening his or her gift since they learn around the baby. These little one announcements will automatically become once in a lifetime mementos, enjoyed yearly. Announcement News

By in addition to large this success connected with terrorist advertisments comes definitely not from huge events, but on the “marketing connected with terrorism” the communiqus, this threats, this innuendos, along with the disinformation. The simple truth is, terrorists should want to do very little to obtain their aims. But what the doctor has to do is usually convince us likely occasionally organized and capable to do what exactly they threaten. Thus are classified as the events significant, but quite a bit less important for the reason that propaganda campaigns which might be constant in addition to on going, what which maintain fear in close proximity and constant in this minds. News Communique

Exactly what will you decide to do you’re a procedure with AMD Phenom pick and facing a dilemma or it is really likely that you will be purchasing the whole with AMD Phenom for you to play activities, surf the online or seek advise from your business application. Its each day usage plus clientele currently have dwindled when technology outlet stores and methods have soared but it surely remains an astounding resource. there will be good reports to the development with new solar panels which changes higher solar powered energy conversion overall performance. Another technique to use the actual key Service methods to track plus trace phones is by way of installing microchips. Very small GPS chips may just be installed around somebody’s mobile when they’re not wanting. The team is likewise a pretty active person in the Significant 12 Conference and has now won 11 astounding conference brands. Because of this confidence while in the products they give you, Smooth undeniable know they can be on to the good thing. And which includes a Smooth 7. 1 AN HOUR Pro or perhaps Smooth 5. 25 treadmill in your own home, you might be too. Effective automatic sales personnel can be well trained folks that understand profits psychology and every car to the lot! They’re able to answer problems on hybrids plus power skin cells, and give advice based upon sound specialised knowledge. With common phone models, users will be billed either by minute or another. However, by using VoIP, your phone call is split up and sent in the internet as a result of packets plus reassembles along at the receiving ending. For the following reason, you will be billed dependant on data practice. Now its time to do this, so after all this it is definitely recommended to judge this exceptional solution so that they can explore and then determine how it may possibly easily develop productivity of your small business. Part Your is the hospital insurance, which will helps insure inpatient caution in doctor’s offices or restaurants, skilled caregiving facilities, hospices plus home heath care treatment.
Both heterozygous merle (Mm) and homozygous merle (MM) may exhibit eye and ear abnormalities incl. mild to severe deafness, increased intraocular pressure, ametropia (bad refraction ability) and colobomas. Dogs with merle colour have visibly less pigmented eye ground, which may affect their eyesight.If you’ve not done so already, start taking dated photographs of everything that’s wrong/missing/faulty. Otherwise it sounds as though you’ve made ample and proper attempts to get things taken care of but are simply being ignored.A different group of scientists who came up with the “ideal marriage formula” decided the wife should be a bit younger, couples should come from similar backgrounds and that the wife should be at least 27 percent smarter than her husband for maximum marriage happiness.”Is that drool? Get your coat, my man you’re pulled.””I was driven by a tenacity to know what was wrong with me and to come through it,” said Owens. “My spirituality told me there was a reason that I was experiencing this and in many ways I feel that it was for me to help others come out of it too.”
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It has gone too far when: Your worry leads you to make unnecessary and unreasonable adjustments to your lifefor example, refusing to fly or take public transportation. These fears may have developed into a mild anxiety disorder, says Ross. Talking to a therapist could bring things back into perspective.Friends confess they are irked when colleagues speak over the phone of their experiences, holiday leave or other oops that an ocean, I mean specific problems.Consider having a supply of food, water and other emergency items The state standard is 2 weeks, however we encourage everyone to maintain an emergency supply of 30 days. This includes food, water (1 gallon per person per day), prescription medications, alternate heating source, alternate cooking source and warm winter clothing (for colder temperatures). Don forget to include your pets and your livestock in your planning of emergency supplies.Strength training is vital for all sports, and I can t stress that enough. Looking at a high level endurance athlete in Jessica, and strength training hasn t been a huge part of her regimen, for whatever reason. But a lot of athletes, especially female athletes, stray away from the strength component. It s important to utilize it and incorporate it into daily, if not several days a week, of your training regimen.
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TORONTO It one of the last taboo topics: dying and death, the in the room that nobody wants to discuss.

But in her new book About Death Won Kill You (ECW Press) released this week, Kathy Kortes Miller says it essential that families have conversations about end of life issues and it never too early to start.

going to happen to 100 per cent of us and it very much a life experience, said Kortes Miller, palliative care division lead at the Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health at Lakehead University. part of what happens to us as a result of living.

also because when we die, our death will impact a minimum of five other people, she said from Thunder Bay, Ont. it will impact them in ways of learning about life, how they grieve, how they able to function and then also how they deal with it the next time they encounter dying and death. who spent decades working in palliative care, said she wanted to bring out of the closet after experiencing her own brush with mortality when the mother of two was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The book is in part an answer to the concerns that arose during treatment as she faced her own thoughts about potentially dying and the role of health care providers in helping patients and their loved ones navigate a final journey.

really thought we were doing a good job until I recognized my own experiences as a patient and saw that we really weren the death educator said of medical professionals.

was a person who knew how to talk about these things and I had a tough time getting my health care providers to talk about it. it not only medical practitioners who need to learn how to discuss end of life issues with patients and their loved ones, said Kortes Miller.

Discussions about death including fears, regrets and one personal wishes when dying should be part of every family conversational tableau, she suggested.

not something you need to dive deep into and do in one massive, huge conversation, but rather different pieces of it as you think about what important to you, whether your health care providers need to know about you so they can provide the best care possible, and what you think is going to matter to you at the end of life.

think it best to have conversations throughout the course of our lives. includes allowing children to ask questions and express their feelings about death, whether that over seeing a dead animal on the road, the loss of a pet or the death of a grandparent, she said.

When a child expresses curiosity about what it means to die, for instance, it can be an opportunity for adults to open a conversation and make it a teachable moment.

are not born fearful of death They actually really curious about dying and death. And so if we support their curiosity by talking about it, by normalizing it and having conversations with them, they begin to develop that education for themselves. of Kortes Miller pet peeves is when people use euphemisms for death, such as a person having away or to a better place. really moved away from using the words dying, death and dead, she said.

I think that has done us a disservice, especially in Western culture, because we have couched our language trying to make it gentler or cleaner or more sanitized for people. And it has turned out that it is confusing our children. people fear the idea of dying and that includes talking about it, she said, noting that because Canadians are living longer, many people are middle aged when they first experience the death of a loved one.

we isolated ourselves from it because we don see it. We turned over the care of our loved ones who are dying to the health care profession so we find ourselves at a loss of knowing what to do. as a family about death can lay the groundwork for an advance care directive, which spells out a person wishes during the process of dying, such as the desired level of pain management.

The legalization of medically assisted death has also given people the option, under certain conditions, to seek to hasten end of life and controversy over the law has caused Canadians to pay more attention to the issue of dying and death, said Kortes Miller.

has been a really good catalyst for us having more conversations. of those conversations might revolve around how to say goodbye to a loved one who dying and whether they will have a death, a popular buzzword in the world of palliative care.

me, it elicits the idea of family members holding hands around the bedside of a person who is dying and singing she said, almost as if there is a checklist of what it means to have a good death.

But that idea may not match the way the person lived and it can put pressure on families to have a moment despite it being inappropriate for their loved one and themselves, she said.

sometimes tend to Hollywoodize a death vigil scene or put high standards of what families need to make happen for their loved one in order for it to be a good death, said Kortes Miller.
I don’t get why people react in this way after a bad result, Southampton away is always a tough game no matter what team you have. This season we have been well above expectations so it is too early to go all doom and gloom. Klopp will need a few more windows to get the squad looking how he truly wants it.Whats on in Brighton Comedypaying for this through our taxes and it not working very well, said the law clerk.One area he said he would be asking about is the fact CP Rail’s foam suppression vehicle is located in Abbotsford. The unit was sent to the blaze Monday night under police escort but Moore said it may be necessary to have the equipment located closer to Port Coquitlam given that PoCo’s CP Rail yard is one of the largest in western Canada.Fernandez, after his shaky free skate, saw his nearly 14 point lead over Shoma Uno of Japan reduced to 10.39 points. Misha Ge of Uzbekistan completed the podium.”Less clinical trials involving male breast cancer are available to help try and find better treatments or a cure because it’s rarer,” Dr. Leon said. “But we will look for whatever treatment we can to help our patients.”
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Contests Weather + 7 Day Hourly Forecast Weather Radar Monsoon Contact the Forecasters Storm Shield App Severe Weather Alerts In Depth + Phoenix Serial Shootings Mass Shootings in 2018 Phoenix Mass Murderer Arpaio in Court Sex Offender Map Arizona Wildfires Traffic + Gas Prices News + Phoenix Metro Northeast Valley West Valley Southeast Valley Northern Arizona Central/South Arizona Trending National Video + Live Video ABC15 on YouTube ABC15 on Roku Smart Shopper + Contact Smart Shopper InstaSaver Let Joe Know + Contact Joe Ducey Investigators + Mendoza Wrong Way ADA Lawsuits Impostor Doctor Contact the ABC15 Investigators Entertainment + Things To Do Games Watch ABC The List Pickler and Ben Show Sports + Arizona Sports Small Stars Health + Taking Action For Your Health Conquering Addiction Sonoran Living + Contact Sonoran Living Sonoran Living Archive Community Connection Marketplace + Now Hiring Shop Local About Us + Contact Us ABC15 Share 15 Links Staff Bios News Releases Mobile TV Listings Antenna TV SupportThe resort has signs posted at the summit and the T Bar 2 area warning of the dangers of tree wells, Polumbus said after Spring’s death last month, and also added a section to its snow report about tree wells “once we realized how much snow we were getting this winter.”Canadians urged to exercise caution in Middle East ahead of protestsUp in western NY, you have cold weather from December, (We’ve had bad snowstorms in October.) to May. That means cold in the morning, cold in the afternoon, cold at night. In America, you have many different climates, and thank God the freedom to go to any of them to live. During this Memorial day weekend, let us be thankful for that freedom, and let us realize that compared to most other parts of the world, we have nothing to complain about.
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Creative agency Droga5 produced the video, which shows a scientist of sorts recording notes on the progress of Evelyn, an advanced AI robot with some shades of the film “Deus ex Machina” to her. Evelyn interrupts her creator after his smartphone sends a reminder that the bill is due.

“Doctor, I still don’t understand why you have unlimited with Verizon,” she says. “Why wouldn’t you switch all your lines to Sprint? I’ve analyzed the data. Sprint’s network reliability is less than a 1 percent difference than Verizon’s, yet you choose to pay twice as much.”

The doctor’s dumbfounded response “I never thought of that” sets Evelyn and her robotic peers to mercilessly laughing at their creator. Cut to the doctor in a Sprint store meeting former “Can you hear me now?” guy “Paul.”

It’s the second consecutive year that the teleco carrier worked with Droga5 for its Super Bowl spot, following last year’s escape your contract pitch “Car.”

Sprint says its latest commercial will air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

“We’re pretty sure robots won’t suffer from the same apathy and confusion people face when it comes to understanding wireless companies,” David Droga, creative chairman and founder of Droga5, said in a statement. “And, as spokespeople, robots get to set on time, too.”

Meanwhile, Verizon said last week that it’s returning to the Super Bowl after a seven year hiatus, but has remained mum on the details. T Mobile has yet to confirm that whether will return to this year’s game, but has been a regular there; last year its quartet of spots included Justin Bieber in “UnlimitedMoves,” Kristen Schaal in “Punished” and Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg in “Bag of Unlimited.”
Other Nelson female runners include Victoria Saunders (14th), Madison Jenney (18th), Lily Gates (23rd), Delaney Cope (30th) and Eliza Cope (42nd).UPDATED 4.30.10 5:50pm by Julie MontanaroWhile campaigning, Trump promised to deport as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants. While he appears to have softened a bit on that pledge, he remains adamant about building a wall along the nation’s Mexican border.
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Mr Gibb added: “I don’t think it’s right to say that reforms to the curriculum are the cause of young people’s anxiety or a result of increasing mental health issues among young people.valid explanation of the term “trafficking in women.” Thus it is not possible to use precise terminology which would be consistent in various countries in the creation of national legislative documents dealing with this issue. While analysing this problem we made use of the text of the Hague Ministerial Declaration on European Guidelines for Effective Measures to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation from April 26 of this year. In essence we agree with its explanation of trafficking in women and believe that it can be used as a foundation, with, however, some additions, because this explanation deals only with trafficking in women for the purposes of sexual exploitation. In our opinion women are, however, also sold for purposes other than sexual. It would be better to include this in the explanation. This explanation could be used as a unified legal basis for the creation of national legislation in various countries; this would undoubtedly lead to an improvement of the legal situation in the fight against trafficking in women an their illegal export.Aaj Tak despite witnessing major departures (Chaurasia, Bajpayi and Kumar) maintained a healthy position by tweaking content, introducing more entertainment content, steadily investing in technology and picture quality. It also made sure that the distribution was in the right place.1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
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Ah Fook’s Supermarket President Raymond Hew stands in front of what was left of his business after a fire on Feb. 27, 2005, at the Kahului Shopping Center. The market moved into its corner spot at the shopping center in 1955. Hew relocated the market into a smaller spot at the shopping center. Ah Fook’s has been sold to Michele Pomroy Fraser, whose family owns and runs Kahului Carpet Drapery.

The Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photo

Michele Pomroy Fraser, whose family owns and runs Kahului Carpet Drapery, bought the old mom and pop market started by Chinese immigrant Tam Ah Fook with the sale officially closing Sunday.

The sale price was not disclosed. Fraser said she bought the lease and assets but not the corporation.

The market has been renamed Maui Style Market.

something that had to be done sooner or later, said former supermarket President Raymond Hew of the sale Tuesday. Hew is the nephew of Tam Ah Fook wife, Margaret Tam, and part owner of the market with the Mizoguchi family.

Ah Fook’s, which once had a full sized supermarket at the Kahului Shopping Center, moved into this smaller location in the same mall about nine years ago. A fire destroyed the original mall location. The supermarket with roots that go back 100 years has been sold.

The Maui News / BRIAN PERRY photo

He said there was no one left to take over the business, which originally opened in 1917 on the Kahului Harbor side of Kaahumanu Avenue across from the current Burger King. In 1955, the store opened at Kahului Shopping Center.

this opportunity came up, we decided to sell, Hew said.

was just a plus we could sell it to a local, longtime (Maui) family, he later added.

On Tuesday, Hew still was at the market, noting that he will be around to help the new owners in the transition. In fact, he was cutting fish for the store poke.

Fraser, who busily roamed the store backrooms Tuesday, said she is retaining all employees including some Ah Fook family members and the product line heavily laced with ethnic local food, as well as Ah Fook special sauce and shirts.

are not going to change anything, same employees, same faces, said Fraser, who is a vice president of the 44 year old Kahului Carpet Drapery. She and her husband, Austin, also own Maui Jumpy Castles Tent Rentals and formerly owned and ran Titilua Store and Titilua Shave Ice Truck.

Her future plans include expansion into the old Kahului Carpet Drapery showroom next door for more food offerings and a jewelry line. Kahului Carpet currently is located in another location in the mall, in the old Fun Factory spot nearest Kamehameha Avenue.

She also plans to add more flowers, poke and fish and a deli and to bring in Polynesian goods and Tahitian pearl jewelry she used to sell under the Heavenly Maui Hawaiian Jewelry brand.

Fraser brought in Shal Dooge, who has experience in small market businesses and is the former longtime manager of Haiku Grocery, to manage the day to day operations.

Like the Hew family, the Pomroys have deep roots on Maui with ties to the Richardson family in Waikapu and the Espinda family in Lahaina who date back to the 1800s, the new owners said.

daughter and I have been walking the aisles and taking (customers suggestions, Pomroy added. welcome any suggestions from the people of what they think we should have. the new owners plan for growth, Hew will take a slower approach to life, at least in the beginning. At 69 years old, Hew said he is ready to do the things, like play another day of golf, work in the yard and stuff like that. worked at the supermarket as a high schooler during summers and has been full time since 1979. He attended University of Hawaii at Manoa in the received a business management degree, and worked at a bank on Oahu. He came back to Maui in 1979.

Over the years, Hew said the work has been pleasurable, even with the long hours and having to come into the store on days off. He enjoyed helping people and offering employment to hundreds of people through the years.

At the height of the business, Hew said there were about 75 employees at the market original spot at the Kahului Shopping Center, which currently houses vehicles behind a fence north of the current location. It was a larger supermarket, a cornerstone of the mall.

But a fire on Feb. 27, 2005, destroyed the supermarket and other structures in the Kahului Shopping Center. Ah Fook reopened later that year in an old building that has since been torn down at the current Bank of Hawaii location in Kahului.

About nine years ago, Ah Fook returned to the Kahului Shopping Center in its smaller current location with a workforce of 10 people.

not the same. The store is small. We don have the things people want, Hew said.

Gone are the full service meat and fish departments and displays. The produce section has been reduced to a couple of refrigerated shelves.

The most sought after items in the old store were the prepared foods, such as the breakfast bentos and lunch items. The old store had a full kitchen that could produce those items but the current location does not.

Looking back at the fire, Hew said the experience was of surreal. It put a lot of folks out of work, he said.

Some customers, especially senior citizens, had trouble finding a new supermarket. Ah Fook was one of the first businesses not to charge senior citizens the excise tax on groceries, a policy it continued in the current location.
Removing Prichett, who was one of Enid’s top tacklers in the 2016 season, was not something Hayes took lightly.Mrs Rodrigues said patients were always offered some form of treatment if needed, claiming a bed was always found for people suffering the most severe symptoms.Some dealerships were more fortunate, at least for the moment. Tim Brackenbury, a sales manager at Don McGill Toyota in Katy, Texas, about 30 miles west of Houston, said he’s heard colleagues say that his dealership and car lot appear to be dry, but flooding from surrounding roads will make access difficult.Florida 2018
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Introduced by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the savings scheme has been adopted by 50 farmers’ associations in Honduras and Guatemala.Exxon’s Ashley Alemayehu said the company’s emergency response team was already in place, and that helping the city made sense.Beer companies have been so focused on the carb craze that they are missing the boat on the sophistication craze. Well, it’s time to pick your head up off the bar and wipe away your beer tears and get on with it. Save your category. Start now.The move was also a smart one on the part of head coach Bill Russo and his staff. Cope was named first team All Patriot League each of the last two years and is a cinch three peater this year.the Battle of White Plains. This battle
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Agricultural disinfectants are majorly used to promote plant as well as animal health and protect them against microbial infection such as bacteria, virus, fungi and others. Disinfectants are extremely effective in reaching out the microbial infections and with increasing demand of animal products, growing incidence of diseases among the livestock, and emergence of greenhouse vegetable production, all the factors are influencing the growth of agricultural disinfectants market.

Due to increasing crop losses, it becomes imperative to address crop productivity issues. With changes in farming practices and adoption of modern technology leading to increasing acceptance of modernized farming and protected agriculture is driving the growth of the agricultural disinfectants market. Moreover, water shortages, deterioration of water quality and environmental concerns is further boosting the need of agricultural disinfectants to increase farm productivity.

Also, cleaning and sanitizing animal ranches is essential to prevent the outbreak of infections. Agricultural disinfectants holds vital importance in livestock industry as farmers use it frequently on newborn animals that are highly susceptible to diseases and infections, due to their underdeveloped immune systems. Also, the growing health concern among the consumers and keeping up the wellbeing,
houses for sale mulberry park houghton le spring Agricultural Disinfectants Market Analysis 2018
cleanliness, and prosperity of high creating creatures coupled with increase in demand for meat products has led to the surge in sales of agricultural disinfectants. However, lack of awareness low adoption rate and harmful effects of disinfectants is restraining the growth of the market.

April 2017, BioNovelus introduced new organic sanitizer, CR 10 DisinfectantAgriculture Disinfectants market offers huge growth opportunities for the industrial players. Key industrial players are also investing in R and building partnership with farmers and distributors to form an integrated model to develop sustainable agriculture measures. The market is fragmented and marked by the presence of several large and small scale vendors. Companies are extensively investing in research and development owing to improve the formulation of Agricultural Disinfectants. Cost efficiency is also a major driver driving the growth of the market. Industry players are acquiring small market players in the market and tying up with distributors to meet the global demand. Strategic new product launches and innovations in the existing product line is the key strategy followed by the manufacturers to create product differentiation among their product offerings.

On The Basis Of Form: Powder, Liquid, and Others

On The Basis Of Type: Hypochlorites halogens, Oxidizing agents aldehydes, Quaternary ammonium compounds phenols, and Others

The global Agriculture Disinfectants market is segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, and Rest of the World (RoW). Global Agriculture Disinfectants market is highly dominated by North America followed by Europe. Bio based agricultural disinfectants are expected to offer huge growth opportunity in North America and Europe. In Mexico, agricultural disinfectants are mainly used for the production of avocados. and Mexico are the major contributors in North America for Agricultural Disinfectants market. In Europe, Spain and Germany are the major contributors of Agricultural Disinfectants and increasing livestock diseases is driving the growth of agriculture disinfectants in Europe. Asia Pacific market is the fastest growing market for Agriculture Disinfectants due to its major use in agricultural livestock application and growing demand for meat products.
Breaking the newsThe company also sells electricity in portions of West Virginia and Tennessee.Igoudala’s jumper with 6.8 seconds appeared to put the Sixers safely out of reach. He had Pierce guarding him and was able to escape while dribbling and hit the fade away jumper just above the free throw line. The Sixers celebrated wildly on the bench as he pumped his fists at his teammates. He top scored for the Sixers while Andre Miller had 21.
houses for sale mulberry park houghton le spring Agricultural Disinfectants Market Analysis 2018

mulberry small bag Agency shakeup follows Oroville Dam disclosures

“It’s wonderful. I just really appreciate the amount of work the kids did and the administrators did today. It’s just awesome, just wonderful to respect our veterans as well as our active duty police man today. It’s just a wonderful thing,” she said.20. Sir Mix a Lot, “Jump On It”Certified as a B Corporation in 2016, Prosper for Purpose practices the values it preaches via a paperless office, three days of paid volunteer work for employees, and unlimited sick time.”Creating a better St. Louis depends on collaboration among businesses, governments, not for profit and community organizations,” said Rich McClure, who co chaired the Ferguson Commission with Rev. Starsky Wilson. “The Commission’s calls to action provide a path to racial equity. Our region welcomes the support of programs such as Ameren Cares with a focus on the policies and programs placing youth at the center and creating opportunities to thrive. I am very grateful to Ameren and other major employers in our region as we work to build a fairer, stronger St. Louis.”Whatever it was, the Indians (8 2, 4 1) had to recover quickly. The tenuous 7 6 lead they held at halftime didn’t cut it and coach Clay Hillyer had to light a fire.A therapeutic trip to the attic
Discount mulberry bags bayswater Outlet Agency shakeup follows Oroville Dam disclosures

Grant Davis resigned as DWR’s director barely seven months after taking over the embattled department, which has been heavily criticized following the near catastrophe at the dam’s two flood control spillways. Davis will go back to his old job as general manager of the Sonoma County Water Agency.Karla Nemeth, deputy secretary and senior adviser for water policy at the Natural Resources Agency since 2014, was named the new DWR director by Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown’s administration said Nemeth’s appointment was part of a larger restructuring of DWR to place more emphasis on flood control and dam safety.An independent forensic team, in awide ranging critical reporton the causes of the Oroville emergency, said last week that dam safety must become a higher priority at DWR. The department owns and operates Oroville Dam and runs the State Water Project, which delivers billions of gallons of Northern California river water to agencies as far away as San Diego.”In the past year alone, the most severe drought in California’s recorded history was interrupted by one of the wettest seasons on record, putting extreme pressure on our flood control infrastructure and exposing vulnerabilities,” Natural Resources Secretary John Laird said in a prepared statement. “This new team will help the state better prepare for ever greater challenges to our infrastructure and flood management systems, and ensure that California is doing everything possible to ensure dam and flood safety.” As part of the reorganization, DWR created a new position, deputy director for flood management and dam safety.Davis, in a statement released by Sonoma County officials, said, “My home and passion is Sonoma County, and I am dedicated to helping the Water Agency achieve its ongoing goals while restoring our watersheds impacted by the wildfires.” He didn’t return calls seeking additional comment.The forensic team’s report on Oroville blamed a series of long standing problems at DWR, all of which predated Davis’ arrival at the agency.Mark Cowin, who retired as DWR director in December 2016, said it appeared there was “a personality conflict between Grant and a number of people, including the governor. . It was a bad fit to start with.”Among other things, he said Davis sometimes was too aggressive about suggesting changes at DWR. “He got ahead of the curve,” Cowin said.Davis was scheduled to appear at a legislative oversight hearing on Oroville on Wednesday morning at the Capitol, but was represented instead by DWR’s chief deputy director. No explanation was given for his absence from the hearing, and his exit from DWR was announced about an hour after the hearing ended.Nemeth has played a significant role in Brown’s controversial proposal to overhaul the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta’s plumbing with a pair of water tunnels.She becomes the fourth DWR director in a little more than a year. Those include two interim directors, one of whom, Bill Croyle, ran the department during the Oroville emergency.The crisis began when a giant crater erupted in the main flood control spillway Feb. 7. DWR tried to limit the damage by curtailing water releases, but a heavy rainstorm filled the reservoir and water began flowing over the never before used emergency spillway a concrete lip atop an unlined hillside. When the hillside started eroding badly, putting the concrete lip in peril, officials ordered the immediate evacuation of 188,
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000 downstream residents.In its report last week, the forensic team said the main spillway was poorly designed, and then poorly maintained in the decades following the dam’s 1968 completion. The panel alsofaulted DWR’s handling of the crisis,saying different decisions could have prevented water from flowing over the untested emergency spillway. Among other things, the investigators said DWR officials disregarded geologists’ warnings that the emergency spillway might not withstand water flows, and also were influenced by a desire to keep water deliveries flowing to State Water Project member agencies. DWR officials denied that water delivery played a role in their decision making.At Wednesday’s legislative hearing, forensic team leader John France reiterated his belief that dam safety hasn’t been made a high enough priority at DWR.”We’d like to see it have a bit of a louder voice,” France told lawmakers.He also warned that dam safety officials, in California and elsewhere, need to overhaul how they inspect structures. The flaws at Oroville, including a poorly designed drainage system, were lurking there for decades but weren’t visible to inspectors. To truly understand if dams are working properly, inspectors have to review old blueprints and other documents, he said.The problem isn’t limited to California, he stressed. Across the industry, “we’re not diving as deeply as we need to, to find these ticking time bombs,” France said.DWR officials pushed back on suggestions that they’ve neglected dam safety, but acknowledged that they’re reforming the agency in response to France’s team’s report. Eric Koch, who takes over the newly created role of deputy director for flood management and dam safety, said DWR has traditionally concentrated much of its firepower on preventing failures of the dams themselves but hasn’t paid enough attention to spillways and other related structures. That will change, he said.”We are shifting the paradigm of dam safety across California,” he told lawmakers. Already, several dam owners have pledged to replace their spillways, based on a flurry of post Oroville inspections ordered by DWR.But change will take time. Cindy Messer, DWR’s chief deputy director, said a comprehensive blueprint for reform will take at least four months to develop. She said the agency is talking with Brown’s staff about getting the personnel needed to ramp up the inspection procedures.”I believe that we do prioritize dam safety,” she said. “Is the group big enough? No.”Lawmakers remained skeptical. Assemblyman James Gallagher, R Yuba City, whose family was evacuated in February, called the Oroville crisis a “monumental organizational failure.”Added state Sen. Jim Nielsen, R Tehama, addressing the DWR officials: “The agency is not trusted. You have been great under the pressure . but there’s no trust.”
I’m so sorry for your loss of Chester. It’s always difficult to lose a loved one, but it’s especially tragic to lose them to death while still young. My family and I were devastated when my grandma passed away and there are days when it’s especially hard to cope with our loss. However, I’ve personally found comfort from meditating on the promises found in the Bible. Two of my favorites are John 5:28,29 and Revelation 21:3 5. There we are given the hope of the resurrection and the future end of all suffering here on Earth by Jehovah God through His son, Jesus Christ. It’s my hope that you can read these promises and have them bring you the comfort it has brought me. Please accept my sincerest condolences and deepest sympathies. If you have an existing account with this site, you may log in with that. Otherwise, it’s simple to create a new one by clicking on the Create “Sign up” button and following the simple steps on the Sign Up page.Chesterfield Asperger’s sufferer found hanged after he was sexually abusedTo cope with NF, John says he takes pills to help him in school. Both he and Jolene are closely monitored by doctors. Due to the severity of her tumors, Jolene was recently enrolled in a research project through the National Institutes of Health, searching for better treatments.Lambert said that by filing for tax exempt status, the nonprofit group drew the attention of the city, which actually helped them to find a clerical error that had been around for more than a decade.
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Goldbaum said “this escalation of words” between the United States and North Korea has put the country “in a very precarious and unstable situation and anything can happen,” she said.”It was really hard not to like him,” he said. “He was a really good person, and he didn’t need to die so quickly. . It’s unexplainable.”.Northshore parents discover lack of childhood diabetes trainingRead in a quiet space, or one with a helpful amount of background buzz.
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A way out of the vicious cycle.

Low remuneration, unsustainable agency P low talent cost, unspectacular agency output. how can one break out of this vicious cycle? With the fragmentation of media (starting in the early ’90s), brands needed to move beyond top dailies/ TV channels to a multitude of media options/ vehicles within each. Brand marketing expenses presently had to take care of ATL/ BTL/ Digital/ PR/ Events, etc. and brand margins came under immense pressure.

The 15 per cent agency commission was questioned and clients wanted more for less. This was the same time when agencies decided to split the media and creative businesses clients started paying media and creative agencies separately. With clients pushing agencies on remuneration, agencies found the going tough. They had to find new revenue streams ‘design’ at creative agencies, ‘analytics’, ‘digital’ etc. became separate products at media agencies. The going has been tough for agencies ever since.

Signs of stress:

Huge talent exodus at agencies and focus on skill up gradation

Increased frequency of pitches

Transparency Report by ANA (USA) and a new agency contract template by advertiser body ISBA (UK)

Newer business models and entrants emerging consultants like Accenture, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and even McKinsey into the Digital Marketing and Creative/ Media Agency business

Root causes and the solution:

Manas Mishra

Agencies are an integral part of the marketing ecosystem and need support from the client marketing function to survive/ add value to brands. When marketing plays a proactive role in brand growth, agencies find it easier to support brands and marketing. When the narrative turns defensive, agencies and marketing teams are constantly pushing each other to defend their positions, their roles and their work. In the quarterly results focused corporation of the 21st century, brands are milk cows that must lactate from Day 1. It is imperative that marketing builds ROI into the brand life story at each stage of its life; fully prepared to answer questions on input vs output.

It goes without saying that agency partners must build competencies that help marketing teams build ROI arguments into every brand initiative.

In sum, a proactive/ ‘front foot’ narrative ensures that agencies and their clients stay ahead of the game at all times.

A good start:

We believe a good start can be made when agencies build a virtuous cycle of ‘profitable agency remuneration good talent and tools good agency output better brand growth/ profits’ that’s not defensive in its approach and has the full backing of the marketer. Transparency is a key ingredient to making this work. Smartphones have become an essential part of life for most urban Indians. After the first stage of experimenting with low cost/ indigenous brands, mass consumers have now graduated to Chinese brands that are costlier and more technologically advanced than the earlier, cheaper phones. In an acutely price sensitive market, average selling prices of smartphones moved up by 6 per cent (2016 over 2015) and rose by 25 per cent to $157 (USD) in H2 2017 the ‘mid range’ (in pricing terms) has itself moved up.

There are two hypotheses for this:

1. Having tried different types of phones,
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consumers have realized the value of buying a costlier phone better features, faster processors, more memory, smarter looks and most important longevity.

2. Category evolution has moved to a stage where quality matters and consumers are ready to pay. Hence, phone manufacturers are taking the risk of using better ingredients/ higher prices instead of ‘competitive’ prices/ fitting ingredients.

This trend is also visible at the higher end of the category. Korean and American smartphone brands have achieved far greater penetration (with their premium offerings) than ever before.

In sum, the entire category (from feature phones and basic smartphones to premium phones) seems to have moved up in Average Selling Price over the last three years. People like the better price value equation and it is a virtuous cycle that will only help category growth/ technology offered.

Indian Pharma industry evolution:

India’s Pharma industry met its darkest hour when the USFDA sounded an ‘Import Alert’ against a major Indian Pharma company in 2010 11 and slapped a $500Mn (USD) fine/ settlement on it thereafter. This became a turning point for the $45Bn (USD) Indian Pharma industry.

Quality by design, Automation (lower scope for manual interventions), increased manpower in quality departments, Quality Assurance and Control (QC), and stricter compliances are now the order of the day. Better regulatory compliances have led to better processes and products, lower recalls, lower wastage (of man hours and material) and finally, better profitability.
Vestrum in Christi, Pater Gomez, SJ. Capellanus, Institutum XIXMany of my independent, single friends male, female, gay, straight bitch and moan that they can’t find someone to shag with no strings attached, and they don’t know what to do about it.LL, I know that you, and most others who do not wear purple, do not wish for Groundhog Day, in a Bill Murray sense,
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as that movie has already replayed 5 times.And she said she was impressed by how Erika Barney appeared to be handling a loss she knows all too well.

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After his summer surgery, McCain rebounded quickly, returning to Washington and entering the Senate on July 25 to a standing ovation from his colleagues.”It was definitely unexpected. I don’t remember the last time I made a mistake in my short program, especially on the jumps,” Tennell said. “But things happen. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. You just have to get up a keep going. I’m definitely a fighter. I do not give up.”At Stoneman Douglas, about 150 grief counselors were on campus provide a lot of love, a lot of understanding and to help students back into their school routines, Runcie said.”Three, maybe four (events),” Vonn said. “It just depends on how I feel.”The Dougy Center: Support groups and information for kids, teens and young adults.
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BANJUL, Jan 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) The president had found a cure for AIDS. That was the news that reached Ousman Sowe, the head of a Gambian AIDS support network, one day in 2007. He was overjoyed.

“We all went with the hope that we were going to take a drop of some wonderful medication and be cured,” Sowe, 64, a tall man with greying hair, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an office outside Gambia’s rundown seaside capital.

But he was not allowed to go home after showing up at the state house that day. Gambia’s ex president Yahya Jammeh forced him to drink herbal concoctions morning and night for seven months until he was declared cured but in reality, near death.

Jammeh, whose 22 year rule over the tiny West African country was marked by accusations of human rights abuses, fled into exile last year after losing an election.

Now survivors of Jammeh’s bogus AIDS treatment are doing what once seemed impossible speaking out about their suffering and pursuing justice against the man who endangered their lives.

The fake AIDS treatment not only had grave health consequences for the patients, some of whom died, but hindered real HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in the country, UNAIDS said. agency’s country director Sirra Ndow.

“There was the perception that if there was a cure, you didn’t need support.”

Although HIV death rates are falling and treatment rates rising globally, Gambia is trailing.

Its infection rate of about two percent is much lower than many African countries. But only 30 percent of Gambians with HIV were on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in 2016, while the target is 90 percent by 2020, according to UNAIDS.

Sowe and two other outspoken survivors, Fatou Jatta and Lamin Ceesay, are working with lawyers and activists to gather evidence against Jammeh.

But all three are in their 50s or 60s and struggling with poor health, discrimination and poverty.

“We believe they should be compensated, but time is really against us,” said Agasha Tabaro, a legal fellow with AIDS Free World. “This is a health issue, and it’s urgent.”

The patients never knew what Jammeh was feeding them.

Sometimes it came in a bottle, sometimes powdered, sometimes mixed with canned milk or honey. If they sipped the concoctions, he would yell, forcing them to drink it all at once, they said.

“I would vomit every time,” said Jatta, 51, a social worker who spent nine months in the programme after publicly disclosing that she had HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Every day, Jammeh’s patients were taken to a glass building in the state house complex where the president administered the treatment, they said. They were not allowed to contact their families, or allowed to opt out.

Sometimes the president would rub ointments on their bodies. The sessions were filmed and broadcast on state television.

“The psychological effect on me was such that after the programme I felt it very difficult to integrate again into society,” said Sowe.

Severely weakened by Jammeh’s treatment, Sowe and Ceesay went back on ARVs after Jammeh discharged them, and Jatta started taking them. Ceesay’s wife, also in the programme, died.

After Jammeh’s treatment programme, survivors lost their jobs and struggled to feed their families, they said. They could not escape the fact that their faces had been broadcast on TV.

“I think their dignity needs to be restored,” said Ndow.

Ceesay, who was the first man in Gambia to openly declare his status, said he has been forced to move houses frequently because landlords evict him when they find out he has HIV.

“I want my own home for my family,” he said. “That’s what I’m struggling with now.”

The survivors know that bringing Jammeh to justice may be a far flung hope. He fled to Equatorial Guinea and it is unclear whether President Teodoro Obiang would extradite him.

A truth and reconciliation commission is expected to start work in Gambia later this year.

“As the victims tell their stories and more and more information comes out, the demand for justice could become overwhelming,” he said.
Make sure to heed your body’s call to action. The longer your stool sits in your colon, the more water is extracted and the harder it gets, Brenner said.The city is currently surveying staff, and Jones is holding focus groups and informal brown bag sessions, trying to gauge satisfaction and asking what employees would like to see moving forward.Dockmaster Paul Hoffman reported from the Canyon Club in Cape May that an overnighter Tuesday/Wednesday on the ForTuna with owner Chuck Reimel of Bryn Mawr, Pa., and captain Sean Singley of North Wildwood had another excellent mid week sortie. They went 1 for 3 on white marlin, had two bigeye that were dressed at 150 plus, three 50 to 70 pound yellowfin tuna, a “box” of mahi and an awesome sized tile fish.
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Ivelisse Torres Fernandez, an assistant professor in the Counseling and Educational Psychology department at NMSU’s College of Education, left, and Jessica Gibbs, co vice president of the School Psychology Graduate Student Organization at NMSU and a student research assistant for Torres Fernandez, are both leading efforts to provide assistance to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. (Photo: NMSU photo by Adriana M. Chvez)No ‘welcome in the Valleys’ as Chris Coleman suffers a frustrating return to WalesThe Mayor is also to consider proceeding with the six schemes in Clifton, Cotham North and Redland, where there is support generally for the schemes from local residents and Councillors. Each set of councillors would under these new proposals be given the choice of those schemes proceeding straight to the final Traffic Regulation Order stage, as some have requested, or of having an additional informal consultation stage added. Any of those schemes where the local councillors choose the extra informal consultation route would therefore proceed at least three months later than the original timetable, to allow for this extra consultation, and for the schemes to be amended as appropriate before proceeding to the formal Traffic Regulation Order stage.Minneapolis and St. Paul are working to pass regulations before the Super Bowl.10:30 A worrying interview with the EU’s Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Caete, in which he believes not enough is being done for an agreement to be reached in time this from Euractiv here. Meanwhile, Education Day is being marked over at the Climate Generations space:.Day bedroom tech deal forHave I mentioned that I not fond of the beach generally? Or Valentine Day? (High five, Petko. Concert and beer. Word).
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Rep. Vicente Gonzalezs, D McAllen, vote on a temporary spending bill that did not include protection for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), also called Dreamers. His strategy was to push congressional representatives to come to the table and negotiate in good faith a way to offer protection from deportation and later citizenship for these Dreamers.

The bill he voted for included funding the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP,) a social program to help poor working families, for six more years to provide health coverage for these childrens medical expenses.

Rep. Gonzalezs vote was correct and he defended his vote in a Sunday column, writing that his No. 1 priority was to represent all of the people in his district, including the Dreamers.

His vote affected over 300 million Americans, including members of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, military, CHIP children and federal government workers.

The complaining Dreamer should get mad at the real culprits in this situation her parents. immigration system.

To this Dreamer all can say is Its not just all about you!

Silvestre Moreno Jr., MercedesWith all due respect to the Dreamers Monitor commentary, may I point out that Rep. Gonzalez, a duly elected official, deserves more respectful dialogue from his constituents than self centered demands or ultimatums.

The average American citizen, does not get permission to take time from studies, or work, nor the money to travel across the country, to march, to plead against their own injustices to anybody. It makes one wonder, how are these privileges allowed, or funded for those who do?
But even though studies show that most perpetrators of school shootings obtained their firearms from home (in the Kentucky case, reportedly from a closet), little to nothing has been done to address this problem. There are no laws at the federal level making it a crime to leave a firearm accessible to a child. Massachusetts is the only state that generally requires all firearms be safely stored in a locked container or with a trigger lock when the owner is not carrying the gun.And what about that brush with the infamous “backpacker killer” Ivan Milat?When Maya was 11, Kathryn received a promotion at the phone company. The family of two relocated to Charlotte. But the company downsized a year later. Kathryn found a job with a bank and moved to suburban Atlanta.
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ANNAPOLIS (Jan. 4, 2017) the wake of the Nov. 8 election, immigration advocates in Maryland have been bracing themselves to protect the rights of the Latino community’s most vulnerable population illegal immigrant, or in politically correct vernacular, the “undocumented.””Different people require different types of care. Working with a qualified mental health provider is important to tailor the care to the individual,” says Meltzer Brody. “It is important to use evidence based therapies. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) is a great resource for those suffering from anxiety disorders.”An inquest has heard Aaron struggled to deal with moving care homes and reporting the abuse
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Easter is now upon us, and we await the predictable onslaught of naysayers who declaim with an almost evangelical fervour that the Jesus story is one big lie. Such tirades by the evangelists of scepticism seem almost to constitute a pastoral responsibility on their part annually to reinforce the ideological conceits of their tribe of followers, thus providing atheists, agnostics and “nones” with reassurance that they needn’t take Jesus too seriously.

The opening salvo this year comes courtesy of the indefatigable Bart Ehrman. For those who don’t know, Ehrman is something of a celebrity sceptic in the United States. A professor of religion at the University of North Carolina, he was formerly a fundamentalist Christian who de converted to agnosticism, and now writes books exposing the apparently fallacious claims of traditional Christianity. Ehrman is a regular on the talk show circuit, frequenting programs like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Dateline, CNN, and National Public Radio.

A genuinely erudite scholar of ancient texts and a fierce debater, Ehrman is the bane of traditionalists and the champion of sceptics. A pity, then, that he is almost always wrong.

Late last year, while attending a large biblical studies conference in Baltimore, I was navigating the maze of bookstalls and I noticed a huge billboard promoting Ehrman’s latest effort: How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. It wasn’t difficult to anticipate what is by now an utterly predictable narrative. Jesus was not God. He did not think he was God. The myth about Jesus being divine was later invented and got codified at the behest of the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 CE. In many variations of this narrative thankfully, Ehrman’s is not one of them Constantine, who converted to Christianity around 312 CE, wanted Jesus “made” divine so he could use Christianity as propaganda to keep his empire together: one emperor, one state, one God. As popular as this narrative remains, it is has one fatal flaw namely, it is demonstrably false.

Several friends and I thought it might be useful to come up with an immediate response to Ehrman and, in so doing, provide a more historically accurate account of how belief about Jesus as a divine figure emerged in the early church. Thanks to the generosity of HarperOne, my colleagues and I read a pre publication copy of Ehrman’s manuscript over the Christmas break and wrote up our own account about the when, where, how and who of the origins of belief in Jesus as God: How God Became Jesus: The Real Origin of Belief in Jesus’s Divine Nature.

According to Ehrman, the notion of “divinity” in the ancient world was plastic rather than absolute. Greco Roman gods like Zeus became human, and humans like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were venerated as gods after their deaths. Jesus could then be placed on a spectrum of divinity, and could be regarded as “divine” either in the sense of a heavenly figure who became human (incarnation) or a human who was exalted to heavenly status (exaltation). Ehrman regards this as far more probable, since he contends that Jesus did not think he was God, but was simply an apocalyptic prophet earnestly awaiting the end of the world. Jesus died without burial, Ehrman adds and it was belief in Jesus’s resurrection that led his followers to think of him as divine but, again, not divine in an absolute sense. It was only later, with writings like the Gospel of John and the incrementally increasing veneration of Jesus in subsequent centuries, that Jesus came to be thought of as equal to God.

Now, not everything in Ehrman’s account is wrong. For example, Ehrman rightly explodes the popular caricature that Jesus walked around Palestine saying, “Hi, I’m God, second person of the Trinity, and soon I’m going to die for your sins. But first let me tell you some good stories that you can pass on to your children.” There is no doubt that it took the church time to find the best language, grammar, categories and scriptural texts to explain who Jesus really was . Indeed, the question of “who is Jesus” proved to be a messy one, even divisive, exciting internal debates as much as external mockery from pagan critics. It took considerable time for a consensus to emerge in the early church about how Jesus was related to the Father and how Jesus’s divine and human natures related to each other.

These debates, however, were largely footnotes and appendices to a high view of Jesus’s person that emerged very early on. It is no exaggeration to say that, within twenty years of his death, Jesus’s followers regarded him as a pre existent being who became human, achieved a redemptive task by his death and resurrection, and was exalted to the right hand of God the Father. They also believed that the God of creation, the God of Israel, was now to be known in, through, and even as the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, for the early church, Jesus redefined the very meaning of God.

But while Ehrman insists that there was a continuum of between gods and humans in the ancient world, I contend that Jews and Christians held to a strict monotheism that delineated God from the rest of the created order. And when they mapped out where Jesus belonged on this ledger, he was clearly on the God side not semi divine or quasi divine, but identified with the God of creation and covenant.

And whereas Ehrman thinks that Jesus was a prophet who proclaimed God’s judgment of this world, I argue that the historical Jesus saw himself as proclaiming and even embodying God’s kingship.

Whereas Ehrman claims that Jesus was very probably not buried, Craig Evans engages in a devastating refutation by bringing together ancient sources and archaeological evidence to show that it was the norm, not the exception, for Jewish victims of crucifixion to be buried. Ehrman’s account of the burial story of Jesus cherry picks the evidence, and even misrepresents it. The burial story has a bedrock of historical evidence for what happened to Jesus’s body after his crucifixion.

Whereas Ehrman asserts that the early church ebbed and flowed in its beliefs about Jesus from a man exalted to heaven, to an angel who became human, to a pre existent “divine” person who became incarnate, to a subordinated god, to being declared one with God Almighty; in contrast, Simon Gathercole and Chris Tilling show that many of these assertions do not stand up to scrutiny.

Whereas Ehrman likes to point out the ad hoc and adversarial context in which beliefs about Jesus evolved in the course of the first four centuries of the Christian era, Charles Hill demonstrates the remarkable coherence of “orthodox” views of Jesus and their rootedness in the New Testament. Hill shows that what became Christian “dogma” about Jesus was not merely a knee jerk reaction to various debates going on inside the church. Yet there is no doubt that many people will lap up the book because of its putative “insider” perspective. Ehrman describes how he once believed that Jesus was God and later came to have a very human and even low view of Jesus. He gives readers the inside scoop on the historical problems and theological paradoxes that traditionalist Christians hope you never discover.

Although Ehrman claims that he is simply not interested in whether Jesus really is God, preferring to limit himself to the matter of history, I suspect otherwise. Ehrman, implicitly at least, is an evangelist for unbelief, enabling sceptics to keep their disgust with Christianity fresh, while trying to persuade believers that their cherished beliefs about Jesus are a house of historical straw.

For all of his failings, Ehrman has at least done Christians one favour. He has challenged us to ask afresh, “Who is Jesus?” While some will say “legend,” some will say “prophet,” some will say “rabbi.” There will be still others who, like Thomas leaving his doubt behind when he encountered the resurrected Jesus, and could not but exclaim, “My Lord and my God!”

Michael Bird is a Lecturer in Theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry and a fellow of the Centre for Public Christianity.

John Gray

Judged as a contribution to thought, Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now” is embarrassingly feeble. With its primitive scientism and manga style history of ideas, the book is a parody of Enlightenment thinking at its crudest. Yet even if Pinker was capable of providing it, intellectual inquiry is not what his anxious flock demands. Only an anodyne, mythical Enlightenment can give them what they crave, which is relief from painful doubt.

Shadi Hamid

Once liberalism’s non neutrality is acknowledged, its consequences on vast domains of public life become more obvious. Liberalism might be a better ideology but it’s an ideology all the same. It’s a transformative project, as any belief system that views history as a progressive and bending arc must be.

MeToo Has Done What the Law Could Not

Catharine A. MacKinnon

Powerful individuals and entities are taking sexual abuse seriously for once and acting against it as never before. No longer liars, no longer worthless, today’s survivors are initiating consequences none of them could have gotten through any lawsuit in part because the laws do not permit relief against individual perpetrators, but more because they are being believed and valued as the law seldom has. Women have been saying these things forever. It is the response to them that has changed.
If your child continues to feel overwhelmed, seek help from a counselor or mental health professional. is a part of life, and it is important for your child’s health and well being that they learn how to cope with stress in a positive way.”I can’t even touch my chin,” she said.Technically, Jacquet explained, he has been discharged from Walter Reed, but he still lives on hospital grounds in an eight story building for active duty service men and women who have daily appointments at the hospital. He has a cozy two bedroom apartment with a small kitchen that doubles as a living room; there is a cafeteria on the first floor, where he eats most of his meals.Emergency rooms saw a big jump in overdoses from opioids last year the latest evidence the nation drug crisis is getting worse. A government report released Tuesday shows overdoses from opioids increased 30 percent late last summer, compared to the same three month period in 2016. The biggest jumps were in the Midwest and in cities, but increases occurred nationwide. is a very difficult and fast moving epidemic and there are no easy solutions, said Dr. Anne Schuchat, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overdose increases in some states and cities may be due to changes in the volume and type of illicit opioid drugs being sold on the streets, health officials said. The report did not break down overdoses by type of opioid, be it prescription pain pills, heroin, fentanyl or others. The CDC recently started using a new system to track ER overdoses and found the rate of opioid overdoses rose from 14 to 18 per 100,000 ER visits over a year. Almost all those overdoses were not fatal. The CDC numbers is likely an undercount.Mr Jones added: “Hallucinations are not necessarily a sign of mental illness. Most people will have had brief experiences of hearing voices when there is no one there, and around three per cent of people regularly hear such voices. Many of these people cope well with this and live normal lives. There are, however, a number of organisations, such as the Hearing Voices Network, who can offer support and advice to those distressed by these experiences.”SharePrint this ArticleLearn more aboutcaffeine consumption caffeine intake hearing voices journal personality and individual differences physiological effects of stress stress hormone.High Energy Bills from SCE We Found Out Why
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