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The hackathon, a popular event during last year’s Innovation week, takes place on Saturday, Feb. 24 and Sunday, Feb. 25 at Douglas College.

Children and youth are invited to get into the act on Saturday, Feb. 24 and enjoy free workshops and demonstrations at the youth centre.

Other events taking place during innovation week include: a public art tours (Saturday, Feb. 24); a non profit town hall on the theme of “innovating your non profit” and featuring a dialogue on diversity and inclusion (Monday, Feb. 26); a New West business and tech meetup (Monday, Feb. 26 ); an Innovation Forum put on by the Office for Small and Medium Enterprise, Public Services and Procurement Canada (Tuesday, Feb. 27); an Intelligent New West: A Smart Cities Dialogue (Wednesday, Feb. 28); a business expo (Wednesday, Feb. 28); a meeting of the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission, which makes recommendation to TransLink’s board of directors and Livable Cities event focusing on the theme of movement and mobility (Thursday, March 1); and Inspiration Day at Century House (Saturday, March 3).

Mayor Jonathan Cote said work being done in the city is about “putting New Westminster on the map” and showing the city is open to a new knowledge based economy and supports a climate of innovation. He said Innovation Week builds on the work the city’s been doing with the Intelligent City initiative, which is attempting to foster innovation among residents, businesses and institutions.

Coun. Bill Harper said the biggest gain from last year’s Innovation Week was the partnerships the city was able to establish through the event. That included connections with organizations like the federal government and tech groups.

“When you really look at it that’s the basic principle behind why are we doing it and what is the benefit,” he said. “The real benefit is we have already had some pretty important tech hubs move into the city in a way that fortresses our economy and jobs. This is all a part of that integrated strategy. This has done a tremendous job.”.
Discount discount mulberry Outlet New West set to celebrate Innovation Week