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TORONTO The plunge in global stock markets over the past week has dragged down the Canadian dollar and oil prices, but some market observers see signs the loonie fortunes will change this year even as the Canadian dollar continued its slide Monday. dollar and the Japanese yen.

After climbing from 79.71 cents US at the outset of 2018 to as high as 81.38 cents US on Feb. 1, the loonie reversed course at the end of last week. As of Monday morning, the loonie was down to 79.40 cents US.

The Canadian dollar tends to move on several types of data particularly commodity prices which have also seen their fortunes reverse during the heightened levels of volatility in the marketplace. dollars. Howe Institute says the Canadian economy is particularly open and, because of its reliance on commodity exports, vulnerable to shocks from abroad.

The Canadian dollar response during recent tumult is consistent with past periods of volatility, said Mark McCormick, North American head of FX strategy for TD Securities.

He forecasts the loonie will bottom out at about 79 cents US and settle into a range of 80 to 81 cents US within the next couple of months. investors also tend to bring their money home, he said.

The Canadian dollar is also influenced by the Bank of Canada. The currency soared last year after the central bank surprised the markets and raised interest rates twice in the third quarter. However,
mulberry designer outlet york but experts say not much further to fall
policymakers subsequently tempered their hawkish tone, emphasizing that the bank will proceed cautiously in order to gauge the impact of higher borrowing costs and a stronger loonie on the economy. and Canadians vacationing south of the border, a weaker loonie makes it easier for Canadian businesses to export products and bolsters our own tourism industry.

Sometimes larger macroeconomics trends can affect the loonie an unanticipated rise in employment, for example typically means a rise in the Canadian dollar.

of this has really triggered a spike in volatility because it brought into question whether higher interest rates are going to curtail the global growth story or erode corporate profitability, said Candice Bangsund, a portfolio manager of global asset allocation at Fiera Capital in Montreal.

The VIX index Wall Street so called gauge because it measures how much volatility investors expect in the future had spiked above 50 early Tuesday, quadruple where it was about two weeks ago, before settling at 25 late Wednesday and them ramping up to 34 by late Thursday. By Monday morning it was hovering above 27.

Despite the nervousness in the market, Bangsund said her firm believes there is strong support for the Canadian dollar right now and has increased her 12 month target for the loonie to 85 cents US from 82 cents US.
mulberry designer outlet york but experts say not much further to fall

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Discount mulberry long locked purse Outlet California pot industry faces struggles meeting demand

In this Nov. 11, 2017 file photo, one of an assortment of marijuana strains are displayed during the High Times Harvest Cup in San Bernardino.(Photo: AP FILE PHOTO)Like many pot shops in California, the Urbn Leaf in San Diego bulked up its inventory before legal sales began on Jan. 1, stockpiling enough marijuana to last for months because no one knew what the era of legal pot would bring.

The shop, along with others involved in the state’s fledgling cannabis economy, are now concerned that too few operators have been licensed to support a pot pipeline of state approved growers, distributors and retailers.

In some cases, they say, bottlenecks have already slowed the supply chain from fields to storefronts.

“They are going to have to come online with more producers in the next 12 months to keep up with the demand,” said Will Senn, the founder of Urbn Leaf who operates three dispensaries and plans to open three more, including one in Los Angeles.

“The black market will balloon if we can’t get legal, licensed producers to step into the industry. That’s the biggest risk,” he said.

Nearly a month after legal sales began for adults in the nation’s most populous state, the longstanding medicinal and illegal marijuana markets are still transitioning to a multibillion dollar regulated system, estimated to eventually reach $7 billion in value.

Questions about the supply chain represent just one example of early obstacles that range from complaints about hefty taxes to the refusal of most banks to do business with pot companies because the drug remains illegal on the federal level.

In one way, the arrival of legal sales has been a story about borrowed time.

Most of the pot now being legally sold in California comes from plants that were harvested last year, and those reserves can be sold until July 1, provided they have required labeling.

Lori Ajax, the state’s top pot regulator, said officials are aware that those initial supplies will eventually dry up but it’s too early to tell how the legal supply chain will work.

“We legalized cannabis you want to have that product available,” she said. “We don’t want people going to the black market because they can’t get product from the legal market.”

In Santa Cruz County, TreeHouse dispensary CEO Bryce Berryessa is already having trouble keeping some popular brands on his shelves.

The problem, he says, is smaller producers haven’t been able to obtain licenses, either because they are in an area where growing is banned by local government or they haven’t been able to obtain a license from their hometown government.

Operators are required to have state and local licenses to conduct business, but must get the local one first.

Without money to relocate to a pot friendly community, “they are going to be unable to find a pathway to legally sell their products,” said Berryessa, who sits on the board of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

“I think this affects a large portion of California cannabis businesses throughout the state,” he said.

For now, legal sales for adults appear to be robust in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

But the patchwork of local regulations some cities and counties have banned all commercial activity has erected barriers to getting pot from place to place.

Some longtime growers are marooned in counties that don’t allow pot or have imposed regulations so tight it’s tantamount to prohibition. In some cases, investors are backing away.

For example, in previously pot friendly Calaveras County, officials reversed course and banned commercial marijuana farms, leaving growers in a bind.

Without a local license, “it doesn’t matter how incredible their products are,” Berryessa said.

Indeed, the once shadowy business of pot distribution is no longer about sending a text message to a friend. Regulators have come with complex procedures to keep a tight leash on the market, though some say it’s bringing more confusion than efficiency.

In general, a retailer who needs to stock shelves must contact a distributor, who in turn picks up cannabis from a grower.

The marijuana is then sent to a warehouse, where a testing company picks up a sample and analyzes it for pesticides and other contaminants, as well as potency. It cannot be sent to the retailer for sale until it clears that check. The distributor can also do packaging, with taxes assessed along the way.

Pot that fails testing goes back to the grower. If the problem can’t be fixed, it must be destroyed, further tightening supplies.

So far, one of the biggest challenges is having enough growers and distributors to do the job.

In total, the state has issued about 1,900 licenses in all categories so far. By comparison, there are an estimated 15,000 illegal marijuana farms in Humboldt County alone.
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They never left her alone. They raised the locks in their house beyond her reach, so she couldn get outside and hurt herself. They stuck a sign onto the back of their car: an emergency situation, please be aware child may . . . have no awareness of danger.

Even when Eden, who normally exploded with energy, stayed in bed all day one Saturday in January , the Murrays weren particularly concerned. Maybe she was just tired from school, family members said.

The next day Eden, 6, hadn improved, so Brandon took her to the local urgent care center. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics, and Brandon, 42, who made $10 an hour working for a local disability service provider, took her back home, telling the family the doctor had said she was to be OK. 11px;

Not sure how to feel about the part of that sentence, the family went to sleep. and went to check on Eden, who because of her condition slept in a crib in their room. In the darkness, however, he could see she wasn breathing, and he screamed in panic.

Thinking an ambulance would take too long, and telling himself it wasn too late that it couldn be too late he carried her downstairs. He drove to Wheeling Hospital, came to a fast stop, and ran inside with her.

Hours later, after the doctors had come and gone, after everything had happened, he pulled out his phone. god, he wrote on Facebook. need a friend so bad.

Their daughter was gone, but the worrying was just beginning.

Although the Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention does not collect data on flu hospitalizations and deaths by income, recent research has begun to show influenza does not attack all demographics equally. People who livein low income communities are not only only more likely to contract influenza and end up in the hospital, but are also more likely to experience symptoms resulting in intensive care unit admissions and even death.

One study, published in 2016 in the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, found that a neighborhood poverty rate was deeply associated with the effects of the flu across all regions, races and ages. Another study, this one rooted in Tennessee, determined that poverty was related to the influenza hospitalization rate, as well as its prognosticators: female headed households, neighborhood density, and crowded housing. Then a third study, published last November, confirmed the findings. (Continued below.)


SCHOOL SHOOTING: Two shot to death at CMU.

POWER OUT: Thousands await restoration of electricity after snow storm.

COURT: Wrong way driver on I 75 to be sentenced.

FAMILY: Woman charged in armed robbery of her grandparents.

GUNS IN SCHOOLS: Cops and educators sound off. There are hypotheses: The poor often have a lower baseline of health and usually live in more crowded homes and neighborhoods. Research has also shown they are less likely to get flu shots, which, for children on Medicaid, are funded through a government program called Vaccines for Children. For adults in some states, including West Virginia, the shot is covered by Medicaid. But the decision to skip the flu vaccine, experts say, appears to be as much about the difficult realities of poverty as it is about access to vaccines and health care.

hear from a lot of families that, wish I could have come sooner, but I was afraid I would lose my job, said Marcee White, a doctor with Children National Health System, who treats patients in the poorest parts of Washington. a true fear of families living in poverty taking that time off, especially when you have influenza, which can be a long illness. said Tameka Stettler, whose 3 year old granddaughter in Muncie, Ind., died last week of the flu. The family had been on food stamps and Medicaid, and since the girl death, Stettler had begun thinking that she had received inadequate medical care because she was poor. How else to explain what had happened? The child was fine days ago. Now she was gone?

It a question that still haunts Rebecca Hendricks, even three years after Scarlet death. Her life had then been chaotic. Their family had just spent eight months in a motel, living on food stamps, insured by Medicaid, and Hendricks had recently started her first job in what seemed like forever. She didn think about flu vaccinations because she had so much going on, because she wanted to succeed at her job, because why would she ever worry about the flu? She didn know anyone who ever gone to the hospital for it, let alone died of it.

Scarlet, 5, was sent home from kindergarten on a Wednesday. Thursday, they were racing from the car to the door of Hendricks dentist. Friday, she went into the hospital. Three hours later, she was dead.

The guilt, the shame, the powerlessness all of it led her to start a grass roots group called the End Fluenza Project and to seek out mothers like herself, one of whom she found at the end of January, living on the other side of the country, in a poor neighborhood, in a poor town, in a poor state.
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(AP) A South Carolina mayor says a researcher who worked with the water crisis in Michigan doesn need to test the his town drinking water even though he already found lead pollution at some homes.

Denmark Mayor Gerald Wright tells the State newspaper in Columbia that the testing isn necessary because state environmental officials have declared the water is safe.

But Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards has found lead pollution in the tap water of some homes in Denmark and wants to do further testing. He says he can access the wells without permission.

Edwards is credited with confirming the crisis of lead in the water supply in Flint, Michigan. He tested the water in some Denmark homes in response to complaints from residents of the town of about 3,300.

TechTown business incubator program to get grant extension

DETROIT (AP) Grant funding is being extended for a program in Detroit that supports a business startup accelerator for students.

TechTown Detroit Technology Exchange Business Incubator will receive a $250,000 extension. The funding is part of more than $1.7 million in extensions approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The TechTown program also supports an entrepreneur in residence placement program and integrated ecosystem services.

Automation Alley 7Cs program will get $500,000 in extensions. The program is aimed at accelerating the growth of small businesses and startups across Michigan, with a specific emphasis on advanced manufacturing startups.

The rest will go to the Gatekeeper Business Incubator grant for Lawrence Technological University and the 2015 and 2016 Business Incubator Gatekeeper grants for a number of SmartZones across the state.

Great Lakes art exhibition debuts at Grand Rapids museum

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) The past,
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present and future forces shaping the Great Lakes will be explored in a new exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

The Great Lakes Cycle debuts Saturday at the western Michigan museum. It the work of New York based artist Alexis Rockman.

The exhibition is anchored by five six foot by 12 foot panoramic paintings featuring themes Rockman developed during Great Lakes expeditions. It also features six large watercolors and monochrome field drawings based on his travel and research.

Rockman says in a release he aims to tell a story that compelling call for action on behalf of this natural treasure. Michigan University professors have developed online educational materials in conjunction with the exhibit.

The exhibition runs through April 29. Afterward, it travels to other cities, including Flint, Chicago and Cleveland.

Judge considers case of 4 potbellied pigs in Michigan homeYPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) A family is fighting for the right to keep their four potbellied pigs in their southeast Michigan rental home.

The Ann Arbor News reports that Ypsilanti resident Stephanie Rowland went to court earlier this month to fight a citation that called for her to remove the pigs from her home. A neighbor filed a complaint about the animals in August.

The city ordinance prohibits livestock.

Rowland must prove to District Judge Kirk W. Tabbey that the animals are for emotional support and that her family qualifies for reasonable accommodation through the Fair Housing Act. Rowland says one of the pigs is trained to respond to seizures and low blood sugar.


After an ESPN report detailed various allegations involving Spartans football and basketball players, Dantonio addressed reporters Friday night.

Dantonio says accusations of my handling of any complaints of sexual assault individually are completely false. The coach also says each incident mentioned in the report was documented by either police or the university Title IX office.
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mulberry handbags outlet uk CA State Senator emphasizes legislation in wake of possible ICE sweeps

mens wallet with money clip CA State Senator emphasizes legislation in wake of possible ICE sweeps

California State Sen. Nancy Skinner, D Berkeley, emphasized SB 54 and AB 450 in a press release Thursday in the wake of growing threats of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE,in the Bay Area.

SB 54 prohibits state and local police from aiding ICE in against suspected undocumented immigrants, unless such individuals have committed certain serious crimes.

AB 450 prohibits employers from sharing employee information without a subpoena. The bill also denies ICE workplace access in the absence of a judicial warrant.

“They have been very clear both ICE and Homeland Security that California is in the crosshairs, but how much increased enforcement and where has been a question for all of us,” Skinner said.

The chance of ICE raids occuring is “very likely,” Skinner said. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D California, said she has received information about a planned sweep.

Councilmember Kate Harrison also acknowledged the possibility of ICE raids in the Bay Area, specifically in workplaces, in an email to District 4. Harrison reminded community members of Berkeley’s Sanctuary City Task Force, which is formulating a “response plan.” Harrison also attached links to the English and Spanish versions of the city’s “Know Your Rights” guide.

Harrison advised business owners to contact the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership, or ACILEP, hotline if they suspect ICE is in the area. ACILEP will verify ICE’s presence and dispatch an attorney and “legal observer” to aid and protect employees, according to the email.

Harrison declined to comment on the matter.

According to campus law professor Leti Volpp, although California is a “sanctuary state,” SB 54 cannot prohibit ICE from conducting raids. Volpp added that AB 450, however, could stall the process of workplace raids by requiring subpoenas and warrants.

“What SB 54 does is reduce what the Trump administration refers to as ‘force multipliers,’ meaning the deployment of state and local law enforcement as ICE agents,” Volpp said in an email.

Skinner said that in the event that an employer violates AB 450 by aiding ICE without obtaining a warrant or subpoena, they may face a fine up to $10,000. This penalty will be reinforced by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office, according to Skinner.

SB 54 applies not only to local law enforcement, but also to local government agencies and public schools, Skinner said. The purpose of the bill, according to Skinner, is to ensure public safety and prevent California from aiding federal agencies.

“Im confident that at least in our area in the East Bay that we are pretty united in being clear that we do not welcome this aggressive action against our immigrant residents and hardworking families,” Skinner said.
mulberry handbags outlet uk CA State Senator emphasizes legislation in wake of possible ICE sweeps

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mulberry cardholder but landslide predictions have stopped

Due to a sharp decrease in how quickly 20 acres are accelerating down Rattlesnake Ridge, officials say it’s difficult to predict when the impending landslide will happen.

“We’ve pretty much taken the end date off the table; it’s too hard to predict when it will occur,” said Joe Smilie, a spokesman with the state Department of Natural Resources.

Late last year, officials predicted the landslide could occur by mid January. That estimate was later revised to sometime in early March. Officials now say the slide which is moving at a rate of 1.7 feet per week hasn’t stopped moving, but it isn’t gaining speed, an action that can indicate a landslide is growing more imminent.

Some 55 local, state, federal and Yakama tribal agencies are monitoring the slide, working to mitigate potential impacts and developing different response plans for a variety of scenarios. Those scenarios range from a slump that would see most of the landslide stopped at an inactive quarry on the south side of the ridge to a massive slide that closes Interstate 82 and dams the Yakima River.

On Tuesday, rocks continued falling into the Anderson quarry at the base of the ridge, where experts say most of the 4 million cubic yards of rock and soil will land.

Most quarries receive some rockfall, Smilie said, but the Anderson quarry has seen a significant increase over the last few months. He said anywhere from a few cubic yards to 20 cubic yards of rocks have fallen, ranging in size from tennis to soccer balls.

Despite some rain and snow in the forecast for the next week, officials at the Yakima County Office of Emergency Management say the weather won’t have an impact on the landslide’s movement.

“The only thing affecting it is gravity,” Smilie said.

Meanwhile, emergency officials have turned over videos taken earlier this month to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office for possible charges against a number of people seen scrambling around massive cracks that have opened up above the quarry.

If identified, the people could face $10,000 in fines and a year in jail for trespassing, said sheriff’s office chief criminal deputy Bob Udell.

Inslee’s office has declined to issue a declaration, saying it wasn’t warranted. But the statement said both Inslee’s and Newhouse’s offices were monitoring the situation and were prepared to take action.

“We spoke this week and are ready to mobilize the state and federal resources and proclamations necessary to assist impacted communities and infrastructure, in the moment they can be most impactful and responsive to the community,” the statement said.
Discount mulberry roxanne discontinued Outlet but landslide predictions have stopped

mini lily California to Become a Sanctuary State

Discount mulberry brand Outlet California to Become a Sanctuary State

state a sanctuary state for immigrants who do not have legal residency.

The measure would ban police from asking for the immigration status of people who have been arrested. It also would limit police cooperation with immigration officers.

The governor of Illinois signed a bill last month protecting people from being detained simply because of their immigration status or because they are the subject of an immigration related warrant. as children. But for Capitol Hill lawmakers, whose yes or no votes hinge on specifics, the deal was far from done.

Trump said Thursday morning that he was “fairly close” to a deal with congressional leaders on a permanent legislative fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in return for “massive border security.”

Democrats broadly favor granting legal residence or citizenship to the DACA recipients. Republicans broadly favor more stringent border security. The question is whether they can find common ground for an agreement that does both.

Negotiating DACA votes

There already are multiple bills that would provide a legislative fix for the DACA program from the DREAM Act, a bill House Democrats say is necessary because it provides a pathway to citizenship, to the RAISE Act, a more conservative option put forth by Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo of Florida and favored by many other members of his party.

The DREAM Act will be a tough sell for many Republicans, who say it grants amnesty to undocumented immigrants. In an approach that would be consistent with Republican versions of DACA legislation, Trump told reporters Thursday afternoon, “We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here.”

“That’s a nonstarter,” Representative Dave Brat, a Republican from Virginia who is part of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said of DREAM Act legislation. “In terms of what? What package? We don’t have a package yet, so we don’t know.”

Representative Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said the DREAM Act had too many legislative hurdles to overcome and that there were other compassionate options.

Meadows said he wasn’t alarmed by reports Trump was close to a deal with Democratic leaders.

“It takes a majority of the GOP conference to pass any bill. To my knowledge, there’s been no deal that’s been struck between [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer, [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi and the president,” Meadows said. “At the same time, I can tell you we’re working in a bicameral way to try to find a reasonable solution on DACA and other immigration related issues.”

Republicans left to wonder

But Trump’s discussions with Democrats left many Republicans wondering whether they would have the White House’s cooperation for their solutions.

“Typically, a president of our party would work with our party on a proposal that we would be supportive of, so we’re learning now how he wants to operate,” Representative Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas who chairs the Rules Committee, told reporters. “The president engaged, but I don’t know that we’ve seen the president’s plan.”

Sessions added that he needed to know what “the president is offering as a suggestion before I know that I’m for it or against it.”

Trump risks losing more conservative members of the Republican Congress, who say a DACA deal with Democrats would alienate voters attracted to his tough stance on immigration issues.

“If that’s blown up here in these negotiations, whether it’s his intent or not, they’re not going to have a leg to stand on against others when defending our president,” said Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa.

Later Thursday, Trump responded to King’s criticism, saying he would only go through with a deal if “we get extreme security, if we get not only surveillance but everything that goes along with surveillance. And ultimately we have to have the wall.”Schumer and Pelosi face challenges from within their own caucus for negotiating with Trump as well. The differing interpretations of their meeting left many House Democrats wondering whether their leadership could trust the president in negotiations.

“I’m sure they gave it their all and I’m sure that that’s their interpretation,” Representative Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois and an outspoken defender of DACA recipients, said of the progress after the Wednesday night meeting. “But with Donald Trump, the only interpretation that’s really meaningful, it’s his, and then you have to put it on the clock to see how long it lasts.”

Representative Linda Sanchez, a Democrat from California who is vice chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said Schumer and Pelosi had insisted on the DREAM Act as part of negotiations, “not something that’s a half measure, like the Curbelo bill.”
mini lily California to Become a Sanctuary State

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mulberry continental wallet Cyber Monday but was found on ‘The Bachelor’

(CNN) If you watch “The Bachelor,” you know Rebekah Martinez. She’s the free spirit with the pixie cut who established great chemistry with the former race car driver looking for true love.She has so far managed to appear on five of this season’s episodes of the long running, wildly popular TV show while simultaneously occupying a spot on the missing persons list in Humboldt County, California.It’s unclear how this happened, but it’s known that “Bachelor” contestants can only say so much about their involvement in the show.Bad communications helped, too. CNN has not been able to reach Martinez for comment.The official story: Martinez’s mother said her daughter called November 12, using a friend’s cell phone, and said “she was going to work on a marijuana farm and would see her in seven to eight days,” says a news release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.Martinez’s mother filed the missing person report November 18, and deputies tried unsuccessfully to reach her, the release said. The case was turned over to the criminal investigations division.In mid December, a deputy asked the mother if she’d heard from her daughter, the news release said, and the mother said yes, that Martinez had called her November 18 the day the missing person report was filed and was heading home. But the deputy was unable to make direct contact with the Martinez, so she remained listed as “missing.”During part of the time she was officially missing, Martinez was working on “The Bachelor.” ABC’s romance reality TV show,
Discount mulberry outlet bicester village Outlet but was found on 'The Bachelor'
now in its 22nd season, was filmed in September, October and November of 2017, ABC spokeswoman Courtney Kugel said.Going by Bekah M, Martinez appeared on weekly episodes that aired January 1 29. One of the season’s most dramatic moments occurred when she dined privately with the bachelor himself, former race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr., and revealed her true age, 22 to Luyendyk’s 36, according to the Washington Post recap.Meanwhile, back in California, the North Coast Journal ran a story Thursday headlined, “The Humboldt 35,” about the high number of missing people in Humboldt County, with pictures of those missing. A reader called the sheriff’s office and told them she’d seen one of those missing people alive and well on “The Bachelor,” the news release said.The sheriff’s office contacted the mother again, who said Martinez really had tried to contact the sheriff’s office back in December but couldn’t get through to a deputy, the news release said.
Discount mulberry outlet bicester village Outlet but was found on 'The Bachelor'

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Discount mulberry at selfridges Outlet Business Derivatives Penny Stocks India

Market Live: Sensex, Nifty continue to trade higher amid consolidationThinking where to invest? These 3 sectors could hog limelight in 2018Focus must be on earnings recovery; staying away from pharma: BOBCAPSShould you bet on large cap or mid cap stock for better returns in current market?Top 20 FII heavy stocks which rose up to 200% in 2017 saw up to 60% cut in 2018Use pullback rallies to exit longs;
Discount mulberry fabrics Outlet Business Derivatives Penny Stocks India
4 stocks which could give up to 9% returnGTL Infra falls 20% after company says tenancies may fall sharply on Aircel bankruptcyHG Infra Engineering shares slip after debuts at Rs 271.50Banks must focus on capacity building, service than money, says Bandhan Bank Chief in wake of PNB fraudTo make further provision for NCLT accounts in Q4FY18;
Discount mulberry fabrics Outlet Business Derivatives Penny Stocks India
long term PPAs a problem: SBIRenuka Sugars VC MD Narendra Murkumbi resignsDomestic aviation market sees 41st consecutive month of double digit traffic growthDilip Buildcon bags Rs 770 crore road project from NHAIREITS can open doors of opportunities for developers and investors in IndiaNews Live: HC grants interim protection to Karti against ED arrest in INX Media caseGST council to decide on rollout of e way bill on Saturday5 things you must know before investing in mutual fund ELSS for saving taxHow to file Income Tax Returns online in 5 simple steps

bag shop online Cabello files bill that would limit city governments with home r

Discount mulberry mila Outlet Cabello files bill that would limit city governments with home r

ROCKFORD (WREX) “I would like our legislators focusing on how to fix the state’s dysfunction instead of meddling in the local municipalities,” said Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara.A bill introduced by Republican Representative John Cabello would restrict local governments that have home rule from imposing any new taxes or levies without first getting referendum approval.And it’s not the first time Cabello has proposed the idea. He says he originally drafted the bill in 2014, during Mayor Larry Morrissey’s time in office.”I didn’t necessarily trust the administration to do the right things when it came to taxations. That’s why I filed this bill the way it is, dubbing it home rule light,” said Cabello.While Cabello says this filling has nothing to do with the current administration, he will continue with the bill on behalf of taxpayers.”My job is to be a steward of the taxpayers dollars,
bag shop online Cabello files bill that would limit city governments with home r
and if I see that we can find ways to make sure they’re protected,” said Cabello. “That’s what I’m going to do.”However, that idea is not sitting well with Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara who’s working to bring home rule back to the city.”I think we have put safeguards in place, so I think we’ve led by example, and I would like him to lead by example and propose legislation to the state,” said McNamara.
bag shop online Cabello files bill that would limit city governments with home r