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Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule

1. There are many exceptions to the rule against hearsay, allowing hearsay evidence to be admitted at trial. The range of these exceptions and the flexible interpretation of the exceptions have contributed to the difficulties in applying the rule. However, the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (CJA 2003) simplifies and relaxes certain aspects of the rule and the exceptions to it.

2. The new provisions of the CJA 2003 came into force on 4 April 2005. They set out when hearsay evidence will be admissible and when it can be excluded.

3. The new provisions will apply only to trials begun on or after the date of commencement 1.

4. The CJA 2003 clarifies the position by making sketches, photofits etc. hearsay 2. The Act seeks to retain the distinction at common law between real evidence and hearsay. Evidence that is purely mechanically produced, such as a photograph or CCTV footage of an offence, is not subject to the hearsay rule. If evidence is produced by a computer or machine, but relays information that has been supplied by individuals, the hearsay rule will apply if the party seeks to rely on the printout to prove that what the person (supplier) said was true.

5. Section 129 CJA 2003 provides a further safeguard:

Where a representation of any fact

is made otherwise than by a person, but

depends for its accuracy on information supplied (directly or indirectly) by a person,

the representation is not admissible in criminal proceedings as evidence of the fact unless it is proved that the information was accurate.

6. Statements adduced pursuant to, and satisfying, section 129 are not hearsay. information passing through many hands in the course of business). If the information is accurate, there is nothing to prevent the accuracy of the data being proved by any admissible means.

7. Under section 114(1), evidence amounting to hearsay will be admitted by the court (subject to its general discretion to exclude evidence see para 48 below) if :

there are statutory provisions allowing it to be 3;

it falls within a common law exception preserved by section 118 CJA 2003;

the parties agree to it being admissible; or

the court is satisfied that it is in the interests of justice for it to be admissible (see below).

8. The new statutory exceptions introduced by the Act are replacements for sections 23 and 24 CJA 1988.

9. In deciding whether it is in the interests of justice for hearsay to be admitted (see above), the court must have regard to the factors set out in section 114(2) and any others it considers relevant4.

10. Under section 116 CJA 2003, first hand (as opposed to multiple) hearsay evidence, whether oral or documentary, is admissible (subject to the court general discretion to exclude it see para 48 below) provided:
mulberry outlet online uk Enforcement Guide England Wales

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Your gallbladder is like a little storage sac: It sits under your liver, collecting bile until the liquid is needed to help break down fats. After you eat fatty foods, your gallbladder contracts to pump bile into your small intestine for digestion. William Silverman, MD, a professor of medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the Iowa governor of the American College of Gastroenterology, says that when people develop a problem in this pear shaped organ, it’s typically one of two things: “Gallstones, which are incredibly common, or gallbladder cancer, which is exceedingly rare.” Read on to learn more about both.

Women are more likely to get gallstones

This is especially true as we age. (Gallstones occur in almost a quarter of women by age 60.) It’s thought that the female hormone estrogen stimulates the liver to divert cholesterol into bile.

Pregnancy ups your risk. “During pregnancy you secrete the hormone progesterone in an increased amount and that decreases the gallbladder contraction,” explains Dr. Silverman. Bile lingering in the organ may become stagnant and stones may precipitate out.

RELATED: What Pregnancy Does to Your Health

Certain populations are predisposed to gallstones, says Dr. Silverman, including the Pima Indians in Arizona. But most cases aren’t related to genetics, he says.

Waist size, however, does play a role: A large 2013 study published in Hepatology found that the higher a woman’s BMI, the more likely she was to develop gallstones.

Diabetes also raises a person’s risk, as well as bariatric surgery and extreme weight loss. (Gallstones are one of the reasons you should seek medical supervision when you hope to lose a large amount of weight.)

But the truth is, the majority of people who get gallstones don’t have any of the major known risk factors, says Dr. Silverman. “That would suggest that there are many things that we still really don’t understand.”

Are there non surgical options?

Oral medications are sometimes prescribed to patients who can’t undergo surgery, although it may take months or years for them to work, if they work at all.

In the 1980s, doctors began experimenting with a procedure called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, which successfully pulverized gallstones using sound waves. But the treatment has since fallen out of use. “The stones would simply recur for whatever reasons caused them in the first place,
Discount mulberry mini alexa bag Outlet Everything You Need to Know
” explains Dr. Silverman.

In the slides ahead you’ll find the most common signs of a gallbladder problem.

Symptom: Pain in the upper right abdomen

This is where your gallbladder is located, just beneath your liver. Sudden, extreme pain could mean that stones are causing a blockage: Your gallbladder may be contracting but unable to drain, “so pressure builds up and it hurts,” explains Dr. Silverman. But there are many other reasons you might experience pain in this area, he stresses, including muscle spasms. Call your doctor for emergency advice.

Sudden, intensifying pain in your intestines in the center of your abdomen also be a sign of gallstones.

RELATED: 18 Reasons Why Your Stomach Hurts

Symptoms: Fever and chills with abdominal pain

A blockage by gallstones can cause a buildup of bile in the gallbladder, which may lead to an infection called cholecystitis. Pain, chills, and a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher are classic symptoms, and may come on after a big meal. There are a variety of ways to detect the problem, including blood tests and a scan that tracks the flow of bile. If you’re diagnosed, your MD will likely want to check you into the hospital. The treatment might involve fasting, antibiotics, and pain meds until the inflammation subsides.

A sign you may need your gallbladder removed

Gallbladder polyps are growths on the inside of the gallbladder wall show up on ultrasounds, often when doctors are investigating unrelated problems. Most of the time, they’re nothing to worry about. But people with big polyps have a higher risk of developing gallbladder cancer, Dr. Silverman says: “I would emphasize that these are very large polyps, not tiny ones.” As a preventative measure, your doctor may recommend gallbladder removal.

RELATED: Should You Go to the ER?

All products and services featured are selected by our editors. Offers may be subject to change without notice. 2017 Health Media Ventures, Inc. Food Collection and the MyRecipes Network. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Rights)for more information. Ad Choices
Discount mulberry mini alexa bag Outlet Everything You Need to Know

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Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant

The command pod at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Kurt Claywell who plied then Gov. John Rowland with thousand dollar bottles of wine and Cuban cigars for contracts at projects including the training school, faces more prison time Friday,

The command pod at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Kurt Claywell who plied then Gov. John Rowland with thousand dollar bottles of wine and Cuban cigars for contracts at projects including the training school, faces more prison time Friday, (Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant)

A Connecticut electrical contractor whose serial felonies have made him an enduring figure in the scandal that unseated former governor John G. Rowland, is going back to prison, yet again. Naval Submarine Base.

But it is not gifts that have made Claywell a near continuous law enforcement target; in fact, he cooperated with an investigation of Rowland. Rather, prosecutors and others say he has become an unrelenting tax cheat and fraud artist.

Claywell has been sentenced four times since 2000. District Judge Alvin W. Thompson made it five on Tuesday when he ordered Claywell back to prison for a year not on a new criminal case, but for violating the conditions of his release after his last conviction and imprisonment. It was the maximum allowable sentence for such a violation. Attorney John T. Pierpont told Thompson during the drawn out argument preceding the sentencing, “because as far as the government is concerned, Mr. Claywell cannot be deterred.”

A dozen years and two convictions ago, another prosecutor, William Nardini, described Claywell during an earlier sentencing hearing as “thoroughly, even defiantly, unrepentant,” “beyond rehabilitation” and engaged in a “never ending parade of tax and fraud schemes.”

After imposing the latest sentence, Thompson sounded concerned that Claywell might contrive to commit some new offense in the month he has before he is required to report to prison.

“If Mr. Claywell and I’ll put it in simple terms pulls anything between now and Feb. 13, there will be consequences,” Thompson said. “I am making that very clear.”

In addition to prison sentences, Claywell, 65, has been running up fines and orders of restitution. Attorney’s office said it cannot account for about $220,00 prosecutors said Claywell appears to have had in real estate and in a bank account. Claywell said through his lawyer, Moira Buckley, that he used the money for living expenses.

Claywell was released from his last felony conviction he served five years and was ordered to pay $86,000 in restitution for bankruptcy fraud on Oct. 17, 2014. There were conditions that, if violated over three years, could result in his return to prison. Among other things he was required to report periodically on his finances to probation officers, cooperate with the IRS, pay down fines and restitution and get permission before opening new credit cards or lines of credit.

For two and a half years, he reported that he was unemployed, existing on social security and the generosity of his children.

Federal prosecutors learned later that Claywell was in violation of the conditions within three months of release. Court records show he was apparently undone early in 2017, when the state police ran a vehicle check and reported to probation officers that Claywell had registered a BMW in his name.

Federal prosecutors said that Claywell financed the auto with a $41,000 loan a loan he failed to clear in advance with probation, as required by the conditions of his release. It was revealed also that he had opened three bank accounts without permission and that one carried an average balance between $40,000 and $60,000.

Claywell lived, the records allege,
mulberry postman's lock Era Figure Returns To Prison
in a rented, four bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 3,500 square foot home on an acre and one half lot in Burlington until he moved to another rental, what a real estate service describes as a seven bedroom, five bathroom, 5,000 square foot, two century old federal colonial with a detached cottage on an acre in Woodbury.

Last summer, Claywell was ordered to submit to questioning about his finances by federal prosecutors, who were interested in, among other things, whether he had money that could be applied to fines and restitution. Claywell claimed in the interview that he worked part time for his children at the reconfigured business and they were paying his rent and all other living expenses.

Thompson found, in short order, that Claywell violated the conditions of his release by concealing the bank accounts and the car loan and ordered him back to prison.

Claywell’s first encounter with federal prosecutors was in 2000 when he was convicted of pilfering $400,000 from his employees’ pension funds and spending it on himself. He was sentenced to two years of probation, six months of home confinement and fined $10,000.

Less than a year later, in 2001, the FBI and IRS were back at his office with search warrants. What followed was a 31 count indictment charging him with an array of tax and other frauds.

Claywell was accused of paying some employees off the books, while deducting taxes from the salaries of others and keeping the money. He inserted his father an elderly, infirm and retired journeyman electrician as a no show employee on government contracts in order to make it appear that Claywell was complying with work rules about the ratio of apprentice to journeymen electricians on jobs.

The government also accused Claywell of using his father to steal $150,000 from the Travelers Insurance Cos. Claywell told Travelers that he was paying thousands of dollars a month to keep his father at a nursing home from 1993 to 2003 and arranged to receive reimbursement checks. In reality, prosecutors said the elder Claywell was in the nursing home for only about three months.

Much of the indictment focused on a tax scheme by which Claywell avoided personal income tax by diverting enormous sums of money from his business to personal use.

Using diverted money, Claywell, built two homes, renovated what prosecutors called a luxurious a lake house and paid his children’s private school tuitions. He accounted for a $50,000 ski boat as generators for the Stamford courthouse and wrote off a $50,000 birthday bash for his wife against the Rowland administration’s ill fated youth prison, the Connecticut Juvenile Training Center.

From 1996 to 2000, prosecutors said he diverted more than $1 million to, among other things, $12,000 of purchases at a gourmet market, $4,000 in Persian rugs, $27,000 for a jet boat dock for his ski boat and $37,000 for landscaping.

In March 2006, Thompson sentenced Claywell to five years in prison, three years of supervised release and a $100,
mulberry postman's lock Era Figure Returns To Prison
000 fine.

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Three years of that sentence are covered in an amnesty aimed at cutting down on prison overcrowding, effectively reducing Berlusconi sentence to one year.

The high court also ordered a lower court to reconsider whether Berlusconi, 76, should be banned from public office a controversial issue that could play a key role in the country political future.

A lower court convicted Berlusconi of tax evasion last October, sentencing him to four years in prison and barring him from public office for five years. In May, an Italian appeals court in Milan upheld that decision.

Thursday May 29, The year 2013 Only two:32 Evening Just by Nina Ruggiero Pic credit standing: Elp archive, 07 Observara Wang subsequent to him / her number of bridesmaid utilize was in fact patterned inside Long island. Brides throughout the world would like to a single thing to have a Notara Wang bridal gown .?? with the exception that give scheduled time payments. Right after substantial payments triggered dispute inside China and taiwan, Wang features removed him or her by any means about your girlfriend engagement establishments all over the world, Can easily Be dressed in Everyday information. For the Shanghai primary stash, some Three or more,500 yuan (relating to $482) service charge were being executed for trying clothing concerning. The item do can include mid day green tea, opertation along with a marketing consultant with a 90 minute match program, although several thousand angry clients instantly latched onto cyberspace for you to speech ones own anxieties. Of training course this is often far too much, routinely to buy a top quality wedding dress using a Jordans for Sale good brand name in Shanghai is usually A variety of,1000 , newly married tenant Jing Yuan said to WWD. A staff fellow member at a shop taken care of a exercise, stating high school in addition to individuals were definitely to arrive exactly who weren Cheap Real Jordans Not set on paying for clothes. Continue to, Wang decided which will retaining the girl ladies happy appeared to be most vital. pon care ,1,S] ful inspection together with article on all of the rules of your overseas operators, techniques for getting abolishing meeting payments in every one of your suppliers,?Wang stated The following friday. e desire most of Sentira Wang users to have enjoyment from the exact same customary regarding virtue world wide. Caring for our own shoppers in any realistic and then fair option keeps essential.

Mojtaba Ahmadi, who served as commander of the Cyber War Headquarters, was found dead in a wooded area near the town of Karaj, north west of the capital, Tehran. Five Iranian nuclear scientists and the head of the country’s ballistic missile programme have been killed since 2007. The regime has accused Israel’s external intelligence agency, the Mossad, of carrying out these assassinations.

Ahmadi was last seen leaving his home for work on Saturday. He was later found with two bullets in the heart, according to Alborz, a website linked to the Revolutionary Guard Corps. som er veldig varm og er kjent for isolere varmen meget effektivt , representerer denne opphopningen en koblet om ya. det er fortsatt som foretrekkes , igjen Arctic Plan henviser til mennesker som slitasje en anorakk overholde flere viktige lagene i slag. Selv s . det er en kanadisk som tilbrakte 30 r til eventyrlystne den barbariske kaldt. de enkelt kan sammenkobles med sommer skjorte samlokalisering til gjre vinteren blir varm og lys . De 1246s er de avgjrende vintersesongen arbeid stvler . Selskapet har produsert jakke. og gjre nominell til sterk endring i vr oppfatning . Som en fyr jeg personlig liker bruke store parka strk hovedsakelig fordi jeg har vrt ifrt standard saken mans vintersesongen peacoat i flere r og jeg hatet dem . tredimensjonale og full av form ,canada goose salg det er litt som Haier i Kina til en viss grad. elektriske ledninger og niv sperrene. Mnsteret av Inuit jakker har fortsatt inn i vestlig kultur.

Det spiller ingen rolle om du handler p et budsjett , er det ikke? Som har en mengde av enda blast overlevende. Disse jakkene vil tilby deg bedre betingelser og et perfekt utseende p samme tid , kan de brukes rett og slett , og vil bevare deg bde trr og varm du kan ta p dem for daglig don eller for sport. De store anseelse resultater fra god kvalitet . For eksempel!det vre seg frakker ,Nr du sker etter en vinterjakke du vil den skal vre varm, men Chilliwack er noe ekstra montert i sammenligning med Gotham.
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Franklin family begging for any info on missing sonFranklin family begging for any info on missing sonUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 6:23 PM EST2018 03 09 23:23:15 GMTUPDATE: Charter school organizers say they won’t give upUPDATE: Charter school organizers say they won’t give upUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 5:38 PM EST2018 03 09 22:38:32 GMTSUNSET, La Sunset’s high school is a treasure to look at from the street. Less so from its front steps. Built in 1927 the school closed its doors in 1991. But over the course of the last year, a movement from a french immersion charter school to reopen its doors has been underway. Sunset native Carl Lawrence was part of the first integrated class at Sunset back in 1969 and is happy to know that his alma mater may soon have students fill the halls once again. “The f.SUNSET, La Sunset’s high school is a treasure to look at from the street. Less so from its front steps. Built in 1927 the school closed its doors in 1991. But over the course of the last year, a movement from a french immersion charter school to reopen its doors has been underway. Sunset native Carl Lawrence was part of the first integrated class at Sunset back in 1969 and is happy to know that his alma mater may soon have students fill the halls once again. “The f.Bayou Bridge opponents say state is spying on themBayou Bridge opponents say state is spying on themUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 11:55 AM EST2018 03 09 16:55:27 GMTGroups opposed to the pipeline obtained state emails, which they say confirm their suspicions that the state’s keeping watch.Groups opposed to the pipeline obtained state emails, which they say confirm their suspicions that the state’s keeping watch.Acadiana businessman,
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Urban, dies at 67Acadiana businessman, Urban, dies at 67Updated: Thursday, March 8 2018 6:09 PM EST2018 03 08 23:09:40 GMTFrank Urban / Delhomme Funeral HomeFrank Urban / Delhomme Funeral HomeAcadiana businessman and resident of Rayne has died.Acadiana businessman and resident of Rayne has died.Arrest made in connection with Mardi Gras shooting in RayneArrest made in connection with Mardi Gras shooting in RayneUpdated: Thursday, March 8 2018 3:47 PM EST2018 03 08 20:47:18 GMTThe Rayne Police Department says they have made an arrest in connection to a shooting that occurred on Mardi Gras night in the city.The Rayne Police Department says they have made an arrest in connection to a shooting that occurred on Mardi Gras night in the city.Duson officer injured; driver and vehicle soughtDuson officer injured; driver and vehicle soughtDuson Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the driver of a car who fled a traffic stop Tuesday.Duson Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the driver of a car who fled a traffic stop Tuesday.Mermentau chief still on the jobMermentau chief still on the jobKATC photoMermentau Town HallMermentau Town HallMERMENTAU POLICE CHIEF “AMOS CRADER SENIOR” WILL REMAIN IN OFFICE DESPITE COMPLAINTS FOLLOWING HIS ARREST.MERMENTAU POLICE CHIEF “AMOS CRADER SENIOR” WILL REMAIN IN OFFICE DESPITE COMPLAINTS FOLLOWING HIS ARREST.Charlene Richard MassCharlene Richard MassPEOPLE CAME TOGETHER TONIGHT TO HONOR THE MEMORY OF “CHARLENE RICHARD” WHO DIED OF LEUKEMIA 58 YEARS AGO.LCA picks up 2 straight state basketball titleLCA picks up 2 straight state basketball titleRagin’ Cajuns basketball advances to Sun Belt semifinals, beat Texas State 80 54Ragin’ Cajuns basketball advances to Sun Belt semifinals, beat Texas State 80 54
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The faade, Lavter said, was part of a “good happy medium” that the muni decided on after a fundraising campaign to restore the train less than two years ago. Lavter was one of the people that oversaw the restoration of Locomotive 556, a historical steam engine built in 1943 for wartime service. Lavter said 556 was then used as a workhorse, running through the original Alaska railroad.

It was put on the park strip, at its current location, all the way back in 1959, and used as an “educational display or an object of play for over three generations,” Lavter said.

By 2012, the train was beginning to be worn down, and actually deemed a “hazard” by the municipality. “There were chunks of asbestos that were flying off of it, and it was all rusted out, so there was rust, and there was lead paint, and we couldn’t have people climbing on it, especially children. All the railing that made it accessible was starting to rust out,” Lavter said.

The department attempted to raise the one million dollars needed to bring the train back to acceptable standards for public interaction, including the costly effort to remove the public health problems.

The fundraiser wound up reaching $250,000 instead. “We didn’t have enough money to do the project, so we had to rescope it,
Discount mulberry factory shop online Outlet Engine 556 gets hit by graffiti on the park strip
” Lavter said. The alternative wound up with utilizing the funds to clean and coat the train in epoxy, to create more of a monument, avoiding some of the cost associated with making it suitable for people to climb on.

Due to this epoxy, the methods normally used to clean graffiti may not be suitable for the train. Lavter said the train will need to be inspected to determine how to best clean the tag off.

Procedures are in place for Graffiti Busters to take care of graffiti as it gets reported. The municipal website for the program estimates “the average amount of calls taken in a year is anywhere from 600 to 800” which each take “about two to three hours” to clean.

However when it comes to the train, it is yet to be seen how long this tag will take to be removed. Lavter said they’ll address it as soon as possible. While Lavter noted her disappointment that someone would deface the locomotive monument, as it is a project close to her heart, she said she does see artistic value to some graffiti.

“There’s definitely an art factor for graffiti, and we’ve been talking about maybe having a wall that could be dedicated to graffiti, so people could express themselves. [] It can definitely be beautiful, and there is a place for graffiti, it’s considered an art by so many people,” Lavter said.

Usually, however, the graffiti that is addressed by the Graffiti Busters is not of the artistic variety, and is instead more obscene.

Lavter said the muni sees a lot of what she described as “not the healthiest of artwork” on playgrounds, which is removed with a higher priority due to the nature of that graffiti and its placement.

While the tag on Locomotive 556 isn’t exactly profane, Lavter said it doesn’t have a place on the side of the historic machine. “There’s that fine line between what’s destruction versus what’s artistic, and what’s an appropriate place for it. So we try to balance that,” Lavter said.

As for finding the culprit of the “AMEN” tag, that could prove difficult unless it is recognized. Anchorage Police have been made aware of the marking and are responding to it as of this filing.
Discount mulberry factory shop online Outlet Engine 556 gets hit by graffiti on the park strip

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mulberry daria purse black Excavations in Jaffa confirm presence of Egyptian settlement on the ancient city site

The Old Testament Studies and Biblical Archaeology division of the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) this year again conducted excavations on the ancient hill of Jaffa in Israel. The recent excavations have not only shed new light on the destruction of elements of the fortification, but also unearthed evidence pointing towards the presence of an Egyptian population on the site. Historically, Jaffa, now part of the city of Tel Aviv, is the oldest port documented in world history. Kaplan in the 1950s. However, the findings from Kaplan’s digs have never been extensively published. by investigating the phases of the fort’s destruction and the nature of the Egyptian presence. The German site director Dr. Martin Peilst of JGU explains that it has now become clear that the gate itself was destroyed and rebuilt at least four times. Moreover, it also appears that there is more than just the mud brick architecture and household pottery that reflect Egyptian tradition. Some of the discoveries made during the excavations are to be put on display in a special exhibition at the Bible Experience Museum Frankfurt in 2013.
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Discount mulberry man bag Outlet Erie County grand jury indicts Pigeon

BUFFALO New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Friday an Erie County grand jury indictment charging former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman G. Steve Pigeon and two associates with a pair of class E felonies stemming from what prosecutors described as “illegal campaign coordination.

Pigeon and the other two individuals facing the indictment Kristy Mazurek and David Pfaff were previously arraigned on a felony complaint regarding the same charges on April 19. 10, 2013 Democratic primary.

Each defendant faces a maximum sentence of four years if convicted on either count. The indictment stems from a joint investigation conducted by the Office of the Attorney General, the New York State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the New York State Board of Elections.

“Today’s indictment sends a clear message that we’ll continue to aggressively enforce our state’s election and campaign finance laws,” Schneiderman said in a release from his office. “As we allege, the defendants illegally coordinated with their own handpicked candidates for office, using a political committee to circumvent the law and undermine the integrity of our elections. These actions aren’t just illegal they erode the public trust, and we intend to hold them accountable.”

Prosecutors claim Pigeon and Mazurek created the Western New York Progressive Caucus for the purpose of electing their preferred candidates and so that many of the candidates funded by the group were relying almost entirely on the political committee for all campaign related expenditures.

According to the felony complaint, very little campaign money was raised by the candidates themselves.

As an example, Schneiderman’s office said one candidate raised just $125 between July 27, 2013 and September 10, 2013, while WNYPC received approximately $283,000 in contributions and spent extensively in support of the candidate’s campaign resulting in the vast majority of the candidate’s campaign related costs being borne by WNYPC rather than the candidate’s committee.

As the original felony complaint also alleged, the defendants on behalf of WNYPC sought input from two candidates regarding campaign literature and arranged for them to appear at a photo shoot paid for by WNYPC. Prosecutors allege that WNYPC also paid other expenses on behalf of one of the candidates that exceeded the $1,
selfridges clutch bags Erie County grand jury indicts Pigeon
476.50 contribution limit of that race by over $15,000; and paid nearly $12,000 worth of expenses over the $2,192.70 contribution limit for the second candidate’s race.

In addition to the new charges filed today, Pigeon is currently under indictment for the crimes of bribery in the second degree, bribery in the third degree, six counts of rewarding official misconduct in the second degree, and grand larceny in the third degree.

The charges arise from conduct involving former State Supreme Court Justice John A. Michalek, who resigned from the bench after pleading guilty to the felony charges of bribe receiving in the third degree and offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree on June 29, 2016.

Pigeon is also under federal indictment for conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery, and travel act charges. The case is pending before Federal Magistrate Michael J. Roemer.

Pigeon has previously suggested that all charges against him are politically motivated. His attorney, Paul Cambria, has said that he looks forward to challenging the prosecutors’ case in court.
selfridges clutch bags Erie County grand jury indicts Pigeon

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This editable Main Article is under development and not meant to be cited; by editing it you can help to improve it towards a future approved, citable version. These unapproved articles are subject to a disclaimer. [edit intro]A fimbria (Latin, meaning fringe; plural: fimbriae) is a short pilus. They are used for attachment of the cell to a surface or other cells, and are either located at the poles of a cell, or are evenly spread over its entire surface. In some cases, mutant pathogenic bacteria that lack fimbriae cannot adhere to their usual target host cell surfaces, and thus cannot cause disease.The terms pili and fimbriae are often used interchangeably. Numerous different types of pili have been characterized, and various forms of these appendages are involved in diverse activities of bacteria. These include bacterial cell aggregation, adhesion to surfaces of host cells such as, in the case of gut bacteria, the linings of the intestine, adhesion to other microbial cells in biofilms, gene and protein injection into other cells, DNA uptake by naturally transformable bacteria, and virulence attributes of pathogenic bacteria.Pili are distinctly different from bacterial flagella; unlike flagella they grow from the inside of the cell outward, and not from the tip of the fiber.Bacterial fimbriae can contain lectin proteins generally at their tips. These lectins are used for adherence to target cells such as intestinal cells in the gut because they can recognize oligosaccharide units such as mannose on the surface of these target cells. These lectins are one of the many types of adhesin protein produced by bacteria. However, all types of pili are primarily composed of oligomeric pilin proteins which form the pilus rod structure.Some forms of pili are encoded by plasmids, for instance fertility factor F encodes F pili (sex pili) which are present at only 2 to 4 per cell. F pili are involved in bacterial conjugation and connect the bacterium to another bacterium and enable a bridge between the cytoplasms of the cells which becomes the channel for one way transfer of a single strand of DNA and certain protein molecules. This transfer enables the mobilization of plasmids between bacteria. an antibiotic resistance gene.Some bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) attach to receptors on sex pili at the start of their reproductive cycle.Type I piliType I pili are widely distributed on enteric bacteria and their structure and assembly is well characterized. They are composed of several different protein components including FimH adhesin that is part of the short thin fibrillar pilus tip, and FimA which makes up the thicker 7 nm thick long rod of the pilus. FimA binds to mannose sugars present on a variety of different host cell surface structures and can be considered to be a lectin, the general name for proteins that bind to sugar residues [2].The assembly of the Type I pilus occurs in the periplasm and involves the “chaperone/usher” protein folding and delivery system.Schematic drawing of bacterial conjugation. 1 Donor cell produces pilus. 2 Pilus attaches to recipient cell, brings the two cells together. 3 The mobile plasmid is nicked and a single strand of DNA is then transferred to the recipent cell. 4 Both cells recircularize their plasmids, synthesize second strands, and reproduce pili; both cells are now viable donors.A wide variety of different types of pili have been discovered whose biological roles include being used as molecular machines to transfer proteins and DNA between different cells. Such activities are used for gene transfer and for defense against phagocytosis. There are two main types of such conjugatively active pili: F type and P type. F type are long and flexible 7 to 8 nm in diameter, and were the first pili whose role in molecular transport was identified. P type pili tend be shorter that F pili, rigid, with a diameter of 8 12 nm, and to have a broader range of molecules they transfer and species between which they can provide conduits for transfer[3] [4].F type sex piliThe pili encoded by F plasmid in Escherichia coli are involved in formation of cell aggregates as a prelude to gene transfer, called conjugation, from the F plasmid containing cells to a recipient (see figure) [5]. The F pilus itself has an elaborate structure comprising several different proteins, encoded by numerous genes on the F plasmid that are involved in pilus formation and DNA transfer, including genes traA, E, K, B, V, W, U, F and G, [6].Adhesion of bacterial cells has an important survival role in their survival as micro colonies called biofilms on solid surfaces in the natural environment, and F pili determine the final shapes of the structures seen in mature surface biofilms formed by Eschericha coli bacteria, as mutants affected in the plasmid specified F pili form a biofilm of a different structure[7].The F pilus allows for the transfer of a single strand of bacterial DNA from the F piliated (donor) bacteria to the recipient bacteria by conjugation where it is converted to the double stranded version of DNA. Similar gene transfer abilities are carried by many different plasmids such as the R plasmids that confer antibiotic resistance. Through this mechanism of conjugation based gene transfer, advantageous genetic traits can be widely disseminated amongst populations of bacteria.P type sex piliAlthough not all bacteria have the ability to create sex pili, sex pili can form mating channels between bacteria of different bacterial species (especially those specified by broad host range plasmids specifying P type pili), allow mobilization of other plasmids such as ColE1 that themselves possess no conjugation ability, and even promote DNA transfer between bacteria and eukaryotic cells such as those of yeasts[8] and plants [9][10]. The VirB protein of crown gall bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a pilin like protein similar to protein TraA of E. coli F plasmid. VirB is involved in the injection of T DNA into plant cells by the crown gall bacterium[11].Sex pili and Type IV protein secretion systems of bacteria share a common evolutionary origin and have recognizable similarities in their protein components [12] [13]. In fact, type P pili are perhaps best considered as a sub category of Type IV secretion machines used by bacteria to inject proteins into other cells that has evolved from an ancestral device for injecting proteins into target cells. This apparatus is used to inject both proteins and DNA by plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens (into plant cells)[14] and lung pathogen Legionella pneumophila (into protist hosts)[15].Type IV piliType IV pili are thin, flexible , 6 to 7 nm fibers displayed by a wide variety of Gram negative bacterial species and members of this class are recognizable because of amino acid sequence similarities. They have a distinctive method of assembly involving proteolytic processing and N methylation of the pilin precursor, and they are not implicated in conjugation. Components of this class of pilus are also involved in natural DNA uptake (transformation) in Neisseria bacteria. Type IV pili are primarily involved in adhesion to surfaces and as virulence determinants in pathogenic bacteria. In some species they cause twitching motility, for instance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Myxococcus and Neisseria bacteria [16], hence the use of the term “PSTC” ( pilus formation, secretion, twitching motility, and competence) for some of these proteins.Twitching motility is well understood in the pathogenic diplococcus Neisseria gonorrhoeae which has has been shown to move by first extending its Type IV pili so that the external termini of the pili adhere to a solid substrate, and subsequently using pilus retraction to pull the bacteria forward, not unlike a grappling hook[17] .Pili of pathogensType IV pili are produced by the enteric pathogenic bacteria Vibrio cholerae, enteropathogenic Escherichia coli, and enterotoxigenic E. coli. Bundle forming pili (BfpA) of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli are Type IV pili that are necessary for adhesion to epithelial cells. Type IV pili are virulence factors of Neisseria meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae bacteria. Many bacteria producing Type IV pili also produce other adhesion factors [18] [19]. (See Todar’s Online Textbook of Bacteriology for fuller discussion.)
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Washoe County Judge Charles “Chuck” Weller allegedly made inappropriateremarks about women at a meeting on domestic violence in February last year, according to an ethical complaint recently filed against him.

Weller, who issues and oversees applications for temporary protective orders, among other duties, is the second family court judge accused of ethical misconduct in the past month by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline. According to the complaint, she asked Weller, “Are you saying that we need to be in a place?”

The compliant said Weller responded by saying:”Yes, the kitchen and the bedroom.”

When reached by phone, Weller said he will be filing a response to the complaint through his attorney and declined further comment.

Chavezreported the incident to the disciplinary commission investigator. According to the complaint, Weller never clarified what he meant by his comments.

Attempts at reaching Chavez and the disciplinary commission Friday afternoon were unsuccessful. Washoe County court administrator Jackie Bryant referred to the commission for comment.

A victim advocate for the Sparks Police Department also told Chief of Police Brian Allen about Weller’s remarks. Allen then filed a complaint with the commission.

Six days later, he sent a letterto then Chief Judge Patrick Flanagan about his concerns. Weller then told Flanagan that his comments “can’t get out” to the public, the complaint said.

Flanagan, 64,
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diedOct. 6after he was hospitalized for an undisclosed condition eight months after the incident.

Weller later allegedly asked Chavez to talk to the victims advocate for him and tell her he does “great things.”

During an interview with the commission investigator, Weller reportedly admitted to making the remarks and said they weren’t a reflection of his own sentiment.

“Because judges are in a position to impact the lives of men and women, any suggestion that a judge has biased views based on gender raises the specter that the justice system will not function properly and that individuals will be treated unfairly in court,” the complaint said Weller told investigators.

Judge David Humke, who began his tenure in 2015,also faces allegations of ethical misconduct for failing to discipline his judicial assistant, who wasaccused of inappropriate behavior for the past two years.

According to an ethical complaint filed in early January, Humke reportedly failed to do his job andmismanaged his department which handles child abuse, child custody and divorce cases, among others.

His department also processed a mere 62 cases about one tenthof the 700 cases processed by other departments by the end of November 2016. Meanwhile, Humke’s judicial assistant, Mitchell Wright, failed to process 172 “no show” orders for delinquent parents who did not appear in court for incarceration.

Humke told the commission he took Wright’s word that the work was being done despite complaints from other judges and from the court administrator. He also said he felt a”misguided loyalty” and acknowledged he was responsible for Wright’s misconduct.
michael kors bags sale outlet Ethics complaint filed against Reno judge over alleged comments on women's place