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Kristi Cundiff is a foster mom and Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents CEO. She was one of roughly two dozen people invited to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s residence to meet new Department of Child Services Director Terry Stigdon.

The meeting took place the same day a bill focusing on the rights of foster parents passed the state senate. Cundiff says this is a moment she and other foster families have been waiting for and she is pleased it passed unanimously. The bill now moves to the house.

Cundiffs says Governor Holcomb is doing what he promised in his State of the State Address by being a part of the conversation a facilitating a meeting among stakeholders.

She was also impressed with Stigdon.

“I like her. I’m very excited that she comes with the compassion piece. She was the director at Riley Hospital and so she saw firsthand what abuse and neglect does for children.”
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Discount mulberry heart keyring Outlet after meeting new DCS director