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A big rig fell off a Southwest Freeway overpass in Sugar Land Thursday and landed on a car below. Amazingly, the woman in the car survived.

Police say the trucker was trying to avoid an accident when he jack knifed, flipped off the overpass and landed on the frontage road at University.

“I thought I was walking up to someone who was seriously injured, if not dead,” said Cory Mullarkey, a witness. “That’s what terrified me. I was almost hesitant to look up under there.”

The truck was carrying an empty load. Otherwise, the car he landed on would have been crushed,
mulberry outlets in uk Big rig falls from I
according to an officer at the scene.

“It’s truly God’s gift that she turned out all right,” Mullarkey said. “If that truck was full of whatever, she could have been crushed.”

PHOTOS: Woman survives after big rig lands on her car

Photos: Big rig falls off I 69, lands on car

Mullarkey was one of the witnesses who helped the woman get out of the car.

“Well, she was very lucky that there were people who saw the accident, who rushed to her aid and helped her get out of the vehicle,” said Doug Adolph with the Sugar Land Police Department.
mulberry outlets in uk Big rig falls from I

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Contact Us,Next to a building painted in eye battering yellow and green, Mr. Pocketbook’s bright yellow sign lures you in: “Bags $2.99 up.” Inside, a sea of vinyl, leather, and fabric awaits everything from the stylish leather handbags that would set you back $60 in the mall, to more affordable knockoffs of high end brand names like Fendi and Coach, to “el cheapo” cloth and plastic varieties that spill off tables at the flea market. The store also stocks luggage, as well as children’s backpacks adorned with cartoon characters. Pocketbook encourages bulk shopping, offering deep discounts (a third of retail prices) when you buy a dozen or more bags. And you can mix and match your quarry from any of the boxes and still pay wholesale for each. Those opting to buy fewer purses also can save a little, especially if they’re lucky. One saleswoman notes Mr. Pocketbook’s prices can fluctuate, depending on the day and “how my boss is feeling.”

Folks in South Miami Dade take their baseball seriously, and so does Hitter’s House. The store features four batting cages where a practicing slugger can get twenty pitches for just $1.25. Special hourly team rates are another indication that Hitter’s House understands that the nation’s favorite pastime is not just another sport. Autographed photos and baseball cards are available for collectors. Hard core playing enthusiasts can find just about every piece of baseball gear available, from mitts to mouthpieces.

This bike shop has been around since 1944; the oldest bike it carries a rare Packard found nowhere else in Florida, so they say dates to 1902. Yes, Broken Spoke specializes in antique bikes. For instance there’s the toddler bike, circa 1920, that belonged to one of the Rickenbacker children. Chris Marshall, Broken Spoke’s owner, says he purchased it from a former caretaker of the Rickenbacker home. Iggy Pop rented two Schwinn Sting Rays from Marshall for a music video. At the end of production, the aging punk rocker fell in love with the bikes, bought them, and had them transported to Europe. Marshall’s bikes have even starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as There’s Something About Mary. His peddled prizes have been featured in national magazines. Double Trouble, an ice blue six wheeler, wins the local low rider shows every time, Marshall says. But Broken Spoke’s most impressive bike hangs from the shop’s ceiling. It’s called Silver Bullet, and at first glance it almost looks like a Harley. How’s that for a bike shop?

Mitchell Kaplan has lotsa books. Books and books. He has books on photography, architecture, film, and music. Books of poetry and works of literature. Books on Cuba. Books on boxing. Books carried by no other bookstore in town. Kaplan has so many books, he moved to a new Coral Gables location this year, across the street from his old one. Much bigger. More room for his books. If you can’t make it to Coral Gables, drop by the Lincoln Road store. It, too, is filled with books. Books and books and books.

Tucked in a tree lined corner of Allapattah, this stucco garage painted with frescoes of San Lazaro and Santa Barbara is the real deal. Pigeons, doves, and roosters coo in cages in the back, ready to give it up for the orishas. Antlers hang overhead, and the shelves are stuffed with boxes of twigs, roots, and herbs. Everything you’d ever need to please your santo is here, as well as a plethora of potions, charms, and trinkets. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the friendly staff is happy to advise you. Monday through Saturday.

Your best friend is getting married, and you want to do your part to make it a special and memorable occasion. How about paying for beautiful multicolor butterflies to be released at just the right moment? At Butterfly Mystique, located deep in the Redland, a dozen individually packaged butterflies that arrive by one day FedEx can be as cheap as $75. But don’t let the ease of express mail deter you from visiting the place itself. That way you won’t miss the vivarium tour, where one can walk among hundreds of butterflies. The tour costs five dollars for adults and four dollars for children. To keep the critters flapping happily, a wide variety of butterfly attracting plants are for sale as well. They also have an insect shop called the House of Bugs where scorpions, tarantulas, and ladybugs can be seen and purchased. A mobile insect exhibition even takes the creepy crawlies on the road for shows. And the back of Butterfly Mystique’s yellow and white striped trailer reads: “Bugs not drugs.”

The modifier “costume” implies that the jewelry either is gaudy or blatantly fake. And true enough, in many cases it is one or the other. But this high end Lincoln Road boutique, which carries everything from children’s toys to silver platters, features an extensive jewelry department where neither is true. In other words you can buy jewelry with real pearls but strung on wire, so the prices are in line. Other necklaces and bracelets may be real gold but set with sparkling crystals instead of expensive precious stones. Some earrings are vintage, gleaned from estate sales; some rings look as if they could be from garage sales; watches might look old but are completely new. Several things you can count on: fashion, fashion, and more fashion. Whether the trend is illusion necklaces or chains with pendants, 24 Collection will have them. We should all be costumed so well.

Franco Carretti did costume design for the Italian film director Sergio Leone and a raft of others, including John Huston, before moving to Miami in 1980. His collection of guises, vintage clothing, and meticulously rendered period pieces fills the upper stories of a four story shop in the Design District. ABC caters to professionals. Designers from movies, television, and commercial shoots come here for Roaring Twenties gangster glam, Edwardian chic,
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Sixties hippie, and Seventies disco mod. Seamstresses at ABC also sew original designs. A staff that builds those fantastic feathered headdresses and slinky showgirl outfits for the cruise ship extravaganzas can handle most requests. No wonder amateurs like us line up around the block come Halloween to choose from the more than 20,000 outfits ABC has for rent. The selection runs the gamut of the alphabet from Adam and Eve and the Andrew Sisters to Zorro (called the Z Bandit), albeit skipping a few letters here and there. In between A and Z there are Jane Fonda as Barbarella, the Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Jackie before she became O, as well as Batman, the Bride of Dracula, the Statue of Liberty, and an assortment of animals, including a frog, dog, chicken, cat, rabbit, parrot, pig, and rat. See ABC’s Website for hours and a map.

“We design motorcycles that the client chooses from his dreams,” Steven Baroukh says in a lilting French accent. Baroukh, along with his wife, Beatrice Ummels, and partner Yves Blanco, take standard issue motorcycles and turn them into swooping constructs of steel and chrome. To review the designers’ work is to transcend the conventional idea of what wheels, fenders, and engines do. They are themselves dreamers, romantics who sculpt everyday lead sleds into organic, sensual shapes. A completely custom built motorcycle can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $72,000. By then the design team’s hands will have caressed every inch, internal and external, to lovingly bring it to shape. “Like a beautiful statue, we will bring smoothness to the form,” Baroukh explains. “We create the parts, we weld them, we cut them.” They’ve created outr concoctions such as a bike whose frame was encased in the shape of a woman on her back with her knees up, and a futuristic teardrop shape white rocket. But as much as their focus is form, they are equally dedicated to function. Designs are thoroughly vetted to make sure custom parts won’t interfere with the alignment, steering, and weight distribution of the bike. Joints are welded and tested. Bike owners don’t need to completely reinvent their scooters. For between $3500 and $6500, the shop will customize a bike with paint, chrome, handlebars, fenders, and mirrors. They also do restoration work on vintage motorcycles. As Baroukh reminds, “Motorcycles are made to ride.”

Volume means choice. Divers Direct Outlet has both. The 5000 square foot Florida City showroom is thick with masks, fins, wetsuits, buoyancy compensators, tanks, regulators, spear guns, underwater cameras, and diving computers. This is important because one needs to compare and contrast. Finding the right piece of equipment is absolutely essential with dive gear. No one can afford a leaky mask or an ill fitting fin 80 feet underwater. Divers), Mares, Dacor, and SeaQuest. Because Divers Direct Outlet (formerly Divers Outlet) is part of a chain founded in 1984 and based in Deerfield Beach, it can afford to keep its shelves stocked deep. All the workers are certified in the sport, with a scuba instructor and dive master also on staff. The store does teach and certify divers, but they don’t try to diversify too much beyond that. Repairs are done offsite in Key Largo. There are no charter trips based out of the shop.

There is a school of thought that it’s cruel to keep a dog in the city where it will be locked up during the day in a small apartment or house. If Fido has too much energy and the twice daily walk is not doing the job, finally there is an answer. You can send the little hound to day camp! Better yet, the camp counselors will pick the pooch up in the morning in a school bus and return in the afternoon a happy and exercised canine. Totally Dog is located in the Redland and can only be visited by appointment. It sits on more than two acres of land and features a four foot deep bone shape pool, an obstacle course, beach sand, and doggy toys galore. Each day your animal will get chewy pig ear as a snack and even take a group nap to break up all that joyful running around. Campers usually number about 30 a day and must be neutered, housebroken, at least four months old, have all their shots, be flea and tick protected, and know how to play well with others. All the dogs are screened. Every dog goes through a $200 four day training during which they learn the rules: how to get into the pool, voice response,
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and how to ride on the bus. Each day of camp after that costs $35. Call in advance because slots fill up quickly.

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Corrections Clarifications: A previous version of this story misstated the gender of the lawmaker who introduced the new bill and did not make clear that the previous Canadian flag only featured Britain’s Union Jack.

The Canadian Senate passed legislation to make the English version of the national anthem, O Canada, gender neutral.

There have been 12 bills aimed at removing the word from O Canada since it became the anthem in 1980, but none has been approved until now, Canadian broadcaster CBC reported.

The changes are opposed by some Conservative lawmakers. The English lyrics, written by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, have been changed before.

The latest bill, which was introduced by Liberal lawmaker Mauril B before his death in 2016, must be approved by the governor general the representative in Canada of the country’s monarch Queen Elizabeth II before it becomes law.

Mauril’s bill to make O Canada gender neutral passed third reading in the Senate tonight another positive step towards gender equality. February 1, 2018

Independent Ontario Sen. Frances Lankin, the bill sponsor, said she was very happy after the vote Wednesday.

“There’s been 30 years plus of activity trying to make our national anthem, this important thing about our country, inclusive of all of us,” she said, according to the CBC.

“This may be small, it’s about two words, but it’s huge,” she added. “We can now sing it with pride knowing the law will support us in terms of the language. I’m proud to be part of the group that made this happen.”

Conservative Manitoba Sen. Don Plett, who opposed the bill, said it should have been put to a referendum.

“Clearly, I’m disappointed,” he said, according to the CBC. “It’s been a long fight. I believe the Canadian public wanted a say in our national anthem, just like they had in the great Canadian flag debate. This is an issue for the Canadian public to decide, not just a couple of Independent senators.”

The lengthy and sometimes ugly flag debate started in 1963 when Canada decided to create its own flag, dividing the nation over the design. The previous flag featured the colonial power Britain’s Union Jack and the Canadian coat of arms. The Canadian flag bearing the maple leaf was eventually hoisted on Parliament Hill in 1965 after Canadians submitted thousands of designs.

Independent Quebec Sen. Chantal Petitclerc, a former Paralympian who won 14 wheelchair racing gold medals, spoke of what the change would mean for athletes taking part in the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February and March.

“I had the privilege to be on the podium many times and I never had the chance to sing ‘In all of us command,'” she said, according to the CBC. “I can only imagine what they’ll feel when they’re on the step of that podium. It’s an amazing moment.”.
Discount mulberry outlet uk bicester Outlet Bill passed to make national anthem gender neutral

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The sixth ranked Iowa Hawkeyes recorded six pins in crushing Michigan State 49 6 at Carver Hawkeye Arena.he talk throughout the week was the collegiate debut of true freshman Spencer Lee, and the 125 pounder from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, didn disappoint.In front of 8,486 fans, Lee took the mat to Queen Will Rock You at 7 o By 7:01 the match was over, and the Spencer Lee era was underway.always tell you to capitalize what there, and that what was there so I went with it, Lee said after pinning Rayvon Foley in 46 seconds. just glad that I get to compete in front of the best fans in the world and the country, and I am super excited to be a Hawkeye. I am honored to have the right to start in the starting lineup. Six Hawkeyes earned falls, two more won by major decision, and a ninth won by technical fall.Paul Glynn (133) followed Lee with a fall in 6:13. Perhaps not ready to take the mat 46 seconds after the man before him, Glynn fell behind 4 0 halfway through the first period. By the end of the second he had created an 8 4 advantage, and at the 6:13 mark, he had finished his first Big Ten win with a fall.Michigan State got on the board with a pin at 141 every match in the dual ended in bonus points but it was all Iowa after that. Brandon Sorensen (149) and Michael Kemerer (157) registered second period falls before the intermission, after the break Iowa finished with technical fall, major, major, pin, and pin.Alex Marinelli, a redshirt freshman from Miamisburg, Ohio, scored 24 points in his Carver Hawkeye Arena debut. Joey Gunther and Mitch Bowman combined for more than seven minutes of riding time in consecutive major decisions at 174 and 184, and Iowa big men, Cash Wilcke and Sam Stoll, ended the night with consecutive falls at 197 and 285.The win helped seventh ranked Iowa improve to 8 0 overall, and 4 0 in the Big Ten Conference. It also sets up matchup of undefeated teams on Sunday, Jan. 14, when No. 3 Oklahoma State visits Carver Hawkeye Arena.have to keep getting better and the first thing that is on my mind after Stoll gets a fall is that we got a real good team coming to town and we need to be ready, said UI head coach Tom Brands. have a lot of good things going on with our guys, but we need to get ready for what coming up next and that Oklahoma State. That our number one right now.Iowa sophomore forward Tyler Cook announced on Friday that he has submitted papers for early entry to the 2018 NBA Draft to test the process and gauge interest. Green scored 25 points to lead Cedar Falls to a 67 58 victory over Valley West Des Moines and a spot in the Class 4A State Championship game on Friday night. Logan Wolf chipped in 12 points for the Tigers which built a 9 point lead before blowing it in the third quarter. Cedar Falls outscored Valley 23 13 in the fourth quarter and will play Iowa City West for the title. Green scored 25 points to lead Cedar Falls to a 67 58 victory over Valley West Des Moines and a spot in the Class 4A State Championship game on Friday night. Logan Wolf chipped in 12 points for the Tigers which built a 9 point lead before blowing it in the third quarter. Cedar Falls outscored Valley 23 13 in the fourth quarter and will play Iowa City West for the title. Thursday semifinal lead on Waverly Shell Rock, the program first state title game ever, the energy of a swelling crowd at Wells Fargo Arena, because the third seeded Indians (23 3) couldn make their free shots at the stripe down the stretch. Thursday semifinal lead on Waverly Shell Rock, the program first state title game ever, the energy of a swelling crowd at Wells Fargo Arena, because the third seeded Indians (23 3) couldn make their free shots at the stripe down the stretch.
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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. (NYSE: BHVN), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a portfolio of innovative, late stage product candidates targeting neurological diseases, including rare disorders, today reported financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2017 and provided a review of recent accomplishments and anticipated upcoming milestones. “We have started 2018 with the same strong momentum as we prepare for important data announcements, drive toward key FDA filings, and continue to build our organization to support our expanded development pipeline and the eventual commercialization of approved products to help patients with severe neurological disorders.”

Full Year and Recent Business Highlights

CGRP Receptor Antagonist Platform Milestones and Next Steps

Enrollment complete in two pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials of rimegepant In November 2017, the Company completed enrollment in the second of two pivotal Phase 3 trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of orally dosed rimegepant, a small molecule, new chemical entity (NCE) for the acute treatment of migraine. Topline results from both trials are expected in the first quarter of 2018. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for registration. Long term safety study underway Biohaven continues to evaluate the long term safety of rimegepant in a third trial. Swindon Zydis Limited, a subsidiary of Catalent, Inc. (Catalent) to provide Catalent Zydis orally dissolving tablet (ODT) fast dissolving formulation for the development of rimegepant and an exclusive agreement for the use of the Zydis ODT formulation technology with small molecule CGRP receptor antagonists. In February 2018, a bioequivalence study was conducted to compare this new ODT formulation to the tablet in current clinical development and provided evidence of equivalence. Topline results confirmed that sublingual BHV 0223 (40 mg) achieves bioequivalent exposures relative to Rilutek (50 mg). In the study, 138 healthy volunteers were administered BHV 0223 and Rilutek under fasted conditions. In the pre specified primary analysis, BHV 0223 achieved area under the curve and peak exposures of approximately 90% and 113%, respectively, compared to those generated by generic riluzole. Trigriluzole is a novel third generation prodrug glutamate modulator that has been observed to have a favorable safety and tolerability profile in clinical trials. BHV 5000 is being developed as a potential treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders such as Rett syndrome. The Company also plans to explore development of BHV 5000 in other potential future indications including neuropathic pain and treatment resistant depression. First patient treated with trigriluzole in Rutgers Cancer Institute collaboration As part of a clinical collaboration with Drs. Ann Silk and James Goydos at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, trigriluzole is being evaluated for safety in a Phase 1 trial in combination with PD 1 blocking antibodies in patients with inoperable, advanced or refractory cancers. Cash as ofDecember 31, 2016, prior to the second closing of the Company Series A preferred share offering and initial public offering, was$23.6 million.

R Expenses:Research and development (R expenses for the year endedDecember 31, 2017 were$89.4 million compared to$55.5 millionin 2016, an increase of $33.9 million. Direct program costs increased $22.0 million, and personnel and other costs increased $11.9 million, including an increase of $4.5 million in share based compensation expense and an increase of $7.4 million in costs of additional personnel as the Company increased its development operations organization to support growing clinical activities. R expenses include non cash share based compensation expense of $6.9 million in 2017 compared to$2.4 million in 2016.

The increase in direct program costs reflects continued investment in clinical development and product supply. Development costs related to rimegepant increased $23.0 million in support of two Phase 3 clinical trials, a long term safety study, drug supply and a development milestone paid to Bristol Myers Squibb. BHV 3500 program spending increased $5.7 million related to formulation development and toxicology efforts, while BHV 0223 program development increased $3.6 million to advance a bioequivalence study. These increases were offset by a decrease of $11.6 million in 2017 for BHV 5000, as 2016 included expenses for upfront license fees and a contingent equity liability, both related to the Company license agreement with AstraZeneca.

G Expenses: General and administrative (G expenses for the year endedDecember 31, 2017 were$18.1 million compared to$5.1 millionin 2016. The increase of $13.0 million in G over the prior year primarily reflects an increase of $5.9 million in personnel related expenses, including an increase in non cash share based compensation expense of $4.1 million and a $1.8 million increase in costs of additional personnel within our commercial and administrative functions to prepare for commercialization and other organizational capabilities. In addition, professional fees increased $5.8 million, including costs to support compliance and other activities associated with preparing for and operating as a public company. G expenses include non cash share based compensation of $6.3 million in 2017 compared to $2.2 million in 2016.

Net Loss: The Company reported a net loss attributable to common shareholders for the year endedDecember 31, 2017of$139.2 million,or$5.00per share, compared to$63.7 million, or$5.05per share for 2016.

Financial Results for the Quarter endedDecember 31, 2017

R Expenses:R expenses for the quarter endedDecember 31, 2017 were$22.7 million compared to $20.4 millionin 2016, an increase of $2.3 million. The increase in R expenses reflects continued investment in Biohaven clinical development and product supply, primarily related to rimegepant, BHV 3500, and personnel costs.

The increase in development costs for rimegepant were attributable to two phase 3 clinical trials, a long term safety study and drug supply, while BHV 3500 program cost increases were the result of formulation and toxicology efforts. In addition, the Company increased its development operations organization to support growing clinical activities. These increases were offset by $12.5 million from an upfront license fee and a contingent equity liability, both related to the AstraZeneca license agreement. R expenses include non cash share based compensation of $0.5 million in the fourth quarter 2017 compared to $1.3 million in the fourth quarter 2016.

G Expenses: G expenses for the quarter endedDecember 31, 2017 were$5.6 million compared to $2.5 millionin 2016. The increase in G over the prior year primarily reflects hiring of additional personnel within our commercial and administrative functions to prepare for commercialization and other organizational capabilities, professional fees and the additional compliance and other costs associated with becoming a public company. G expenses include non cash share based compensation of $1.9 million in the fourth quarter 2017, compared to $1.1 million in the fourth quarter 2016. These forward looking statements involve substantial risks and uncertainties, including statements that are based on the current expectations and assumptions of the Company management. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, included in this press release regarding the Company business and product candidate plans and objectives are forward looking statements. Forward looking statements include those related to: the expected timing, commencement and outcomes of the Company planned and ongoing clinical trials, the timing of planned interactions with the FDA, the timing and outcome of expected regulatory filings, the potential commercialization of the Company product candidates and the potential for the Company product candidates to be first in class or best in class therapies. The use of certain words, including “believe”, “continue”, “may”, “on track”, “expects” and “will” and similar expressions, are intended to identify forward looking statements. Various important factors could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those that may be expressed or implied by our forward looking statements. Additional important factors to be considered in connection with forward looking statements are described in the “Risk Factors” section of the Company Annual Report on Form 10 K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 6, 2018. The forward looking statements are made as of this date and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update any forward looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.
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And their howls can only be explained as a combination of moose, wolf and chimpanzee.

If everything goes as planned for Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi and his East Glacier partners, Bill and Carole Stewart, that’s just a small part of the information that people will be able to glean from the world’s largest Bigfoot Museum. It’s scheduled to be housed on the second floor of a new, five to seven story motel just across the street from the old railroad bridge visitors drive under to visit Glacier National Park. Route 2 and Montana Highway 49.

Stewart didn’t seem to notice the biting blast that sends anything not nailed down tumbling down the town’s backstreets. After 30 years of operating businesses in this gateway community, the Stewarts have come to an understanding with the wind.

Stewart’s smile was filled with excitement as he stepped in close and began pointing at the old log fly shop and a small brown house that’s almost hidden a short distance away in the weeds.

“That’s where it’s going to go,” Stewart said. “The current plan calls for seven stories and the second story will hold the world’s largest Bigfoot museum and a place to host live entertainment.”

For years now, Stewart said he’s been slowly putting together the pieces of property needed to build a modern motel that he believes many visitors to East Glacier crave.

“We’ve been in business in East Glacier for 30 years,” he said. “We own three motels and other businesses. It’s become very obvious to us that East Glacier needs a new motel.”

All the motels in the area are older and don’t meet the modern tastes of many travelers who come to visit the East Glacier portion of the national park and then drive off to stay in Kalispell or Great Falls, Stewart said.

“These people would like to stay in a newer hotel room,” Stewart said. “It will bring a whole new class of tourists into East Glaicer.

“It’s going to be nice and we’re going to be full, full, full.”

The proposed $25 million development doesn’t stop with the motel that Stewart believes will be a Marriott Spring Hills franchise.

The Stewarts own all the businesses in the next block down, which includes the Glacier Village Restaurant. They plan to tear down the antiquated gift shop and bar on the corner and replace those businesses with a two story bar and lounge that people staying at their new motel will be able to access via a skywalk.

If everything goes as planned, Stewart said construction will get underway this spring, with a planned motel opening in May 2019.

With record numbers of visitors coming to see the national park, Stewart believes the timing is right for the new motel. He hinted that this might not be the only one in the works.

“This town is going to change rapidly,” he predicted.

The Stewarts got to know Biscardi during his Bigfoot hunting expeditions in the area. They began about 15 years after Biscardi said he received a call from a Native American who shot one of the creatures to protect his family.

“We came in and saw the photos. We sent those off to the lab,” Biscardi said. “They came back as being the real deal. The photos depict a Bigfoot cradling the one that was shot in its arms and then carrying it up to some burial caves. There are actually burial grounds in those caves.”

When asked for a general description of where the caves are located, Biscardi said simply “in the mountains.”

Biscardi said he celebrated his 50th anniversary of seeing his first Bigfoot in April, which, coincidentally, is the same year the famous Roger Paterson film was released. Since then, he said he’s had six other encounters with the creatures, including two in Montana.

“The two we saw in Montana just blew us away,” he said. “We’ve never seen one that big. It blew our minds.

“It must be because they travel through the mountains. The ones in California and Alabama are much smaller.”

Biscardi’s business, Bigfoot Projects Investment Inc., will be part owner in the new motel.

The Bigfoot Museum will feature hundreds of footprint casts, museum quality photographs, hair samples and a variety of other artifacts, Biscardi said.

Biscardi also owns two Las Vegas style shows featuring the music of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Those shows will be presented in the portion of the motel set aside for entertainment.

Bigfoot Projects Investments Chief Financial Officer Sara Reynolds said the final financial pieces of the project are coming together.

“Oh yes, it will happen,” Reynolds said. “The contracts are signed. It’s a done deal. We just have to make sure that all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. When it opens, it will mean another 200 jobs in East Glacier.”

Reynolds, a self described Missouri farm girl with a knack for tracking, hasn’t actually seen a Bigfoot so far, but she has heard them howl.

“The best way that I can describe it, it’s a combination of a moose and a wolf and a chimpanzee,” she said. “Their howls have such a force behind them. I cannot imagine the lung capacity they must have to create that level of sound. It’s just phenomenal.”
Discount mulberry outlet chester Outlet Bigfoot and the change coming to East Glacier

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Contact Us,If you prefer Fendi handbags but will accept the more budget friendly “Fendi inspired” variety, Mr. Pocketbook has your purse. Its flagship store in Miami’s scrappy Fashion District (2850 NW Fifth Ave.) is a windowless cement block, but inside is a world of evening bags, wallets, totes, coin purses, satchels, and luggage. A sleek sequined shoulder bag retails for as little as $12 cheaper if you’re buying wholesale and even the most flamboyant of shoppers will find a purse to her liking. Feathers? Buttons? Neon colors? Mr. Pocketbook has it all.

Last year we gave this little indie store that could the title of Best New Record Store. A year later, Sweat has won the hearts of all who deem themselves hip in Miami and has undergone some serious growing pains. The original location took a major beating from Hurricane Wilma, and the store was eventually relocated to a small warehouse at the back of English bar/longstanding live rock and roll venue, Churchill’s. Could there be a better place for a record store? We don’t think so. Fans can feast on Churchill’s delectable pub style grub and then wander into the tranquil aqua atmosphere of Sweat to rummage through racks of vinyl, CDs, and DVDs, as well as quirky toys, magazines, and locally made jewelry. Preloved records go for anything from one to five bucks, and for many of the new CDs, all you’ll need is a Hamilton. Monday to Saturday, but it closes at midnight. So after that killer local band plays its set on Churchill’s stage, fans can creep back to the store to cop an EP. The store has its own book club that meets regularly to discuss edgy, well written literary works. Plans to start craft and movie nights are in the works. A laid back afternoon at the independent bastion finds a hipster clad in black, picking up albums by the likes of the Beta Band, Joy Division, Outkast, and Le Tigre. Lauren Reskin (nickname Lolo), the orange haired, label owning DJ/record store co owner, is busy behind the counter, putting the finishing touches on the latest issue of the store’s newest project, a funky, free zine named The Sweater. Late period disco videos by Serge Gainsbourg burble in the background, screened on a gigantic TV set that dominates the small space. A hippie chick clad in paisley stumbles in, carrying an armload of old records. “Look at these! I found them in the dumpster,” she exclaims, as Lolo leaves her post to shuffle through the pile. “Who would throw away records, man?” the hippie girl wonders. Old vinyl and young music lovers have found a good home.

The kind of store you find on every block in parts of Manhattan, Blue Note has dusty bins that are potential treasure troves. There’s always some schmuck who bought the new Ghostface expecting hip pop, or the Minor Threat discography because the guys from Good Charlotte mentioned them in an interview. These people can’t handle musical truth, and because they have rushed to Blue Note and unloaded their barely used goods, you can capitalize on their bad taste. The only thing wrong with Blue Note is that visiting the store is a reminder that Miami lacks more like it.

There is no doubt that Museo del Disco has an enormous catalogue of Latin music on hand. What’s not in stock is easily ordered which is typical these days. However, Museo del Disco offers a singular thing of value, one that is impossible to obtain from any Website: its owner, the exceedingly colorful and entertaining Hinsul Lazo. The fortysomething native of Pinar del R Cuba, is happy to talk about music or anything in prose purple enough to make a Rosetti blush. Here in his words is a description of the fantasticality of Museo del Disco: “It’s in a warehouse district, and it’s a gorgeous store. No, it’s a beautiful store. It’s like no other store in this city. Not because it’s mine. That’s the word from all the customers. They walk in and they’re amazed it’s so neat and organized. It’s a warehouse but it’s decorated like a dollhouse. The furniture’s red, the walls are white. The light boxes around the entire store are red. It has pictures of all the old records, the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. What if you were looking for a Miles Davis CD or a John Coltrane or a Billie Holiday, some great CD? There are only two ways to find them. Either online, because that’s where people go because they don’t think any store’s going to have them. Or you can go to my store. And you’ll find it in my store. Because that’s what it’s about. My store’s a music store. We special order things for people. It’s the old style. And by the way, nothing in my store is bootlegged or burned or counterfeit. It’s all original product. From everywhere: Cuban, Colombian, Argentinean, Brazilian, Venezuelan, Mexican product. Buddy, everything. I bring in from Puerto Rico. I import directly from Cuba.” So there you have it.

While serious vinyl fetishists might consider their post office box the hippest place on Earth, less accessorized turntablists should mosey down to Grooveman Music to completely outfit themselves with all the necessary accouterments. You can literally walk in and purchase everything you need consoles, music, bags, clothing, and even sunglasses to play DJ in front of the mirror at home. Although this place might not have the stacks of old vinyl that DJs crave, it does have a good selection of current dance tracks both on vinyl and CD. And there are scads of listening stations. The music section is heavy with house, trance, electro, dance, and drum ‘n’ bass, but one is still permitted to indulge in the occasional guilty pleasure like Madonna or Depeche Mode.

You might not notice Freddy the Bastard’s little corner of the universe while you’re drunkenly moshing at a club, and even if you did, it would be easy to dismiss his wares as the DJ’s play pile or the band’s merch table. But if you choose to closely inspect Fred’s wares, you’ll find a cache of rare LPs, CDs, and books that’s breathtaking and for sale!
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Then, when you actually talk to the proprietor about music or some similar bullshit, his high octane enthusiasm will intoxicate you into buying records you didn’t know existed. A recent from Gainesville, Freddy has been dealing internationally for more than twenty years. Many record collectors know his mug because they have purchased rarities or new releases from him at concerts. The nice bastard (we know this is an oxymoron, but that’s who he is) knows his stuff as well as anyone in town, but he hauls the product to wherever customers gather. Give him your wish lists! He specializes in punk and hardcore but also serves the needs of goth, industrial, indie, garage, and grindcore kids.

Hard core, soft core, money shots, midgets, lesbians, and lube whatever your desire, porn shops are there to satisfy your craving when you can’t have the real thing. Everything from Jenna Jameson DVDs to fetish fun compose the inventory of your everyday adult video store. But XXX Outlet is the true champion of lustful merriment. Monthly appearances by top name adult actresses give patrons the opportunity to meet their favorite starlets and, on occasion, watch them perform a risqu show on a specially built stage. This touch of reality, unattainable with blow up dolls and movies, is cheaper and more exciting than going to a strip club. For the rest of the month, stay occupied with viewing booths, playful lingerie, toys galore, and DVDs for $6.99 and up. Smoking paraphernalia is also available for additional debauchery. XXX Outlet is one of Miami’s best kept dirty little secrets. Hidden in the depths of South Miami Dade, it’s difficult to find but well worth the hunt.

Everyone knows the old joke. How many (fill in the blank) does it take to screw in a light bulb? Here’s a new answer for you: None, if you take your lamp to Light Bulbs Unlimited. Just ask the helpful employee behind the counter, and he or she will tell you exactly what it will take to lighten up your world. Regular bulbs start as cheap as 34 cents; those craving a spotlight can purchase one for $6; and hydro heads can purchase grow lights for $6.75. It’s easy to be dazzled by the array of cool hanging fixtures and lamps. A standing lamp with a row of round blue fixtures like six fish eyes will set you back $1995. A whimsical fixture with a silver parachuting man affixed to a silver minispotlight costs $240. A beautiful modern chandelier that resembles a shining spider web costs only $847.50. Fluorescents and miniatures, fixtures and novelty lights, colored bulbs and neons this place is positively glowing. Stopping by is a bright idea. You’ll leave feeling positively illuminated. Ba da bum.

The coolest looking Publix is probably the one on West Avenue in South Beach. It’s designed by architect Carlos Zapata and is a gleaming glass testimony to SoBe chic. The Publix in the Plaza del Paraiso strip mall is on the opposite end of the city, and makes a statement about Kendall. It’s a generic, sprawling branch that might not look cool, but you can get anything you need here. And do we mean anything. This Publix combines features from some of the supermarket chain’s rivals. The plant and flower section is extensive and also offers clay chimeras, ceramic pots, and decorative garden accessories. The bakery is stocked with a dazzling array of breads, pies, pastries, cakes, and frozen desserts. The wine department curves inside itself like a maze in a lush’s dream, with departments organized by country of origin. Hard to find bottles can be had here, like Fetzer Gewurztraminer, which costs $14. This branch of Publix is beginning to venture into Wild Oats territory by offering a slowly expanding section of natural and organic meats, including pork, steak, chicken, and buffalo. It also boasts the largest Greenwise section of any Publix in the area fully stocked with vegetarian frozen foods, specialty pastas, and rice infused with flaxseed oil. Knudsen and Lakewood organic juices that go for a pretty penny at Whole Foods sell for $3.75 here. The beer department is a must visit. The selection rivals that of many liquor stores and offers a stunning variety of local and imported beers, ciders, and colorful girlie drinks.

Every single thing in this place is organic. Much of it is local, and all of it is available for delivery. Delicious Organics is a three year old company owned by a young, beautiful, community minded couple Jack and Annie Malka who believe in creating a market for all things environmentally friendly. (Seriously. They even sell recycled aluminum foil.) Creating that market means catering to convenience, so they offer online shopping and a weekly delivery service. They cull the best local, regional, and national produce and products; print your order; pack it for you; and deliver it in a cooler for a flat $9.95 fee whether you live in Boca Raton or Marathon Key. If you don’t have time to choose your produce online, or if you simply want to save money, try the weekly co op boxes: Forty bucks gets you one filled with four to ten different fruits and seven to fifteen different vegetables to meet your budgetary and nutritional needs. Nutrition and convenience? Bring on that raw, grass fed, Amish farm milk.

This is the mother of all dollar stores. We’re talking twelve aisles of everything from crayons to cassava melons. Load up the cart with pet food, toiletries, home improvement stuff such as caulking guns, and kitchen stuff such as pepper grinders and stainless steel meat cleavers. A four pack of CD Rs, a pound of Kosher matzos, a ratchet screwdriver with six head attachments, a three pound bag of onions, a Florida guidebook everything’s 99 cents. Most of the merchandise comes from large scale closeouts or going out of business sales, making the 99 cent price point possible, according to store manager Alex Gurdian. “It’s crazy. That’s why you see that many people,” Gurdian says of the 1200 customers who stream through on an average day. all week.
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Discount discount mulberry bags Outlet bill passes Utah Senate committee

Discount mulberry black bag Outlet bill passes Utah Senate committee

SALT LAKE CITY A bill that makes it no longer a crime for parents to let their children walk home alone from school or play outside alone has passed a Utah Senate committee.

Senate Bill 65, sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, R South Jordan, modifies child neglect law in Utah to allow for so called “free range kids.”

“As a society, we’ve kind of erred as our pendulum has swung for children’s safety a little bit too much to the side of helicopter parenting, right? We want kids to be able to learn how to navigate the world so when they’re adults they’re fully prepared to handle things on their own,” Sen. Fillmore told FOX 13 in an interview.

“Free range kids” and “free range parenting” is a pushback on the concept that children are constantly in danger. Sen. Fillmore told the Senate Health and Human Services Committee that under existing Utah law, parents could face child neglect. However,
Discount discount mulberry bags Outlet bill passes Utah Senate committee
the director of Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services testified they have never gone after any parents for that.

DCFS director Diane Moore said the legislation would “codify what is already a practice that reflects our community’s values.”

“We appreciate the legislature’s concern in making sure we are a well calibrated child welfare system,” she said.

Connor Boyack, the president of Libertas Institute, a libertarian leaning think tank, said parents had approached him concerned that a neighbor’s well intentioned phone call could spark a child welfare investigation.

Sen. Luz Escamilla, D Salt Lake City, said she encouraged parents to call when they see an unattended child. She referenced a tragic incident in Ogden last month where a 4 year old girl was found in a park alone, not dressed for winter. That led police to the discovery of the girl’s mother,
Discount discount mulberry bags Outlet bill passes Utah Senate committee

mulberry leather bag Big 12 heavyweights KU

alexa chung mulberry bag Big 12 heavyweights KU

ABOUT KANSASKansas is ranked No. 12 in both the Associated Press and USA TODAY Coaches’ polls, released Jan 8. The Jayhawks average 85.8 points per game and their plus 15.6 scoring margin is third in the conference. KU leads the conference in field goal percentage (51.0) and 3 point field goal percentage (41.5). KU also ranks in the top three in the Big 12 in scoring offense (third at 85.8), scoring margin, 3 point field goal percentage defense (third at 32.8), assists (second at 18.2) and assist to turnover ratio (second at 1.5). Kansas pulls down 36.5 rebounds per game, has a plus 1.2 rebound margin and averages 4.9 blocked shots per contest.

Senior G Devonte’ Graham leads KU with an 18.4 scoring average, which is second in the Big 12. Graham leads KU and is third in the Big 12 in assists (7.4), third in free throw percentage (88.1), third in assist to turnover ratio (2.7), fourth in 3 point field goals made (3.2) and fourth in steals (2.0). Graham’s 55 3 pointers are second on the team to senior G Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk’s 60. Mykhailiuk is second on the team, sixth in the Big 12, in scoring at 16.5 points per game. He is second in the conference in 3 point field goals made (3.5) and second in 3 point field goal percentage (48.0). Mykhailiuk’s 3 point field goal percentage is better than his field goal percentage (46.0). Junior G Lagerald Vick is next in scoring at 14.9 points per game, which is 15th in the Big 12. He is second on the team with a 6.0 rebound average, 14th in the league, and third with 31 3 pointers made.

Sophomore C Udoka Azubuike has a team high four double doubles this season and also leads KU with a 7.7 rebound average which is sixth in the Big 12. Azubuike’s 14.8 scoring average is 17th in the conference and he leads the NCAA with a 77.3 field goal percentage. Redshirt sophomore G Malik Newman rounds out the Kansas starters. Newman scores 10.7 points per game, which includes a career high 27 points against Iowa State (1/9). He has made 27 3 pointers this season.

Freshman G Marcus Garrett has started the five games this season for Kansas. He averages 3.9 points and is third on the team with 4.7 rebounds per contest. Garrett is second on the team with 23 steals and his 1.4 thefts per game are tied for 10th in the Big 12. Sophomore F Mitch Lightfoot leads Kansas with 30 blocked shots, including a career high six at TCU (1/6). He averages 3.8 points and 3.1 rebounds per game and his 1.8 blocks per game are seventh in the Big 12.

ABOUT WEST VIRGINIALocated in Morgantown, West Virginia, with an enrollment of 31,287, West Virginia is 15 2 and 3 1 in Big 12 play after its 72 71 loss at No. 8/8 Texas Tech on Jan. 13. The Moutaineers are coached by Bob Huggins who is 244 121 in his 11th season at his alma mater and 834 332 in his 36th season overall. West Virginia averages 82.1 points per game and is second in the Big 12, ninth nationally, with a plus 16.8 scoring margin and scoring defense (65.4). The “Press Virginia” has West Virginia lead the Big 12 turnovers forced at 19.9, which is third nationally, and turnover margin at plus 7.9, which is second nationally. WVU also leads the conference in steals per game (9.9, sixth nationally). WVU averages 39.6 rebounds per game and has a plus 4.8 rebound margin. The Moutaineers also average 15.9 assists and 5.1 blocked shots per game.

West Virginia is deep with 10 players averaging 11 plus minutes per game. In a reserve role, junior F Esa Ahmad scored 18 points in his season debut at Texas Tech (1/13). Last season, Ahmad was second on the WVU team with an 11.3 scoring average. Senior G Jevon Carter is next in scoring at 16.8 points per game, which is fourth in the Big 12. Carter leads the conference with 3.6 steals per game and is fourth in the league with 6.5 assists per contest. Carter pulls down 5.4 rebounds per game and leads the team with 37 3 pointers made this season. Like KU’s Devonte’ Graham, Carter is on most All America watch lists. Senior G Daxter Miles Jr., scores 13.2 points per game and he is second on the team with 62 assists and 28 steals. Sophomore F Lamont West is a starter who scores 12.3 points per game and pulls down 5.4 rebounds per game. West has made 28 3 pointers this season. Sophomore F Sagaba Konate leads WVU in rebounds with 7.8 per game which is fifth in the Big 12. He scores 8.9 points per game and is second in the league with 2.9 blocked shots per contest. Sophomore F Wesley Harris (6.2 ppg, 4.6 rpg) rounds out the WVU starters. Sophomore G James Bolden (9.8 ppg, 20 steals) is second on the team with 36 3 pointers made. Other WVU regulars include freshman F Teddy Allen (8.6 ppg, 3.1 rpg) and sophomore G Chase Harler (2.7 ppg).

THE SERIESThe Kansas West Virginia series started when WVU joined the Big 12 Conference in 2012 13, with KU holding a 7 4 advantage. KU is 5 0 against WVU in games played in Allen Fieldhouse and 1 4 at WVU Coliseum. The Mountaineers have won each of the last four matchups at home against the Jayhawks. In 2017, Kansas went 1 1 against West Virginia with a come from behind overtime win in Allen Fieldhouse. KU head coach Bill Self is 7 4 against West Virginia, with all 11 meetings as Kansas’ coach. Bob Huggins is 4 11 all time against Kansas, 4 7 while at WVU.

A KANSAS WIN WOULDMake Kansas 15 3 or better for the four straight year beginning in 2014 15 Make Kansas 5 1 or better in conference play for the second straight season and 12th time in the Bill Self’s 15 seasons at Kansas Give Kansas its second ever win at West Virginia, ending a four game losing skid at WVU Coliseum Make the KU WVU series 8 4 in favor of Kansas Make Kansas 4 0 in true road games this season and 7 1 in games not played in Allen Fieldhouse Make Self 8 4 all time against West Virginia, 431 91 while at KU and 638 196 for his career Make Bob Huggins 4 12 against Kansas, including 4 8 while at WVU Make Kansas 2,232 844 all time.

A KANSAS LOSS WOULDMake Kansas 14 4 on the season Make Kansas 4 2 in conference play for the first time since the 2015 16 season and the fourth time in the Bill Self era, beginning in 2003 04 Make the Kansas West Virginia series 7 5 in favor of KU Give WVU its fifth straight win against KU in WVU Coliseum Make Kansas 3 1 in true road games this season and 6 2 in games not played in Allen Fieldhouse in 2017 18 Make Self 8 5 all time versus West Virginia, 430 92 while at Kansas and 637 197 as a head coach Make Bob Huggins 5 11 all time against Kansas, including 5 7 while at WVU Make KU 2,231 845 all time.


The win made Kansas 14 3 or better for the four straight year beginning in 2014 15 and 4 1 or better in conference play for the 12th straight season, beginning in 2006 07. Kansas won its sixth straight win against Kansas State and made the all time series 194 93. Since the 2010 11 season the Jayhawks have been involved in 10 games when the winner was been decided by one point. Kansas is now 9 1 in such games. The Jayhawks are 23 10 in games decided by 3 points or fewer during that same span. For the first time this season the Jayhawks have won after trailing with five minutes remaining in the game. Kansas is now 1 3 in such instances this season and 28 74 in the Bill Self era. Senior G Devonte’ Graham’s 23 points pushed him past Marcus Morris, Adonis Jordan and Richard Scott on the career scoring list. His 1,388 points is good for 26th in Kansas history and trails Wilt Chamberlin on the list by 45 points. Senior G Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk’s three 3 point field goals moved him past Tyrel Reed on the Kansas 3 point list. He now has 177 and sits in 11th position on the list trailing Adonis Jordan by two. With his 3 of 6 clip from beyond the arc, is now shooting 56.3 percent (40 of71) from 3 point range inside Allen Fieldhouse this season. Only three other Jayhawks have shot better than 50 percent from three inside Allen Fieldhouse in a season (with minimum of three attempts per game) Kirk Hinrich (59.6%, 2001), Frank Mason III (58.8 percent, 2017) and Brandon Rush (52.8%, 2006). Auzbuike shot 80 percent or better for the 10th time this season, going 8 of 9 from the field. Azubuike recorded a career high five blocked shots. He has nine blocked shots in his last two games. Freshman F Silvio De Sousa logged his first minutes as a Jayhawk, entering the game at 9:42 in the first half and playing a total of four minutes.

GRAHAM NAMED TO WOODEN MIDSEASON LISTKansas senior Devonte’ Graham was named to the John R. Wooden Award presented by Wendy’s Midseason Top 25 list, the Los Angeles Athletic Club announced Jan. 11. Last season, KU’s Frank Mason III won the 2017 Wooden Award.

The players on the list are considered strong candidates for the 2018 John R. Wooden Award presented by Wendy’s. The leading candidates will be further pared to 20 top players in early February. The ten man Wooden Award All American Team will be announced the week of the “Elite Eight” round of the NCAA Tournament. The winner of the 2018 John R. Sophomore C Udoka Azubuike leads the NCAA in field goal percentage at 77.3 percent, while senior G Devonte’ Graham is seventh nationally in assists per game at 7.4.

KU FROM DOWNTOWNKansas is averaging 11.0 3 point field goals made per game with a 41.5 3 point field goal percentage. KU’s 3 point field goal percentage leads the Big 12 and its 11.0 made are second. Kansas has made 10 or more 3 pointers in each of its last three games and four of its last five. The Jayhawks are 10 1 in games where they have made 10 or more threes this season.

Last season, KU set the school single season 3 point record, making 318 from beyond the arc for 8.8 per game. Three of the last eight Jayhawk squads have averaged more than seven treys per game, with both of the last two KU teams hitting an average of eight or more threes per contest.

SELF NEARING 200 BIG 12 VICTORIESWhat has seemed like a nearly every week occurrence lately, KU head coach Bill Self is nearing yet another coaching milestone. Now in his 15th year at the helm, Self’s Jayhawks have collected 199 Big 12 regular season victories. That number ranks Self No. 1 among the league’s all time coaches, 123 victories ahead of former Texas head man Rick Barnes.

On Kansas’ all time coaches list, which features five Naismith Hall of Famers, Self’s 199 league wins is second behind Dr. Phog Allen, who collected 334 victories in league play over his 39 seasons when KU was a member of the Missouri Valley, Big Six and Big Seven Conferences.

During Self’s tenure, KU has never won fewer than 12 Big 12 regular season contests in a season and has claimed 15 or more league wins on four occasions. The Jayhawks have won at least a share of the Big 12 regular season crown in all but one of Self’s 14 years in Lawrence, his first season in 2003 04, which saw KU claim a runner up finish that year.

DEVONTE’ + SVI = THREESThe senior pairing of Devonte’ Graham and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is establishing itself as one of the top long range shooting duos in KU history. Already this year, the two Jayhawk guards have combined for 115 of KU’s 187 3 pointers, which is 61.5 percent of the team’s threes. The prolific outside shooting from these two is nothing new as they continue to move up the all time KU 3 point charts.

Since the advent of the 3 point line prior to the 1986 87 season, only one other Kansas duo has tallied more threes over a three year stretch than the 391 that Graham and Mykhailiuk have combined for since the 2015 16 season. Jeff Boschee and Kirk Hinrich are the most prolific 3 point shooting twosome in school history as they netted 405 treys while they played together from 2000 02. Last game, Graham and Mykhailiuk passed Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers (2006 08) are who made 385. Graham is also one half of another sharp shooting pair after he and Frank Mason III combined for the fourth most threes (353) among KU duos during the last three seasons (2015 17).

Graham and Mykhailiuk are also among the most accurate Jayhawk pairs. They have teamed up to shoot 42.0 percent from beyond the arc in that same three year span, the third best mark among KU teammates who have combined for 700 or more attempts. Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers boast the best combined percentage with a 42.7 percent (385 of 901) clip coming during their three seasons in Lawrence from 2006 08.

THIS DAY IN KANSAS BASKETBALL HISTORYKansas is 21 8 all time on Jan. 15, 1986: Four players scored in double digits to lead Kansas to an 81 70 victory versus Nebraska in Kansas’ first conference game of the 1985 86 season. Sophomore Danny Manning led the way with 21 points and six rebounds, while senior Greg Dreiling added 16 points and a team high seven rebounds. Kansas went on to a 13 1 conference record to win its only Big Eight regular season title under head coach Larry Brown. KU also won the Big Eight Conference Tournament and advanced to the NCAA Final Four in Dallas. Kansas finished the season ranked No. 2 in the Associated Press poll with its 35 4 record.

HISTORICALLY SPEAKINGUUdoka Azubuike ranks first in NCAA Division I in field goal percentage at 77.3 percent and is just ahead Central Florida’s Tako Fall at 76.8 percent.

History has shown that it isn’t easy to lead the nation in a statistic. In fact, checking the NCAA Records Book of annual leaders, only twice has a Jayhawk led the country in a season stat and both were KU All Americans. KU legend Clyde Lovellette led the NCAA in scoring average in 1951 52 at 28.6 points per game. More recently, Thomas Robinson led the country in double doubles with 27 during the 2011 12 season. Under Lovellette’s leadership KU won the 1952 NCAA National Championship and Robinson led the Jayhawks to a runner up finish in 2012.

With a minimum of 175 attempts, the Kansas single season field goal percentage record is 64.6 percent by Mark Randall in 1988 89. Last year, Landen Lucas shot 63.1 percent from the field, which ranks fourth on the KU single season list. On the NCAA level, with a minimum of five makes per game, there have been only 12 players who have shot 70 percent or better in a season, with the most recent being Devontae Cacok of UNC Wilmington, who set the NCAA record last season (2016 17) at 80.0 percent.

KANSAS IN THE POLLSKansas men’s basketball enters this week at No. 12 in the Associated Press and No. 12 in the USA TODAY Coaches’ polls released on Jan. 8.

Kansas has been ranked in each of the last 171 AP polls dating back to Feb. 3, 2009, which is the longest active streak in NCAA Division I. Kansas was preseason No. 4 by AP entering 2017 18. Under 15th year and Hall of Fame head coach Bill Self, this is the 12th time that Kansas entered the season ranked seventh or higher in the Associated Press preseason poll and historically, the No. 4 ranking marks the 20th time since the 1992 93 season that Kansas entered the season seventh or higher.
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Discount mulberry christmas sale Outlet Biola University Announces New School of Cinema and Media Arts

Discount mulberry outlet centre Outlet Biola University Announces New School of Cinema and Media Arts

LA MIRADA, Calif., Dec. 5, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ Biola University will launch its ninth school in July 2018 the School of Cinema and Media Arts. When Biola was launched in 1908, the visionary founders of the university had no idea that within the next decade all the major film studios would be located in Los Angeles turning their community into the entertainment capitol of the world.Today, Biola is located 24 miles from the heart of the entertainment industry, which is making greater influences in American and global culture than ever before. The new school will accommodate growing student interest in cinema and digital media and create opportunities for new academic programs all aligned to increased career opportunities in the industry.”Cinema and media arts is an area of incredible growth opportunity for Biola,” said Biola University President Barry H. Corey. “This new school will allow us to position ourselves as an influential leader in the field in order to equip future culture creators.”Biola currently offers an undergraduate degree in Cinema and Media Arts, with concentrations in media management, production, and writing for film and television. A record number of applications were received for Fall 2017, as 180 students applied for 72 openings in the program. With the establishment of the new school, the program will introduce 17 new undergraduate degrees and concentrations to be introduced over the next five years in areas such as acting, film scoring, cinematography and directing. Biola hopes these new programs will attract nearly 750 new students by 2027.In September, Biola’s board of trustees approved that the university will contribute up to $16 million of institutional investment, sourced internally from endowment or from external sources, toward the final funds necessary to renovate the existing production center and construct a new building to be completed in late 2021. The new 50,000+ square foot facility will house a screening room capable of seating 220, several sound stages, a Foley stage, recording and editing rooms, five classrooms and 23 faculty and staff offices.”The focus of the School of Cinema and Media Arts will equip a new generation of ethically thoughtful professionals in cinema and media arts, grounded in a Christian worldview, educated in an academically rigorous environment, ready to assume positions of influence, and able to provide the clear moral vision the world desperately needs,” said Provost and Senior Vice President, Deborah Taylor.A national search for the founding dean of the school will commence later this fall and formal fundraising activities will begin for the construction of a new building for the school. The university will appoint a search committee this semester. In addition, the school will hire six new faculty and five staff members to accommodate the program’s growth.”We are grateful for our strategic partner, the James and Joan Lindsey Family Foundation, for providing advice, counsel and financial support to make this new school possible,” said Taylor. “With their extensive knowledge of media and marketing, they have played an integral part of the planning, strategy, and vision for the school.”Biola has always believed that media was a tool to be used in support of the university’s mission whether placing a radio antenna on the top of its building, starting Biola Press or producing the Biola Hour, one of the longest running radio shows.”Integration of our faith and craft is not superficial as we believe storytelling is inherently germane to what it means to be created in the image of God,” said Gerald Fisher, chair of the Cinema and Media Arts program. “Emphasizing high production value gives our graduates the skill set future employers desire. We are one of the oldest and largest Christian media programs in the world. Our location in Los Angeles cannot be beat.”
Discount mulberry christmas sale Outlet Biola University Announces New School of Cinema and Media Arts