mulberry wash bag adult son in custody after stabbing in Salt Lake City

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mulberry outlet york online shop adult son in custody after stabbing in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY A man is dead and his adult son is in custody after a stabbing in Salt Lake City Saturday.

Lt. Victor Siebeneck, Salt Lake City Police, said a 54 year old man was killed during an argument with his adult son. The son has been taken into custody.

Police have not yet released the name of the deceased or the son.

“The suspect was taken into custody, we have witnesses at the police station,” Siebeneck said. “Our detectives are currently investigating the incident that occurred.”

A man who lives in the neighborhood, Kirill Bryanin, said he was surprised to see this much commotion in that section of Sugar House.

“I was inside, heard a fire truck. Usually, they pass by. This one stopped right in front of the house,” Bryanin said. “We went outside to see what’s going on. Shortly after, we saw a ton of cop cars come screeching to the house, followed by some crime scene tape.”

Other neighbors told FOX 13 they were not sure who lived in the home and if they were renting. One mentioned seeing PODS meant for moving out front of the home recently,
mulberry wash bag adult son in custody after stabbing in Salt Lake City
but never saw who moved in. Neighbors said they did see, however, a 5 year old child leaving the home after the incident happened.

Siebeneck confirmed other family members, including the 5 year old child, were present during the altercation. There were no injuries reported beyond the fatality.

Dispatch officials stated a stabbing occurred, but no further details about the incident were immediately available. Police on scene would not confirm this information, other than saying that a weapon was involved.
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mulberry wash bag adult son in custody after stabbing in Salt Lake City
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