mulberry purses cheap Bigger ideas in play for Sullivan City Pool

Discount mulberry pouches Outlet Bigger ideas in play for Sullivan City Pool

Brandon Knoepfle is the co founder of the Acorn Grill in Sullivan. He says business is good now, but could be even better in the future.

Knoepfle says, “We hope to see more, more tourists in the area more families visiting the area. A bigger draw to Sullivan. Letting people experience what Sullivan has to offer.

Knoepfle is hopeful because of talks to re vamp the Sullivan City Pool. Instead of more cosmetic, or structural fixes, some ideas would upgrade the pool’s current use entirely.

Knoepfle says, “A lot of people would like to see morning recreation for seniors. A lot of people want to see space for birthday parties for the younger children or a convention space for holding events and meetings. Some want to see an indoor complex, some want to keep it outdoor. Others want to see the sports complex side of it. Definitely a lot of recreational activities.”

The Sullivan City Park Board is open to any and all ideas. That’s why it’s holding public input meetings.

Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb says, “We want to do something, whether that’s a city pool that’s open 60 days out of the year due to school. If the public decides to go a different direction and not compete with Marshall, Illinois, and Robinson, Illinois, and Vincennes, Indiana, that have spent millions of dollars investing in their pool for that sixty day window, then we’re in.”

Lamb adds that Sullivan County residents should come share their ideas too.

The Mayor says, “Sullivan City Pool has been servicing the entire county, that’s Sullivan County families, Sullivan County youth, Sullivan County senior citizens, for 54 years now.”

Besides being a resident and businessman, Knoepfle is also a dad. That’s why he got involved in the city pool discussion, and urges others to do the same.

Knoepfle says, “I don’t want my daughter to have this conversation when she’s 25 or 30 years old. If she decides to stay in Sullivan, I want to get these problems and solutions fixed now.”
mulberry purses cheap Bigger ideas in play for Sullivan City Pool