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When Andrew Ryan took down Frank Fontaine, he nationalized the mobster’s business assets and took control of the Little Wonders facility. Though he originally shut down the orphanages, Ryan saw the necessity for the ADAM production process, and eventually chose to employ the girls as a marketing device. Ryan rebranded the Little Wonders Educational Facilities as a finishing school for young girls. Here the Slug implanted children were maintained and supervised, and wore face paint in order to hide their identities from their parents and the public. The two story facility is located just off the Main Hall, connected via a glass tunnel. The upper level entrance is under the watchful eye of a Security Camera which will spot Jack the moment the doors open. The entrance on the lower floor is even less advisable.

Because of the serious nature of the conversion process, security was tight in Little Wonders. In addition to the turrets, the Security Monitoring Room also has several rounds of Electric Buck, a Shotgun, and a Bot Shutdown Panel. Even in Rapture’s chaos, the facility was still tightly guarded. A Thuggish Splicer patrols the lower floor, while a Wintry Houdini Splicer walks the upper catwalks.

Many of the educational posters in this area are simply painted over versions of Fontaine Futuristics posters, a sign of the hasty conversion. Looking closely at the surface of the posters under good lighting will show the raised letters of the words “Fontaine Futuristics.” A Health Station and a Circus of Values Vending Machine are on the lower level.

Little Sister RoomsEdit

A light in the darkness.

The central part of the bottom level contains six cells made up to look like little girls’ rooms. Each cell has a heavy reinforced door that can only be opened with a mechanized switch, several of which are inoperable. Each door has a small slot at the bottom for sliding food in to the occupant, and each cell is labeled with a number to help the scientists keep track of their subjects.

The inside of each cell is decorated in pink and contains a bed and toys to keep the Little Sisters occupied. There are also posters placed to remind the Little Sisters what their job is, showing pictures of “angels” (corpses), the Little Sister Vents, and themselves walking hand in hand with their Big Daddy protectors. Many of the rooms also feature drawings left by the little girls revealing the sad lives the children lived. These sketches subjects include dead dogs, doodles of “Mr. Bubbles,” and two tombstones labeled “Mommy” and “Daddy,” with teddy bears placed underneath. One room even contains the body of an unfortunate Splicer with numerous ADAM extraction needles sticking out of him, suggesting that this Splicer was killed by the Little Sisters carrying out their job too well.

In room number five, a wintry Houdini Splicer examines a Pheromone Sample by a teddy bear. Another one can be found on the table in room number seven.

The seventh room on the bottom level served as a conditioning chamber. In addition to the education posters, there is a Skinner Box style training machine. This was designed to decrease the little girl’s longing for their mothers, and recondition them to feel trust toward their Big Daddy protectors. This simple machine featured two video screens, one showing the silhouette of a woman, and the other showing the silhouette of a Big Daddy.

On the second level above the cells is a walkway with desks and filing cabinets used by the caretakers and scientists researching the Little Sisters. The scientists could look down over the open top of every cell room to monitor each Little Sister.

A final room, farthest from the entrance, was the facility where the little girls were operated on to implant the Sea Slugs in their bellies and turn them into Little Sisters. Yi Suchong was the primary surgeon in these procedures. This room also contains a storage area with many Little Sister dresses laying in a pile. Here Jack sees the ghost of a Little Sister who begs “Papa Suchong” not to put her on the operating table. When a girl outlived her usefulness, she was finished off in here.
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