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How to prevent allergies this season

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) Sniffles, sneezes, watery eyes it’s that time of year again. Allergy season is upon us. It has many keeping a close eye on the pollen count. For many, allergies hit us the moment we step outside. With pollen levels changing every day, air quality experts use high tech equipment to track it.

“This is our pollen sampler. We have had this now for we have two of them we’ve had these for about 14, 15 years, now,” said Albuquerque Quality Assurance Officer Dan Gates.

He says the sites for samplers are carefully selected and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Each of the pollen sampler heads costs around $2,000, but Gates says that’s relatively cheap for air quality equipment.

See Today’s Air QualityHere’s how they work: Gates explains the samplers move in the wind, catching air, dust, dirt and pollen through an inlet. He says the armature moves up over the course of 24 hours, collecting pollen on a slide. The slide is covered with a thin grease to make the pollen stick. From there, experts take the slide back to their office to stain the pollen a light pink color. That way, they can identify the pollen among other debris.

Gates says what turns up in the sampler has a lot to do with weather conditions.

“Sometimes you have this fluctuation throughout the season depending on the pollen, depending on where the rain occurs. It also depends on the wind, too. So, if the wind was coming from the west and the pollen sampler was pulling all the cottonwood, you’re probably going to see more cottonwood. If it was coming from the north or the east, we’ll probably see more juniper,” Gates explained.

Lately, the city’s seen higher numbers for juniper. Yet, if you’re suffering from allergies, it doesn’t necessarily mean juniper’s to blame.

“This is not guesswork. You can’t just look at this and say cottonwood was high today, I fell bad today, cottonwood’s my problem,” said Gates.

Gates says you might be surprised by what you’re allergic to.

Take this scenario you’re suffering from allergies, so you check the pollen count to see what’s in the air. Juniper is at medium but all the other counts for cottonwood, ash and mulberry are low. Juniper must be your culprit, right? Not necessarily.

Gates says you can’t determine what you’re allergic to by the pollen count. He says your best option is to see a doctor to find out exactly what’s bugging you. Plus, he says you could be affected before the pollen even shows up in their count.

“Typically, I have people contacting me before the season starts, that something’s bothering them. So, people that are sensitive to certain pollens will typically be affected by the pollen before we see it on our sampler,” said Gates.
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Discount mulberry purses Outlet advise residents on allergies