mulberry tassel bag Affordable housing units coming to Richmond

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The units are intended to house low to moderate income residents as well as adults with mental health challenges.

“This will make an enormous difference in the lives of those living with mental health issues to have access to community, hope and a future that is rich with purpose and respect,” said Dave MacDonald, Pathways executive director in a statement.

The province will contribute $12 million in cash and $10.4 million in financing while the city will be contributing $2.2 million in cash and providing the land, which is valued at $5.8 million.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the project is reflective of the city’s Affordable Housing Strategy, which aims to leverage development fees to create partnerships with senior governments and non profit housing providers.

The apartment will be immediately west of the bridge, built between existing townhouses and apartments. A new elementary school will soon be constructed immediately south of the building, at Dover Park.

The land is considered the last undeveloped remnants of city owned land from the historic Brighouse Estates. To the east, across No. 2 Road, is the River Green luxury condo development and Richmond Olympic Oval.

“We held back this parcel specifically for future affordable housing use. The future is now,” explained city spokesperson Ted Townsend, by email.

The provincial funds, announced in April, came from a $500 million fund for affordable housing announced in 2016 by the BC Liberal government.

Pathways already owns and operates the 24 unit townhouse complex Alexandra Court. It provides subsidies for some individuals and works alongside BC Housing with others in a “rent geared to income” program.

Its office and clubhouse will soon move from Elmbridge Way to a new one at Storeys, a new outlet for social service agencies in Richmond on Granville Avenue.
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mulberry tassel bag Affordable housing units coming to Richmond