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Reports by Lina de FloriasTalent Lina de FloriasMore>>Phoenix veteran reflects on military service during WWIIPhoenix veteran reflects on military service during WWIIUpdated: Thursday, December 28 2017 3:24 PM EST2017 12 28 20:24:05 GMTHarold Bergbower was 19 when he volunteered to join the then named Army Air Corps. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)Before Chief Master Sgt. Harold Bergbower served as a Grand Marshal in this year Phoenix Veterans Day Parade, before he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before he met with President George W. Bush, and before World War II, he was a teenager in Illinois.Before Chief Master Sgt. Harold Bergbower served as a Grand Marshal in this year Phoenix Veterans Day Parade, before he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before he met with President George W. Bush, and before World War II, he was a teenager in Illinois.Protesters urge senator to ‘Walk a mile in my panties,’ vote against health care billProtesters urge senator to ‘Walk a mile in my panties,’ vote against health care billUpdated: Tuesday, June 27 2017 4:15 PM EDT2017 06 27 20:15:48 GMT(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)Tuesday morning, demonstrators hoped to get Flake’s attention with the message, “Walk a mile in my panties,” and persuade him to vote against the health care bill.Tuesday morning, demonstrators hoped to get Flake’s attention with the message, “Walk a mile in my panties,” and persuade him to vote against the health care bill.Phoenix mayor: Trump’s health care act an ‘all out assault on people of Arizona’Phoenix mayor: Trump’s health care act an ‘all out assault on people of Arizona’Updated: Monday, June 26 2017 5:15 PM EDT2017 06 26 21:15:10 GMTPhoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)”This bill is an all out assault on the people of Arizona,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said as he opened Monday’s press conference against the American Health Care Act.”This bill is an all out assault on the people of Arizona,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said as he opened Monday’s press conference against the American Health Care Act.Swimming relay world record reportedly set at Valley poolSwimming relay world record reportedly set at Valley poolUpdated: Monday, August 22 2016 12:02 AM EDT2016 08 22 04:02:28 GMTHundreds of people participated in a world record attempt of most people in a swimming relay in one hour.Valley swim team, Swim Neptune, tried to break the Guinness World Record for the most people in a swimming relay in one hour.Valley swim team, Swim Neptune, tried to break the Guinness World Record for the most people in a swimming relay in one hour.Father says teacher duct taped special needs boyFather says teacher duct taped special needs boyUpdated: Thursday, March 31 2016 1:30 AM EDT2016 03 31 05:30:26 GMTSpecial needs boy was duct taped by Tempe teacher A Valley father says a teacher duct taped his special needs son at school. A school spokesperson says the boy kicked off his shoes several times and when the teacher called his mother, she gave her permission to use duct tape on the student’s shoes.
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Presidential campaigns were not always driven by tweets, texting, and television. The initial 13 elections for our nation’s highest office were often understated and generally boring. But that all changed in 1840 when William Henry “Old Tippecanoe” Harrison and John Tyler ran against the incumbent President Martin Van Buren.

Former Wall Street Journal Washington political features editor, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Williamsburg resident Ronald G. Shafer tells the colorful story in his new book “The Carnival Campaign, How the Rollicking 1840 Campaign of Tippecanoe and Tyler Too Changed Presidential Elections Forever.” In his book, Shafer weaves a fascinating tale of that pivotal contest that laid the foundation for today’s multimedia Presidential campaigns.

Written in a casual but well researched, non pedantic style, it is filled with humorous anecdotes about Harrison and other personalities of the time. Shafer brings history to life as he unfolds the story of America’s first grassroots campaign and the marketing of a Presidential candidate.

“The Carnival Campaign” is a book written for anyone interested in knowing the origin of the various modern marketing devices used by White House office seekers to persuade voters to support them over their opponent. But it is more than just history. Shafer provides a free flowing entertaining account of the events and people surrounding the 1840 election that gives the reader critical insight into how today’s presidential election process developed.

In an interview, Shafer responded to questions about his book.

Q: Your book chronicles a fundamental revolution in how a Presidential campaign was run. What historic factors were catalysts for that change?

America was in an economic depression. The Whig Party capitalized on voter anger with the first image campaign, portraying Harrison as a common man living in a log cabin and swigging hard cider. He actually lived in a big house in Ohio and didn’t drink hard cider.

Q: The title implies a spectacle atmosphere in the election process for the President in 1840. What single event best captures that circus like feeling?

The Harrison campaign’s first rally in Columbus, Ohio, created electioneering as entertainment. Nearly 30,000 people showed up for a long parade of log cabins on wheels, marching bands and a 10 foot high Harrison ball that was rolled from town to town. That led to the phrase “Keep the ball rolling”. A young jeweler wrote a song about the ball with the chorus “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”

Q: As a former reporter, what differences and similarities do you see between mid 19th century newspaper editors and today’s press in presidential politics?

Editors in those days openly backed candidates with partisan and often untrue accusations against their opponents. They were similar to the partisan pundits you see on cable TV today.

Q: You successfully intertwine anecdotes about many famous historic figures of the day into the narrative. Who were your favorites?

As a journalist, I enjoyed Horace Greeley,
Discount mulberry bags outlet store york Outlet Local author chronicles first presidential carnival campaign
who started The Log Cabin newspaper and later the New York Herald Tribune. It also was fascinating to see people such as Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln pop up.

Q: In two delightful chapters you describe how women for the first time asserted their presence in a political campaign. How did the “First Gender Gap” and “Petticoat Power” come about?

Politics was widely considered too rough for tender female sensitivities, but the Whigs invited participation. A sign of change was when a woman waved a red petticoat from a window at one parade. Women started to dream that someday they too could vote. And, who knows, maybe a woman could even run for president.

Q: Presidential nominee, Harrison, is marketed with a multitude of “Madison Avenue” like merchandise to promote his candidacy. What was the purpose?

Yes, Old Tip was the first presidential candidate to be sold like soap. In fact, there was really a Tippecanoe shaving soap. The Whigs put log cabin emblems or Harrison’s picture on everything from dinner plates to snuff boxes to keep his candidacy before the public.

Q: You write that the “idea of a presidential candidate (Harrison) campaigning for himself sent shockwaves through the nation”. Why was this?

A presidential candidate had never campaigned before. It was considered to be unseemly. But General Harrison, who was 67, got so angry about being called a granny and a coward that he took to the stump. It was so startling that he drew as many as 100,000 people to some speeches.

Q: How was the 1840 campaign like the current presidential race?

The similarities are beyond anything I could have imagined when I started the book. The 1840 election pioneered politics as entertainment, with demagoguery and personal insults. The kind of campaign critics accuse Donald Trump of running. Like Hillary Clinton, Harrison had a mail controversy long before email when it was discovered that some voter letters to him were answered instead by his campaign committee.

Q: What prompted you to write this book?

I had always heard that the 1840 campaign was the first modern presidential campaign. I started thinking about a book after moving to Williamsburg near the homes of Presidents Harrison and Tyler. I met descendants of Harrison and Tyler, including Anne Harrison Clark of Williamsburg who has an eye popping collection of Harrison memorabilia.

Q: Because of his early death in office, Harrison did not accomplish a great deal as President, but your book documents his legacy in the many firsts that took place on the campaign trail. What are the most enduring?

Harrison’s most enduring legacy is having a presidential candidate personally campaign a precedent by the way that he worried others would follow. More broadly, the 1840 election established the concept of presidential candidates and campaigns having to go among the voters to seek their support. That now is a cornerstone of our presidential elections.

Stolz is a retired physician with a long time interest in history. He is a regular instructor at William Mary’s Christopher Wren Association where his 2016 Fall Term courses are,
Discount mulberry bags outlet store york Outlet Local author chronicles first presidential carnival campaign
“Presidential Illnesses” and “Medicine in Ancient Civilizations”.

mulberry mens backpack Lisa Borowski elected Radnor BOC president

Discount mulberry york outlet uk Outlet Lisa Borowski elected Radnor BOC president

Radnor >> Newly elected Ward 4 Commissioner Lisa Borowski, a Democrat, was elected president of the Radnor Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening. Commissioner Luke Clark, a Republican who represents Ward 3, was elected vice president. Both BOC officers were elected in 6 0 votes, with the Ward 1 seat vacant.

Borowski graduated from Radnor High School in 1984 and holds a bachelor’s in communications from Drexel University. Currently, she is manager, of development communications for Einstein Healthcare Network. Borowski also served on the Radnor Township School Board from 2011 to 2015.

Clark, the Ward 3 commissioner, was elected to the BOC in 2015. He earned an undergraduate degree in business and political science from the University of Pittsburgh and his law degree from Widener University School of Law.

Clark is a partner at Musi, Malone Daubenberger, LLP where he specializes in family and matrimonial law.

Also, at its reorganization meeting the Borowski, Jacob Abel, who represents Ward 6, and incumbent Ward 2 Commissioner Richard Booker, took the oath of office. Common Pleas Judge Ann Osborne also swore in Kathryn Gartland, who was elected treasurer in November.

Borowski said that she looks forward to working with Clark.

“This is a bipartisan leadership partnership,” she said. “It is, I believe, an equal partnership. We’ve talked about what we’re going to do and some changes we’d like to make. I look forward to working with you.”

Clark said, “2018 will be a very good year for the township. I look forward to working with you.”

The board then reappointed John Rice as solicitor, with Commissioner Richard Booker opposing. The 2018 budget includes $250,000 for the solicitor, which will cover his monthly retainer, litigation and special project costs, according to William White, township finance director.

Several members of the public commented on this appointment suggesting that the township solicit requests for proposals from other law firms instead of simply reappointing Rice, who has served the township for about seven years.

Leslie Morgan, a resident, said when she ran a small business, “We bid things out all the time.” She questioned why another law firm was not considered. Also, Morgan said that it may be time to update the township Charter since the board was unable to remove the past president, Phil Ahr, after he was indicted on child pornography charges.

“Why do people like me come to a board meeting?” Morgan asked. “We want government to be more efficient. We want you to spend less taxpayer dollars for better outcomes.” Other services, such as engineering, should also be competitively bid, she said.

“Anything you spend more than $15,000 a year on, you should bid that out annually,” said Morgan.

Patricia Booker, a school board member who is married to Commissioner Richard Booker, agreed with Morgan and said that “as a taxpayer” she would like to see the township put out requests for proposals for the solicitor position.

Daniel Sherry Jr., a resident and lawyer who has been critical of Rice’s advice to the BOC in the past, said that he would not care if Rice worked for a nickel or paid the Radnor $500,000 “for the pleasure of representing this township.

Just a few weeks ago, Rice asked how close Radnor was to King of Prussia during a discussion of disallowing casinos in the township, said Sherry. He also complained that Rice had permitted former Commissioner Elaine Schaefer to vote on a new lawyer for the Ethics Board when that board was investigating a complaint against her and also advised her that she could vote on other issues that Sherry believed she should not have due to her husband’s business relationships with various entities. He also brought up a “scathing” right to know decision regarding a multi million settlement with Lehman Brothers that the township inked but kept private.

Kelly Martin, another resident, said that the board had voted to require its tow truck drivers to resubmit bids every two years. She asked why it should be different for the solicitor.

A few months ago “a confidential document slipped into an ethics filing,” said Martin. “And this board gave John Rice 30 days to investigate how it got there. Obviously, the dollars are adding up. We don’t have an answer yet. It’s definitely a concern.”

Martin also pointed to Schaefer’s vote on the zoning changes in the Planned Laboratory Office district to permit Penn Medicine to redevelop the 145 King of Prussia Road property that Rice sanctioned, despite Schaefer’s husband’s business selling sporting goods to the University of Pennsylvania.

In another appointment that had some controversy, the BOC appointed David Falcone, a Republican and the former school president, who is also the real estate lawyer for the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania who successfully shepherded the PLO zoning change to fruition to the township vacancy board chair. Booker opposed this appointment.

The vacancy board chair steps in when the BOC, which is now divided 3 3 politically, deadlocks on an appointment and the BOC may soon appoint a temporary commissioner to the Ward 1 seat.

Martin said Falcone “has a huge conflict of interest.” She called his appointment to the vacancy chairmanship “problematic.”

Chip Layfield, another resident, agreed with Martin. He termed the appointment “ill considered and wrong.”

Sherry also noted Falcone’s relationship to Penn, and said, the township doesn’t “need Dave Falcone playing kingmaker for 1st Ward.

Why not go with somebody not seen as political?”

During public comment, Susan Stern, vice president of the Radnor Township School Board, said that she and other residents found the length of some BOC meetings that can approach midnight “troubling.”

She suggested changing the public comment structure for more efficiency. Stern said there is a member of the public who “speaks frequently” and “who intimidates other members of the public from coming forward to speak.”

She also asked that BOC members refrain from sending tweets on Twitter during meetings because “it says you are not fully here.”
mulberry mens backpack Lisa Borowski elected Radnor BOC president

mulberry boots sale Lightning knock off Raptors 905

Discount mulberry green tea Outlet Lightning knock off Raptors 905

Score one for the little guys.

The National Basketball League of Canada London Lightning defeated the G League champion Raptors 905 99 92 Saturday in an exhibition game at Budweiser Gardens.

While the game meant nothing in the standings and certainly meant more to the Lighning than the Raptors, it doesn lessen the feeling of how good it felt for the Bolts. Maybe, just maybe, the win earned a little more respect for a league that often doesn get enough.

it has to be (significant), Lightning coach Keith Vassell said. understand what their situation is. If we play them again three months from now they be at a different ability but we also be at a different ability. For us this is a good meter. Where our league is looked at as inferior . . . we defending champs; they’re defending champs. For us we have to at least pat ourselves on the back and say, well done. Does it mean we accomplished anything? No because it has nothing to do with our league but it lets us know we are on the right track.

does feel good. difference in the two leagues was obvious from the start. The 905 has three players who are seven foot or taller. Edy Tavares is 7 3. The Lightning players are as athletic but Royce White 6 8 is as big as it gets.

The Lightning was determined to put on a good show and worked as if two points were at stake.

There was also a great deal of pride at stake. Many NBL players believe that given the right breaks they could be playing at a higher level.

Ryan Anderson proved he can shoot no matter whom he is playing against. He had 28 points to lead all scorers and was 7 of 14 from three point range. White, a former first round NBA pick, admitted he was jittery before the start of the game.

Though he often says he has nothing to prove, he wanted to put on a good showing. White didn shoot the ball well but finished with 14 points, 10 assists and six rebounds.

White provided the highlight of the night when he took the ball on the baseline and dunked it right in Tavares face.

a monster, White said. couldn even see the basket but I knew it was there. Williamson added 12 points and Joel Friesen 10 for the Lightning.

Johanny Dalembert was often given the task of defending the much bigger Raptor 905 players. He had a strong game with nine points and 11 rebounds.

The 905 were led by Kennedy Meeks and Lorenzo Brown with 12 points each.

Raptors 905 coach Jerry Stackhouse spoke about the reality of the game for his team.

not who we will be, he said. now we just trying to establish an identity . . . I was happy because we wanted to give people an equal amount of playing time and we did that. I could have played Edy (Tavares) a lot more and he could have shut everything down but we wanted to look at everybody.

had three practices; we missed a ton of layups; they had more offensive rebounds than we had defensive rebounds; we had 25 turnovers and lost by seven. the other hand the Lightning had to play by NBA rules and with an NBA basketball. The Lightning led by 12 late and then just held the ball to try to run down the clock.

The Lightning may have had most of the advantages on the night but they, too, are remaking their team.

It was a good win.

Stackhouse says he isn familiar with the NBL.

they have a lot of like size guys, he said of the Lightning. have guys who can score the ball and play off the dribble and do different things. If you are able to switch like that and do a lot of different things, you are going to have some success. Lightning prepared hard for the game.

White had a slow start but by the end he was doing what he does to NBL teams, short of his shooting. He said he had some trouble gripping the NBA ball.

I said to my team when we went into the locker room, they picked me up, White said. did some things on offence that showed a certain skill set or certain things like vision, things that I should be doing. But I by no means played at the calibre that I need to play to do the things we need to do.

that being said, a bunch of other guys who the spotlight isn on, showed that maybe the talent evaluation on them is off. Johan Dalembert played like a monster out there against seven footers. We challenged the status quo. That what we just did. said the game proved that the disparity is not what people would assume it is. He also gave big props to teammate Ryan Anderson.

me individually I don think it proves anything, White said. 4 for 16 is really unacceptable . . . One thing about the difference between their league and our league is length and that will bother you a little bit at first sight. But for it to be our first game back and my first game back . . . it proves everything and nothing at the same time I say. Lightning plays one more exhibition game and that Nov. 12 against Windsor at Budweiser Gardens.
mulberry boots sale Lightning knock off Raptors 905

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Seating options in the simply decorated, ambiently lit restaurant include wooden chairs and large padded booths, as well as stools around or to the side of the large bar with plenty of Boscos’ beers brewed from the very equipment visible from the dining room on tap. And only Boscos’ beers are on tap (wine and mixed drinks are also available).For help selecting beer, the food menu offers pairing suggestions even with desserts and the drinks menu offers full descriptions complete with International Bittering Unit (IBU) ratings. The higher the number, the stronger the beer. Not that Boscos offers any feeble brews. The beer with the lowest IBU (16), the Flaming Stone Beer, is quite full bodied. Before committing to a full glass, one can try a shot glass portion ($1) or a sampler of eight beers ($8).Beer this brawny demands at least something to bite on. From the dinner appetizers menu, the portion of battered Calamari ($7) is plenty ample for sharing. But a recent order could have cooked a bit longer (then again,
Discount mulberry bags york Outlet Little Rock
it was served not even a minute before our meals . any longer and it would have been served after our meals). The Smoked Duck Spring Rolls ($7), crisp handfuls of smoked duck, carrots, cabbage and scallions, were bursting with flavor, accented by a Szechuan sauce. And the Wood Oven Shrimp ($7.50), five butterflied crustaceans bathed in a spicy herbbutter sauce, were luscious, even if the three thin French bread slices that accompanied the dish seemed a bit skimpy.
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Discount mulberry outlet street Outlet Lincoln accelerator NMotion announces 2017 cohorts

mulberry chocolate bayswater Lincoln accelerator NMotion announces 2017 cohorts

Lincoln, Nebraska accelerator NMotion announced today the five teams selected to participate in their 2017 Program. The teams from Lincoln, Omaha, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis were selected after a months long interviewing process.

“This year, we were very intentional about recruiting startups at the right stage for our accelerator,” said Beth McKeon, Managing Director of NMotion. We searched both locally and beyond Nebraska, which resulted in one of the strongest application pools we’ve seen. We’re confident that the selected startups are going to thrive in the program we’ve built this year.”

NMotion went on a 6 city roadshow to the Midwest’s top entrepreneurial cities as part of their goals to recruit top talent as well as share relationships and build resources. The tour included stops in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Rochester,
Discount mulberry outlet street Outlet Lincoln accelerator NMotion announces 2017 cohorts
Fargo, and Fort Collins.

The new cohort includes startups in power sports, marketing tech, medical tech, and enterprise software.

T’Work Online tool rental marketplace

Kronfeld Motors Developing a new powersports vehicle

Kiai Artificial intelligence for SEO

fyiio Training platform for companies

Health Snaps Patient engagement platform for physical therapists.

The five startups will receive seed capital, coworking space and access to a global pool of resources including over 100 mentors, training, and developer and designer talent.

The program starts on May 8 and is 90 days long. The startups will work with teams and mentors to test and validate the market, build and prototype their solutions, and prepare for a demo day showcase to be held on August 10 in Lincoln.

PopularNewUpcoming events on the Silicon Prairie Future Builders Challenge helps Lincoln students identify their entrepreneurial talents Kansas City Startup Village lifts the entrepreneurial scene and bridges a divide Kansas City’s Homebase gets ready to pitch and launch at SXSW Missouri based Lean Media Closes $500,000 in Seed Funding KC’s Sprint Accelerator builds community, announces new class Missouri based Lean Media Closes $500,
Discount mulberry outlet street Outlet Lincoln accelerator NMotion announces 2017 cohorts
000 in Seed Funding Upcoming events on the Silicon Prairie Kansas City’s Homebase gets ready to pitch and launch at SXSW Future Builders Challenge helps Lincoln students identify their entrepreneurial talents

Discount ebay mulberry bayswater bag Outlet Local bands featured in festival

Discount mulberry outlet bath Outlet Local bands featured in festival

Hey, I’m back this week. I hope by now most of you have figured out that you can look at the column inside called “Spotlight” to see what’s up for the weeks when I’m not here. Four different venues, four different groups. Celtica is at Purseil’s from 7 9, Bucknell’s Bison Chips are at the Lewisburg Hotel from 7 9, the Ann Kerstetter Trio, with special guest John Sweeney, is at the Towne Tavern from 9 11, and the Badlees are at Brassiere Louis from 9 11. Take your pick.

Other good stuff this week includes Rev. Fiddles, flutes, guitars, hammered dulcimers,
Discount ebay mulberry bayswater bag Outlet Local bands featured in festival
bodhrans all welcome. The Daily Grind has coffees, teas and baked goodies, as well as couches and chairs for listeners.

Lumpy Gravy, a fusion jazz band from the Williamsport area, will be at the Watson Inn Friday night from 9 to midnight. And Willie Jack and the Northern Light are at 101 in Northumberland. Check out the new menu while you listen to some topical songs and great covers by this drummerless rock band. Saturday, the Burgess Mitchell Seal Trio will be at the winery from 5 8.

A reminder that a week from Sunday, on Nov. 11, the second Sunday Senior Music Program at the UUCSV will feature Ann Kerstetter with Steve Adams on piano. Ann, whom many may remember sang with Crosstown Bus ages ago, will be singing the great standards by such folks as Cole Porter and George Gershwin. performance is free to seniors, with all others asked for a $5 donation. The performance is at the UUCSV,
Discount ebay mulberry bayswater bag Outlet Local bands featured in festival
at 265 Point Township Drive (Route 11). This is the last show of the season.

mulberry card case Lisa Hutson

Discount mulberry shop leeds Outlet Lisa Hutson

I am so excited to return to my Kentucky roots and call Louisville my new home.

I was born just a few hours south in Murray, Kentucky where my family still resides. While I moved to Arkansas in my early years, I spent many summers coming back to my grandfather’s farm in a little community we like to call Hico, Kentucky. I come from a long line of hard working Kentucky farmers and I’m still a country girl at heart.

From the time I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I lead my high school journalism program while working part time at the local radio/community television station doing everything from filming sporting events to taking out the trash and I loved it.

My college years took me to Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas where I studied Marriage and Family Therapy.

I returned to my passion for storytelling in 2010 at KTHV in Little Rock,
mulberry card case Lisa Hutson
Arkansas. For 3 years, I covered wildfires, tornados and the everyday struggles of everyday people. While in Little Rock, I shined a light on the issues local veterans face returning from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in my series “Life After War.”

My reporting career took me to WXIX in Cincinnati in 2013. I am most proud of a documentary series called “Finding Home” where I followed a local family’s journey out of homelessness which garnered thousands of dollars in donations to local homeless shelters.

For the last two years, I’ve been waking up early in Waco, Texas as a morning news anchor at KCEN telling stories through my series “Heart of Central Texas.”

My husband Wayne and I are so eager to try all the great food that Louisville has to offer and attend those exciting UK Louisville basketball games. I am so thrilled to serve the city of Louisville and I’m excited to get to work telling the stories that matter to the people of this amazing city.
mulberry card case Lisa Hutson

mulberry shop london Lightning may be looking at Ottawa for help on defence

mens wallet with money clip Lightning may be looking at Ottawa for help on defence

The Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to bulk up before the NHL trade deadline.

And, they may be looking in the direction of the Senators for help.

While there was no shortage of scouts at the Bell Centre Sunday afternoon, one of the most interesting names on the list was Tampa assistant general manager Julien Brisebois with the trade deadline set for Feb. EST.

It believed the Lightning are looking for help on defence and may be among the teams that have more than a passing interest in Ottawa blueliners Erik Karlsson and Cody Ceci. The Lightning also had a scout in Philadelphia Saturday to see the Senators and Flyers.

There been plenty of chatter the Lightning would be a good fit for Karlsson but he not going anywhere at this deadline. Acquiring Ceci may be difficult as well because he won be moved unless the Senators are able to get the return they want. But the club is listening on Ceci.

Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman has tried to get the 24 year old Ceci from the Senators before but the Bolts are in a position to win a Stanley Cup this spring. They like to add a right shot defenceman and Ceci would fit the bill.

With 21 days to the deadline, the talk is now going to reach a feverish pitch.

There are several teams looking at forwards and many have called Ottawa general manager Pierre Dorion to talk about the possibility of acquiring the likes of either Mike Hoffman,
mulberry shop london Lightning may be looking at Ottawa for help on defence
Zack Smith or Jean Gabriel Pageau.

The belief is the asking price for Hoffman is high. If the Senators are to deal Hoffman, they going to want a first round pick in return, plus a young player that currently in the league, or a very high level prospect that has plenty of upside potential.

Dorion was in Europe last week but spent a lot of time working the phones there as well. There are teams that want to try to set the market well before the deadline and the word is the Pittsburgh Penguins are among them. It believed they shown interest in Hoffman and Pageau.
mulberry shop london Lightning may be looking at Ottawa for help on defence

mulberry iphone Little Wonders Educational Facility

Discount bags Outlet Little Wonders Educational Facility

When Andrew Ryan took down Frank Fontaine, he nationalized the mobster’s business assets and took control of the Little Wonders facility. Though he originally shut down the orphanages, Ryan saw the necessity for the ADAM production process, and eventually chose to employ the girls as a marketing device. Ryan rebranded the Little Wonders Educational Facilities as a finishing school for young girls. Here the Slug implanted children were maintained and supervised, and wore face paint in order to hide their identities from their parents and the public. The two story facility is located just off the Main Hall, connected via a glass tunnel. The upper level entrance is under the watchful eye of a Security Camera which will spot Jack the moment the doors open. The entrance on the lower floor is even less advisable.

Because of the serious nature of the conversion process, security was tight in Little Wonders. In addition to the turrets, the Security Monitoring Room also has several rounds of Electric Buck, a Shotgun, and a Bot Shutdown Panel. Even in Rapture’s chaos, the facility was still tightly guarded. A Thuggish Splicer patrols the lower floor, while a Wintry Houdini Splicer walks the upper catwalks.

Many of the educational posters in this area are simply painted over versions of Fontaine Futuristics posters, a sign of the hasty conversion. Looking closely at the surface of the posters under good lighting will show the raised letters of the words “Fontaine Futuristics.” A Health Station and a Circus of Values Vending Machine are on the lower level.

Little Sister RoomsEdit

A light in the darkness.

The central part of the bottom level contains six cells made up to look like little girls’ rooms. Each cell has a heavy reinforced door that can only be opened with a mechanized switch, several of which are inoperable. Each door has a small slot at the bottom for sliding food in to the occupant, and each cell is labeled with a number to help the scientists keep track of their subjects.

The inside of each cell is decorated in pink and contains a bed and toys to keep the Little Sisters occupied. There are also posters placed to remind the Little Sisters what their job is, showing pictures of “angels” (corpses), the Little Sister Vents, and themselves walking hand in hand with their Big Daddy protectors. Many of the rooms also feature drawings left by the little girls revealing the sad lives the children lived. These sketches subjects include dead dogs, doodles of “Mr. Bubbles,” and two tombstones labeled “Mommy” and “Daddy,” with teddy bears placed underneath. One room even contains the body of an unfortunate Splicer with numerous ADAM extraction needles sticking out of him, suggesting that this Splicer was killed by the Little Sisters carrying out their job too well.

In room number five, a wintry Houdini Splicer examines a Pheromone Sample by a teddy bear. Another one can be found on the table in room number seven.

The seventh room on the bottom level served as a conditioning chamber. In addition to the education posters, there is a Skinner Box style training machine. This was designed to decrease the little girl’s longing for their mothers, and recondition them to feel trust toward their Big Daddy protectors. This simple machine featured two video screens, one showing the silhouette of a woman, and the other showing the silhouette of a Big Daddy.

On the second level above the cells is a walkway with desks and filing cabinets used by the caretakers and scientists researching the Little Sisters. The scientists could look down over the open top of every cell room to monitor each Little Sister.

A final room, farthest from the entrance, was the facility where the little girls were operated on to implant the Sea Slugs in their bellies and turn them into Little Sisters. Yi Suchong was the primary surgeon in these procedures. This room also contains a storage area with many Little Sister dresses laying in a pile. Here Jack sees the ghost of a Little Sister who begs “Papa Suchong” not to put her on the operating table. When a girl outlived her usefulness, she was finished off in here.
mulberry iphone Little Wonders Educational Facility