bayswater handbag Local brands that improve communities and power their economies

mulberry discount code Cyber Monday Local brands that improve communities and power their economies

Local Media is not just the anchor of our company but an anchor in the communities we serve from coast to coast.

Every day, Scripps engages large local audiences with the news and information they need to make decisions for their lives. What makes Scripps special is the context and depth of our storytelling.

Today, it is easier than ever to find us. Our local news programs are available on virtual home assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, on set top box services such as Roku and on over the top video providers such as YouTubeTV. And of course, we broadcast our local news brands over the air and through cable and satellite.

It is our advertising solutions that power the local economy. We create ad campaigns to broaden businesses’ reach and build their customer bases. We provide advertising strategy for all the platforms on which consumers now get our news from broadcast to digital to over the top. We are a marketplace, and we are a partner in local commerce.

In the decades since we received our first FCC license in 1947, our stations have earned many Murrows, duPonts, Peabodys, Scripps Howard Awards and other prestigious journalism industry awards. But what’s most important is that we have stayed focused on a higher purpose: to improve the circumstances of our communities and the lives of those who call them home.

Our local brands include 34 radio stations and 33 television stations (see below).

Properties by market

Today, Scripps owns 33 television stations in 24 markets from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico. Our market sizes range from DMA 11 Tampa to 192 Twin Falls, Idaho. We have 14 stations in top 40 markets. This geographic scope offers a wide range of careers at every level as well as significant opportunities for professional growth and development. We are affiliated with the big four national networks and several smaller networks. Our stations focus on empowering the people who live in our communities.

The List

The List is the Emmy Award winning show featuring everything trending in social media in the form of a list. It is hosted by Kristina Guerrero, Donna Ruko and Jared Cotter. The List Weekend show includes host Teresa Strasser. There’s the news and then there’s The List.

The List is in its fifth season and is available in 45 markets, eight in the Nielsen Top 20. The show is airing across the day on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates.
bayswater handbag Local brands that improve communities and power their economies