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“I ain’t got nothing to say,” Butler told reporters.

Bill Belichick didn’t provide much clarity after the game on why Butler was benched. The cornerback was dressed and appeared to be ready to play during the game. He did play on special teams.

Butler was fighting an illness early in the week that forced him to the hospital, but he was over it by game time. Belichick said it was a football decision and that the illness wasn’t a factor when asked about his benching.

“No. He’s healthy,” the coach said.

When asked if it was a disciplinary decision, Belichick said, “No.”

Belichick was also asked what he saw with the Eagles that made him think Eric Rowe would be a better fit to start.

“We put the players out there and the game plan out there that we thought would be the best tonight, like we always do,” Belichick said.

Butler’s defensive teammates didn’t have answers, either. Rowe, his replacement, said he didn’t know he’d be starting until kickoff, and he empathized with Butler when told that he was in tears on the sideline at one point.

“He’s a really emotional guy,” Rowe said. “That’s just how his character is. He has a lot of passion for the game. It’s not often you go to the Super Bowl., so he’s blessed to go three our four times. I feel for him.”

Stephon Gilmore wasn’t sure why Butler was benched,
Discount mulberry purse selfridges Outlet after benching in Super Bowl loss
telling reporters to ask the coaches.

“He’s a great player, you know,” Gilmore said. “I want everybody to play, he’s a scrappy player so he could have helped us, maybe? I don’t know. That’s how the game goes sometimes.”

Duron Harmon said despite the benching, Butler handled the situation well during the game.

“He did a good job of staying in tune the whole time, cheering his teammates on, so a lot of respect to Malcolm for being a great teammate today,” Harmon said.

Devin McCourty also seemed to feel for Butler.

“The guy has played a lot of football, so to not be out there I’m sure crushed him,” McCourty said. “We all want to be out there, we all want to play, so I know Malc, he’s super competitive. He wants to be out there, so I’m not surprised he was emotional.”
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Discount mulberry purse selfridges Outlet after benching in Super Bowl loss