small mulberry bags After losing homes in the Thomas Fire

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Her name was MissPink, and shewas perched in her usual spot in the front yard the night the family fled as flames approached from thecanyon behind them.

And she was there the next day, singed but still standing,when Zaid and his two daughterscame back to find their house a heap of concrete, rubble and countless screws. Christmas lights straddled the mailbox.

Zaid called his wife. He broke the news.

“MissPink’s feathers are a little ruffled, but guess what she’s looking for a new home,” he said.

Losing the Ventura home they moved into almost 40 years ago was hard. Really hard.

Finding out their insurance won’t come near to covering the cost of rebuilding has begun to feel like anequally devastating blow.

Standing recently on dirt and next to slabs of old wall and roof that used to be home, Zaid said it has been a three step process working with State Farm, his insurer.

“Stage 1 is the friendly stage. Stage 2 is the ‘Who said that? I’m not quite sure. Let me check on it,'” he said. “Stage 3 is the ‘no’ step. ‘No, no, no.’ Then you’ve got yourselves a battle.”

If the Thomas Fire is like other recent major disasters in Southern California, most who lost homes will soon learn their insurance money won’t go nearly as far as they thought. By how much depends on an individual policy, but hundreds of people could end upin the position of not being able to rebuild without significant out of pocket spending. Or, as in the case of Zaid, not without a fight.

Underinsured more often than notUnited Policyholders hosted a workshop this week geared at educating homeowners on their insurance policies. (Photo: CONTRIBUTED IMAGE/UNITED POLICYHOLDERS)

There are many reasons a person may be underinsured, but many of the problemsstem fromthe complicated ways the policies are written in the first place, said Amy Bach,co founder and executive director of United Policyholders, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group.

“When the wrapping comes off the box,there you are with the product, and it turns out it’s nothing like it’s advertised,” Bach said. “It’s a cold, hard, legal contract that was written by lawyers to protect the insurance companies’ interests.”

The group advocates for clearer policies that disclose what adequate coverage,
small mulberry bags After losing homes in the Thomas Fire
to include rebuilding the same structure to current code, would cost.

“They should at least go in with eyes open,” Bach said.

A State Farm spokesperson said the company is focused on working with its customers through the recovery process.

“While we cannot discuss claim specifics with third parties for customer privacy reasons, I can tell you that we are currently actively working on this claim,” regional State Farm spokesperson Sevag Sarkissian wrote in an email.

In general, coverage amountsare selected by customers, who are advised to check their policiesannually and make any necessary changes, he said. Sarkissian said once a policyholder receives an estimate from State Farm after a loss, they can counter with their own estimates. homes are underinsured by 20 percent, according to CoreLogic, an Irvine based company that provides data to most major home insurers.

In Ventura County’s expensive housing market, that difference could mean big dollars. The owner of a $900,000 Ondulando home in that scenario, for example, would need $180,000 to rebuild.

More: Thomas Fire sweeps through Ondulando neighborhood in Ventura County

Because insurance can be complex, the best practice is to get a local qualified agent who knows area building rules and regulations, said Chase Fiscus, CEO of Fiscus Commercial Insurance Services in Simi Valley.

“Not all insurance policies are created equal,” he said. “It’s really important when you’re hiring an insurance professional they know what they’re doing and are familiar with local code and changes that affect replacement costs.”

Fiscus no longer offers residential insurance, in part because so many people were going online to get insurance. That has arguably led to a further disconnect in what a policy actually offers and what a person thinks it does, he and others said.
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small mulberry bags After losing homes in the Thomas Fire