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selfridges mulberry bag Corsica’s nationalists stage protest ahead of Macron visit

Discount mulberry handbags selfridges Outlet Corsica’s nationalists stage protest ahead of Macron visit

AJACCIO, France, Feb 3 (Reuters) Thousands of Corsicans marched in Ajaccio, the French Mediterranean island’s capital, on Saturday to demand more autonomy, ahead of a visit by President Emmanuel Macron next week.

An alliance of Corsica’s two main nationalist parties, helped by disillusion with mainstream parties tarnished by corruption, swept to victory in a local election on Dec. 10 and has been pressing for talks with Paris.

Its leaders want more autonomy on fiscal issues, equal status for the French and Corsican languages, and the limiting of the right to buy property in some areas to people who have been resident on the island for at least five years.

The local prefecture said between 5,600 and 6,000 people marched peacefully in Ajaccio, while organisers put the number of protesters at between 22,000 and 25,000.

“It’s a historic moment,
selfridges mulberry bag Corsica's nationalists stage protest ahead of Macron visit
a march of unprecedented proportions in Ajaccio,” the island’s chief Gilles Simeoni told reporters.

Macron’s government has said it is open to some changes in its relationship with Corsica.

But ministers have rejected some demands, such as the language question, which would require changes to the French constitution which states that French is the Republic’s sole official language.

That has infuriated nationalist leaders, who had urged Corsicans to join the protest march, ahead of Macron’s visit on Tuesday.

The government is playing with fire by rejecting the nationalists’ demands, Simeoni told Reuters in an interview this week, alluding to the independence movement’s violent past.

Before laying down arms in 2014, groups backing Corsican independence had carried out more than 10,000 attacks over four decades, blowing up police stations and holiday homes.

These clandestine groups were linked to at least 40 deaths, either in attacks on government officials or as a result of infighting among rival factions.

Corsica has 325,000 inhabitants and accounts for less than 0.5 percent of France’s economy. (Reporting by Paul Ortoli in Ajaccio; Writing by Michel Rose in Paris; Editing by Andrew Bolton)
selfridges mulberry bag Corsica's nationalists stage protest ahead of Macron visit

credit card holder mens Court’s call on Congressional districts

Discount mulberry york outlet Outlet Court’s call on Congressional districts

The dramatic decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to strike down the state’s 2011 Republican drawn congressional boundary lines was not a huge surprise. At some point, the egregious gerrymandering implemented in the state earlier this decade was bound to be struck down both on the merits and the hard political fact that the state Supreme Court now sports a commanding 5 to 2 Democratic majority.

Might met right on this one and both prevailed in finding that the 2011 voting district lines violated the state constitution.

The rejected 2011 maps were designed to ensure that Republicans would dominate congressional elections in the state throughout the decade; they accomplished this brilliantly giving them 13 of 18 seats, despite Democrats holding an 800,000 active voter edge.

They did this by creating some voting districts whose shapes are so horrendous they made Pennsylvania an ongoing national joke. One particular atrocious example is the seventh congressional district, one of the most gerrymandered in the nation. Constitution. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court solved that particular legal nicety by simply finding the gerrymandered districts in violation of the state constitution.

But the story doesn’t end here. While most unbiased observers agree the Pennsylvania 2011 map had to go, many were shocked at the time frame imposed by the court ruling. The court gave the legislature an almost impossible three week deadline to draw new lines plus a few additional days to get agreement with the governor (he can veto any new legislative drawn map if he chooses).

Moreover, the court has issued a not so veiled threat that if no new map is produced by February 15th, they (the Supreme Court) will deal with the redistricting themselves. One suspects the court will cry no crocodile tears should the new map not materialize by the February deadline.

In fact, the court has already retained a widely known election law expert to assist them. Indeed, a court adopted map breaks no judicial precedents (it happened before in 1992) and it gives the court’s Democratic majority enormous advantage to produce a map more favorable to Democrats.

With five open Pennsylvania Republican House seats this year (Barletta, Dent, Meehan,
credit card holder mens Court's call on Congressional districts
Murphy, and Shuster), the opportunities for Democrats to pick up congressional seats may be unprecedented. The increasing expectation that 2018 may be a “wave election” against Republicans only underscores the stakes.

But opportunity for Democrats is chaos for Republicans as well as the voters of Pennsylvania.

The time frame imposed by the court is far too constricted. In trying to adhere to the May 15th primary schedule, it has set up a chain of unanticipated consequences that could make the cure worse than the disease. The legislature probably has the technical capacity to complete the task on time. But the court imposed deadline leaves no time to gain political consensus. Republicans in control of the legislature have to get agreement with its own members as well as deal with minority Democrats, and gain the assent of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

Nor is there time for other stakeholders in the process, such as congressional incumbents to testify or at least weigh in on the new geographic composition of the new map. Also, the plaintiffs and the public need a chance to express their views before the legislature as well.

Further complicating matters, there are more than 60 individuals who have announced (and more may still announce) that they are running in congressional races in the state. They have poured time and resources into the campaigns and it might turn out that they don’t even live in the districts they plan to run in.

The Bottom line: the Supreme Court, righting one wrong, has created another. While rightly tackling Pennsylvania’s horribly gerrymandered congressional districts, they have unwisely unleashed an inherently unstable process that creates more problems than it solves. Fortunately, the court still has time to accomplish its original noble goal by extending the time frame to produce a new map by an additional 30 45 days.

Yes, this means the May 15 primary should be moved into June and yes,
credit card holder mens Court's call on Congressional districts
a lot of important people in Harrisburg are going to be inconvenienced by that.

But a congressional redistricting process that has robbed them of the right to fair elections for almost a decade is inconveniencing a lot more Pennsylvanians about 12 million more.

We seem on the verge of fixing that. Let’s do it right.

G. Terry Madonna is a professor of public affairs at Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster. Michael L. Their work appears occasionally on PennLive Opinion.

Discount mulberry sale uk Outlet Council continues church site plan

bag stores Council continues church site plan

The Edmond City Council voted 5 0 this week to continue consideration of a commercial site plan with a specific use permit for The Church in Edmond. This item is located east of Rankin Street, between 3rd and 4th Streets.

Nearby resident Kenneth Crouch spoke against this item with concern the neighbors’ privacy would be invaded by the second story window view. Mayor Charles Lamb suggested the continuance would give the church time to present a visual rendering of the windows in accordance with the neighborhood.

The church has offered to make all the south side second story windows translucent so that church goers will not be able to see out of the windows. The east side of the church would face a parking lot. The windows to the parking lot would remain transparent due to a security risk. A window treatment would block the right side view from inside the building to the neighborhood.

“Twenty two spaces have been provided for 66 seats. Parking spaces provided meet the requirement for one space for every three seats,” according to the planning department.

Crouch said the parking would be burdensome for 3rd and 4th Streets. Neighbors do not want their security invaded. Additional no parking signs will be installed, said Steve Manek,
Discount mulberry sale uk Outlet Council continues church site plan
city engineer.

“They’re putting a lot of action into a small lot. We just think that would push over on us,” Crouch said.

Crouch said he is not sure everything has been submitted to allow the neighborhood to know what to expect. And Lamb said he had trouble with the verbal presentation without pictures to highlight a better understanding of the window treatments.

The church’s window height would be less than the 30 foot roof height, said Tom Cochran, representing the church. Single family homes in the areas are allowed at 35 feet in height.
Discount mulberry sale uk Outlet Council continues church site plan

mulberry keyring Cops hold tongue in Matus murder

mulberry ireland Cops hold tongue in Matus murder

In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun, Matus family say police won accept or return their phone calls, and offer only a shrug on who was behind the slayings that carried all the earmarks of a professional hit.

But with a sickeningly personal touch.

totally in the dark. That the issue, the family member who asked not to be identified told the Sun. one gets back to you. Our feeling is that the cops know who did this, a lot of people do, but they afraid. in the background of the tragedy has been an American developer who has allegedly run roughshod over locals, the ex pat community in Corozal and the cops.

Yet, the family member said Francesca had no dealings with the man as far as he knows.

is speculation. We definitely know robbery was not the motive, but what the reasons were, we don know, the relative said.

didn have an enemy in the world. murders occurred just eight hours before the fun loving Matus was slated to fly home to Toronto. In her posh beach house were her keys, passport,
mulberry keyring Cops hold tongue in Matus murder
money and luggage.

didn have any business in Belize that we know of. She go down there just to chill out and not much else, the relative added.

The Matus family source said they were in constant contact with Francesca. And if there had been anything wrong or untoward, she would have told them.

In addition, the family scoffs at any notion that her tenant, Barrie native John Deshaies was involved.

But Deshaies did have issues with the elderly American mogul, who cracked a beer bottle over his head at local ex pat boozer, Scotty Crocodile Cove.

Charges were supposed to be laid but two sources told the Sun the paperwork has miraculously vanished in a dog ate my homework scenario.

The shattered family says their last contact with Belize cops was Aug. 21.

was the typical runaround, he said.

In the end, money trumps nearly everything in Belize, the relative added.

can be bought very easily down there. They do anything for money, the relative said, adding that the conviction rate in Belize is a paltry 3%.

As for Francesca Matus financial dealings,
mulberry keyring Cops hold tongue in Matus murder
York Regional Police sorted her Canadian matters for the family in three hours.

red small bag County sued over inmate’s suicide

Discount mulberry wikipedia Outlet County sued over inmate’s suicide

Survivors of an inmate who committed suicide at the Niagara County Jail last year are suing the county for wrongful death.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in state Supreme Court, Douglas Case blames the county and Sheriff James Voutour for his father Harold G. Case’s death as they did not “safeguard,” “protect” and prevent the elder Case from harming himself last Jan. 23.

Case, 50, jumped from a second story walkway inside the jail as he was being escorted to the bus that would take him to state prison. He’d recently been sentenced to 15 years of incarceration after pleading guilty to attempted rape.

At the time, Voutour told the media there was no way to foresee or prevent Case’s suicide, as he’d been screened upon admission to the hail and scored as “very low” risk.

Case reportedly bolted from his uniformed escorts almost as soon as his cell door was opened, climbed onto a railing lining the walkway and dove off before the escorts could get a hold of him. He hit the ground head first and died quickly, Voutour said at the time. Case left a suicide note behind in his cell.

Harold Case’s son, the administrator of his estate, alleges in the suit that the county failed to adequately protect an inmate with a “history” of suicidal imagining and, further, that the design of the holding center is insufficient to prevent an inmate from falling to ground level from the second floor.
red small bag County sued over inmate's suicide

Discount mulberry outlet sale Outlet Cory Gardner discuss Washington gridlock

Discount mulberry leopard bag Outlet Cory Gardner discuss Washington gridlock

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Discount mulberry outlet sale Outlet Cory Gardner discuss Washington gridlock

mulberry envelope bag Courts viewed as partisan

old factory shop Courts viewed as partisan

Supreme Court justice said Tuesday.

Ginsburg skipped President Donald Trump first State of the Union address, instead speaking at Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island.

She did not discuss the Republican president, but bemoaned the partisan atmosphere in Washington, in particular the divisive process for confirming judges. She pointed to fights over the last four justices appointed to the court: Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Neil Gorsuch.

fine justices who should have gotten overwhelming support but got many negative votes, she said. think it will take great leaders on both sides of the aisle to say stop this nonsense and start working for our country the way we should.’ have a great federal judiciary, and I hope we can keep it, she added.

She also expressed hope that the country eventually will get over the current period of intense partisanship, comparing it to the 1950s, when McCarthyism and the Red Scare led the country to stray its most fundamental values. time has passed. This time will too. We have something so wonderful in this nation, she said. Democracy exists. It would be tragic to lose it. And I think good people, no matter whether Democrat or Republican, appreciate that. said some in Congress are working across the aisle, singling out three female senators for praise: Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar and Maine Republican Susan Collins.

The 84 year old justice said she feels fine, eliciting cheers and applause from the audience.

She attributed her health to her personal trainer, who published a book on the justice workout last year. A new documentary about her, titled which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, shows Ginsburg doing exercises, including pushups and throwing a weighted ball.

reporters want to know about the routine. Most of them fail miserably, she told the crowd Tuesday, laughing and shaking her head.

She dodged a question asking her thoughts about how Night Live depicts her lifting weights, popping vitamins and determined to outlast the Trump administration. She pointed out that the actress who portrays her, Kate McKinnon, has the same name as lawyer Catherine MacKinnon, who pioneered sexual harassment law.

president ever returned to the not so good old days, Ginsburg said.

Ginsburg was one of five Supreme Court justices who skipped Trump speech. The others were Justices Alito, Sotomayor, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas.
mulberry envelope bag Courts viewed as partisan