mulberry poppy New Westminster principal one of the most ‘outstanding’ in Canada

alexa handbag New Westminster principal one of the most ‘outstanding’ in Canada

“It’s definitely humbling,” Tyler said in a school district press release. “It’s an honour to be recognized, but it speaks to my team and the teachers’ willingness to create flexibility for meeting the different needs of our students on their individual pathways to success.”

Tyler, who became principal of New Westminster Secondary School in July 2016, was nominated by a group of teachers from the high school, including teacher librarian Lorena Jones.

Tyler was recognized by the Learning Partnership’s national selection committee, which includes leaders from government,
mulberry poppy New Westminster principal one of the most 'outstanding' in Canada
business and education. Nominees chosen demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and have a proven ability to find creative solutions and opportunities for students, according to a Learning Partnership press release.

Tyler’s work restructuring New Westminster Secondary School’s learning support services to engage all students in improved opportunities for learning helped earn him the award, noted the release.

“(Tyler) champions digital learning as part of 21st century competencies. NWSS now boasts a Learning Commons, makerspaces, 3D printers, and several hundred laptops in order to better support the effective implementation of the revised provincial curriculum. (Tyler) leads by example, integrating technology into practice as a model for enhancing the learning environment,
mulberry poppy New Westminster principal one of the most 'outstanding' in Canada
” read the release.

Tyler will be officially recognized alongside the other honourees at a gala in Toronto later this month. The winners will also take part in a five day executive leadership training program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

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The hackathon, a popular event during last year’s Innovation week, takes place on Saturday, Feb. 24 and Sunday, Feb. 25 at Douglas College.

Children and youth are invited to get into the act on Saturday, Feb. 24 and enjoy free workshops and demonstrations at the youth centre.

Other events taking place during innovation week include: a public art tours (Saturday, Feb. 24); a non profit town hall on the theme of “innovating your non profit” and featuring a dialogue on diversity and inclusion (Monday, Feb. 26); a New West business and tech meetup (Monday, Feb. 26 ); an Innovation Forum put on by the Office for Small and Medium Enterprise, Public Services and Procurement Canada (Tuesday, Feb. 27); an Intelligent New West: A Smart Cities Dialogue (Wednesday, Feb. 28); a business expo (Wednesday, Feb. 28); a meeting of the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission, which makes recommendation to TransLink’s board of directors and Livable Cities event focusing on the theme of movement and mobility (Thursday, March 1); and Inspiration Day at Century House (Saturday, March 3).

Mayor Jonathan Cote said work being done in the city is about “putting New Westminster on the map” and showing the city is open to a new knowledge based economy and supports a climate of innovation. He said Innovation Week builds on the work the city’s been doing with the Intelligent City initiative, which is attempting to foster innovation among residents, businesses and institutions.

Coun. Bill Harper said the biggest gain from last year’s Innovation Week was the partnerships the city was able to establish through the event. That included connections with organizations like the federal government and tech groups.

“When you really look at it that’s the basic principle behind why are we doing it and what is the benefit,” he said. “The real benefit is we have already had some pretty important tech hubs move into the city in a way that fortresses our economy and jobs. This is all a part of that integrated strategy. This has done a tremendous job.”.
Discount discount mulberry Outlet New West set to celebrate Innovation Week

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Volkswagen’s new up! GTI isn’t the groundbreaking revolution that the original Golf GTI was 40 or so years ago. It was probably never going to be.With the founding of Apple computers, the first Sex Pistols single and a major heatwave, 1976 was a significant year. But for car lovers the big event was the launch of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the spirit of that original hot hatch lives on in the new up! GTI.On paper and in the flesh, the quick version of VW’s smallest car looks eerily reminiscent of the Golf. But is it in the same league as the legendary original? To find out, we’ve tried it over some of the greatest British B roads, in Wales. Best superminis on saleThe up! GTI really looks the part. The traditional VW GTI add ons are present, from the red strips in the bumpers to the GTI badges front and rear.On the open road,
Discount paper mulberry Outlet New Volkswagen up
too, that engine is your abiding memory of the up! GTI. The slick gearbox helps, too, and it’s great fun working your way up and down the gears to keep the engine spinning. Truth is, while the up! GTI is pretty nimble, its handling isn’t quite as sharp as today’s best hot hatches. When you’re pushing, the car is softer than you might expect, with more body roll.On the other hand,
Discount paper mulberry Outlet New Volkswagen up
that does mean this is a car you can use every day fun whether you’re nipping to the shops or flying along a mountain road.

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What’s not to like about a small, Golf sized Volkswagen SUV? Well, two things actually: the hard plastics on the dash and the price with the two intrinsically linked. That aside, the T Roc is a stylish car that’s great to drive, a nice size and with plenty of tech on board. But those plastics are very un VW like, while the prices are a bit too Audi like.Volkswagen, of course, has had plenty on its mind recently, but with theSUVbandwagon showing no signs of slowing, there’s still plenty of time to jump on. And jump on Volkswagen has with theT Roc, a car that’s also supposed to usher in a new level of emotion among the brand’s cars.Best crossovers on sale right nowNow your, our and Volkswagen’s definition of emotion will probably vary, but in this case it means a small SUV that features some cute design touches like LED daytime running lights that surround what look like lower air intakes beneath the main headlights. They double up as indicators, switching colours between white and amber.There are also some of the sharpest creases along the flanks and across the bonnet that you’ll see (they’re hugely difficult to engineer, apparently), and what Volkswagen calls a Bi Colour option with four different roof colours to mix and match with eleven main body colours. Oh, and you can also choose splashes of colour across the dash and on the seats. For Volkswagen, this is emotion turned up to eleven.The proportions of the T Roc are already familiar, with the same wheelbase asAudi’sQ2(T Roc’s in house rival) but overall length just a smidge longer. To our eyes, the T Roc is slightly the more attractive of the two and we haven’t said that about a VW and Audi match up for a while.Underneath is the ubiquitous MQB platform, opening up the T Roc to the usual array of engines, safety kit, connectivity and autonomous tech you’ll find elsewhere in the group. The T Roc doesn’t lead on any of those scores, but it packages it all up nicely and makes it easy to use.Also easy to understand are the engine choices: three petrol and two diesel, with 114, 148 and 188bhp options on the petrol side in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 litre sized or 114 and 148bhp choices for the 1.6 and two 2.0 litre diesels.For our first test we’ve been given the range topping petrol, which, until the rumoured 300bhpT Roc Rturns up, is as hot as it gets. And it’s not bad with 0 62mph gone in a claimed 7.2 seconds. You’re better off having the drive mode set to sport to achieve that the combination of engine, DSG gearbox and 4motion four wheel drive means acceleration is a little hesitant in normal mode.Of the available drive modes,
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there’s also eco for obvious reasons, but we’d delve into the individual setting where you can choose sport mode to improved shifts and throttle response, the same to sharpen the steering slightly (not that it’s overly slack in comfort, just more, well, comfortable) but leave the suspension in comfort.The sport setting will leave you wincing slightly over the worst jolts in the road (although our car was on optional 19 inch wheels), but comfort is more pliant, while still keeping you in touch with the state of the surface it’s a nice blend of luxury and control.With its compact proportions, darty performance and nicely judged ride, the T Roc is a great companion around town. It’s easy to judge where the four corners are, visibility is good and all the controls easy to use. It looks good as you catch a reflection in shop windows, too.Things are pretty quiet on a cruise although our test car suffered a bit of noise as air rushes around the big mirrors and bashes on the side window. That has to be put in context with the silence from pretty much everything else, though.The T Roc also does the family stuff pretty much as well as a Golf, if not a touch better with slightly raised seating positions all round. A six foot tall passenger can sit behind a six foot tall driver in comfort, while the boot offering 445 litres (versus 380 litres in a Golf) is a nice square shape with a level loading lip.Given our experience with the Q2, we’d be intrigued to try the T Roc with the 114bhp 1.0 litre three cylinder engine it might just be the pick of the range (although you can’t get it with an auto box) especially when it comes down to price.The range will start at 20,425 for a 1.0 litre car. Our 2.0 litre Sport model with its healthy smattering of tech on board including an excellent eight inch touchscreen, digital Active Display in front of the driver, Dynamic Chassis Control with adaptive dampers, plus those upgraded wheels, Beats audio system (recommended for impressive detail and punch) and tech like adaptive cruise and self parking is expected to retail at (take a seat) over 35,000. Ouch.And here comes an even bigger surprise Much as the T Roc is built well, touch the dash or door tops and you’ll find a hard plastic that produces a hollow tap when you knock it rather than the expected dull thud from a soft touch dash. Horror upon horrors; you get better interior quality in aPolo. For a while we thought we’d stepped into aSkoda.Volkswagen says it’s on par with rivals and that people in its customer clinics didn’t mind. But when the range could get close to 40,000 with options, we do. Let’s hope this isn’t the sign of things to come from Volkswagen.At the lower end of the price range, that quality issue won’t matter quite so much, but aPeugeot 2008interior (and arguably exterior) is much nicer as are others. For many, though, the idea of a small, sexy SUV from Volkswagen will be enough for them to sign on the dotted line and we wouldn’t blame them one bit.
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Expensive and overstyled, the VXR8 GTS R will always be an acquired taste, but if thundering V8 saloons are your thing then they don’t come much more intriguing than Vauxhall’s latest supercharged monster. And while the price is high, its last man standing status and limited production run should make it quite collectable too.Some say, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. If that’s true, then many of us will feel a pang of regret when the 15 UK bound Vauxhall VXR8 GTS Rs have all found homes. They’ll be the last interpretations of Holden’s venerable Commodore, with General Motors shutting down the Australian factory this month.The VXR8 has long been a loveable anachronism, and this latest version, with its Chevrolet sourced 6.2 litre LSA V8 and six speed manual transmission, is the most anachronistic of the lot. The supercharged block, also found in the US market Cadillac CTS V and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, develops 586bhp in this form. That puts it well into Mercedes AMG E63 and BMW M5 territory, while a torque output of 740Nm is nothing to be sniffed at, either. Best performance cars 2017You also get a large and practical four door body, with ample rear cabin space and an enormous boot. Power is delivered to the rear wheels alone, with only some Continental rubber and the combined efforts of traction and stability control systems to keep you pointing in the right direction. Magnetic Ride Control dampers can be adjusted between Touring, Sport, Performance and Track modes and, controlled via the Driver Preference Dial on the centre console, you can also tweak the behaviour of the stability control, traction control, power steering and exhaust valves.Image 2 of 12Most notable over the standard GTS, are the changes to the steering and the exhaust note, and both are at their best in Performance and Track modes. In Touring and Sport the steering can feel a little too light for a car as large and muscular as the VXR8, which chips away at your confidence, while the fruitier exhaust note gives the GTS R a soundtrack more intense than any of its rivals.Making the most of this aural accompaniment does mean pressing the throttle pedal for longer periods than you might wish to entertain on public roads, as the GTS R also thunders up to high speeds very quickly indeed. It’s a real rush, and the change in tone as the needle passes 4,000rpm a distinct click, followed by a NASCAR style blare and an increasing rush through the adjacent scenery is utterly addictive.Thankfully, the brakes are mighty, and the chassis is more than capable of handling all this power, even if your license isn’t. The GTS R gets 20 inch wheels as standard, which are nine inches wide at the front axle and 10 inches wide at the rear, with 255/35 R20 tyres up front and 275/35 R20 astern. The magnetic suspension keeps those tyres on the road too, feeling surprisingly pliant even on broken surfaces, which has the welcome side effect of making the VXR8 a relaxed long distance tourer too.We’d like a little more steering feel, but on dry roads you’re unlikely to run out of grip unless you’ve overcooked it. And with all that torque, there’s always the potential for oversteer, of course, but most of the time the huge traction will help fire you out of corners and up the next straight before you’ve had time to blink.It’s very expensive and the cabin is a bit naff, true, while there’s huge tyre noise and the exterior styling is a bit try hard, but Australia’s final brutish saloon has a big heart and even greater appeal.
small leather purses on sale New Vauxhall VXR8 GTS

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By Scott Reynolds(LOUISVILLE, November 12th, 2004) Expectant parents often wonder what their newborn will look like. But it doesn have to be a mystery any longer if they get one of the new high tech ultrasounds. It called the 3D 4D Ultrasound, designed by GE. WAVE 3 Scott Reynolds reports on the amazing images it able to deliver.Once they find out it available, most moms and dads can wait to see the 3D 4D of their unborn baby.For years, ultrasound could provide only grainy, black white pictures of the tiny life inside their womb. So you still had to wait until the child was born to really get a good look.But not anymore, thanks to GE 3D 4D Ultrasound. And it like having a color photo of your baby. Dr. Michelle Johnson, and her husband, Scott, say the pictures they got from the ultrasound of their baby look like the newborn photo they sent to relatives of their first child.That how clear the image is, and it emotionally stunning to parents and grandparents who see it.Dr. Ann Clark with Women First in Louisville says the 3D 4D pictures are so amazing that her practice bought a second machine.And I can personally attest to the lifelike quality because a couple of months ago,
Discount 2nd hand mulberry bags Outlet New Ultrasound Device Delivers Lifelike Photos
my wife and I saw the ultrasound pictures of our new twins, and even then we knew that Matthew looked like his older brother, Connor, and Logan looked just like the baby pictures of his older brother, Tyler.The 3D 4D machine also allows the baby picture to be rotated, and often you can catch a shot with the eyes open a real eye opener for expecting moms and dads.The 3D 4D machines also get extensive use at crisis pregnancy centers, which try to convince women to give birth. They find that the vivid pictures often convince women to change their mind about abortion.And the machines also help during gynecological exams, providing information about polyps and fibroids.Online Reporter: Scott ReynoldsOnline Producer: Michael DeverFriday funeral set for slain Indiana sheriff’s deputyFriday funeral set for slain Indiana sheriff’s deputyPosted: Tuesday, March 6 2018 6:15 PM EST2018 03 06 23:15:05 GMTDeputy Jacob Pickett. (Source: Boone County Sheriff’s Office)Deputy Jacob Pickett. (Source: Boone County Sheriff’s Office)The funeral for a slain central Indiana sheriff’s deputy is set for Friday in his hometown.The funeral for a slain central Indiana sheriff’s deputy is set for Friday in his hometown.Home sales surge in Portland, Shawnee neighborhoodsHome sales surge in Portland, Shawnee neighborhoodsUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 8:09 PM EST2018 03 10 01:09:59 GMTHome sales in area code 40212 had a 44% increase in 2017 versus 2016. (Source: WAVE 3 News)Members of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors report selling 44% more homes in area code 40212 in 2017 than in 2016. Area code 40212 includes the Portland and Shawnee neighborhoods.Members of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors report selling 44% more homes in area code 40212 in 2017 than in 2016. Area code 40212 includes the Portland and Shawnee neighborhoods.Capital Plaza Tower set for demolitionCapital Plaza Tower set for demolitionUpdated: Friday,
Discount 2nd hand mulberry bags Outlet New Ultrasound Device Delivers Lifelike Photos
March 9 2018 7:00 PM EST2018 03 10 00:00:29 GMTCrews were busy Friday preparing the Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort for demolition. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

outlet store york New tax law means changes for your 2018 taxes

mulberry tree norwich New tax law means changes for your 2018 taxes

lot of it depends on what you make for the most part he says. lot of people are going to have to really rely on their accountants and CPA experts, professionals to give them some guidance in that regard. you make less than $100,000 a year, you can expect to pay less in taxes throughout the year, but still get a comparable refund to this years.

this year to next year the biggest difference is going to be the withholding in paychecks for most people who are employees says Larose. probably see a little more in their paycheck every week because of the reduced tax rate. The Tax Policy Center estimated 80 percent of taxpayers would see a tax cut in 2018, and 4.8% would see a tax increase.

The temporary tax breaks run out in 2027, if the breaks are not extended your taxes could go back up in 10 years.
outlet store york New tax law means changes for your 2018 taxes

mulberry classic bags New tax bill may affect your paycheck as soon as February

house of fraiser bags New tax bill may affect your paycheck as soon as February

“Everyone will be impacted by the taxes changes that took place, it’s just how,” says Heather Fuller, a Tax Expert with H Block. “Since that entire system is being changed we may easily see an increase in what you’re bringing home every week or a slight decrease in what you’re bringing home depending on how you have your withholdings statement, which is called a W4, filled out with your employer.”

So let’s start with what’s the same. There will still be seven tax brackets, but the income tax rates have been lowered. Another big change is standard deductions. Filing this year, an individual will have a standard $6,350 deduction next year that nearly doubles to $12,000. It goes from $12,
mulberry classic bags New tax bill may affect your paycheck as soon as February
700 to $24,000 dollars for joint filers.

RELATED: Decoding GOP tax plan for MN families

Also disappearing? The $4,050 personal exemption that was allowed for yourself, your spouse and each of your children.

“A married couple or even a single person with four or five exemptions on their W4 currently and that those exemptions are the reason they’re not having a significant portion taken out of their paycheck that’s definitely going to be impacted. They would potentially see less in their paychecks because that was where they were getting the majority of their savings, the money coming into their paycheck, versus being held out for taxes they would need to hold more out because those exemptions no longer exist.”

What’s important to remember, “each tax return is like a snowflake, they’re all unique,” says Fuller, so we won’t know the impacts until each person looks at their full financial picture.

The bottom line that taxpayers and preparers are all waiting for is the “Withholdings Chart” from the IRS,
mulberry classic bags New tax bill may affect your paycheck as soon as February
which will determine how each of our withholdings are affected. That chart is expected to be realized by the IRS in February.

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Discount mulberry somerset Outlet New Study Places Illinois in Top Ten Places to Drive

“I’ve been to a lot of other interstates and towns and everything and they don’t know how to drive half of them don’t Indiana is alright, they’ve got good drivers, it’s just that a lot of people don’t go by the law you know” he says.

Gagen says he wasn’t surprised to learn Illinois was recently ranked in the top ten best states to drive in during a recent study. The study was conducted by financial website WalletHub taking into account traffic delays, gas prices, and road conditions. Area drivers say road conditions are usually better in Indiana but gas prices can go either way.

“When the gas prices in indiana go down we go down and when they go up we go up.” Gagen says.

Gagen says he was actually surprised Illinois was ranked at 10.

“10? I figured we would be in the top 5 or 4 you know up in there because we’ve got some of the best roads in Illinois and the interstate is starting to deteriorate” he says.

Indiana was ranked 15th in the study. Additionally WalletHub ranked Illinois in the top five states with the most auto repair shops per capita. Indiana was in the top five for lowest auto maintenence costs per capita.
Discount mulberry at bicester village Outlet New Study Places Illinois in Top Ten Places to Drive

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Discount shepton mallet mulberry Outlet New specialty hospital slated for Beachwood

Cleveland’s competitive East Side suburbs will soon see a new hospital, but its developers say it won’t look or feel anything like one.

A team of more than 20 independent doctors have come together with a single vision: a specialty hospital for doctors who want to showcase their skills, believe in a patient centered culture and are looking for a “beautiful place where they can add value and improve our quality,” said John Lin, CEO of Premier Physicians and the concept developer for Manna Isle Ohio, which will develop the yet to be named hospital in Beachwood.

Under construction at the corner of Richmond Road and Chagrin Boulevard, the for profit, full service hospital will specialize in orthopedics, urology, general surgery and gastrointestinal procedures. The hospital, slated to cost between $50 million and $60 million and open in late 2018 or early 2019, will be built for hospitality and comfort in collaboration with Aurora based luxury inn and spa Walden.

It’s the latest in a series of bold moves by independent docs in the region a group that has seen its ranks thin considerably in recent years as the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals acquired several independent practices. In late July, Premier Physicians and Jubilee Healthcare, which does business as NorthShore Healthcare, announced they would merge into a single independent group.

“We want to have the top doctors in a beautiful facility where the patients come first, and they’re treated like the most important people in the facility,” Lin said.

Lin and Dr. Reuben Gobezie, a local physician who’s started various practices, shared the idea of a specialty hospital a facility focused on certain service lines in the hopes of what they say will improve outcomes, lower costs and improve patient experience. Soon thereafter, Rob Rosencrans, managing partner of Walden, joined the team, bringing his perspective on customer service, environment and aesthetic. Walden a AAA rated, 5 Diamond inn will manage the patient experience and design interiors.

“Just because it’s health care doesn’t mean it can’t feel good,” said Rosencrans during an interview in one of the Walden’s suites that feels more like an upscale studio apartment than a hotel.

The hope is to draw inspiration from the zen like luxury of the Walden, Lin said. It offers the feel of a very comfortable, beautifully designed home, but is not over the top, he said.

“You hire health care architects to design a hospital, they’re going to design you a nice glass box or a nice concrete, sterile box,” he said. “Although that can look really elegant and really nice and really expensive, it wasn’t the home feel that we wanted, and it didn’t reflect our personalities.”

Staffed with 150 to 200 employees, the 69,800 square foot, inpatient hospital will have 25 patient beds, six to eight operating rooms and 24 hour emergency room services. Areas of the two story building at 25501 Chagrin Blvd. in Beachwood include the ER, radiology, surgery,
Discount mulberry mitzy messenger Outlet New specialty hospital slated for Beachwood
physical therapy and a patient care wing. Hasenstab Architects of Akron is the architect of the facility, which will have a facade to match that of the adjacent building.

The developer, Manna Isle Ohio, will own the hospital, while the physicians will manage it.

Although the hospital could remain independent, Lin said they are considering a plan to partner with a health care system that shares their values.

Doctors specialize in nose, bones, heart, eyes, lungs and on and on. But the facilities in which they practice aren’t specialized, Lin notes.

“And we don’t really understand why that’s not the case,” he said.

From the person who brings a patient to their room to the nurses to the surgeon and team to the person who cleans the instruments after an operation, everyone is specialized in that field, Gobezie said. The efficiencies and competencies that come with that repetitive work help to define a specialty hospital, he said.

“We’re never going to do everything and do it all really well,” Lin said. “The only way for us to do something better than anyone is if we specialize in the things that we’re good at.”

Right now, the hospital’s specialized services are based on the expertise of the physicians who are on board, but Lin said those could expand as they find other top specialists.

As word gets out about the project and as the building continues to go up, Lin wouldn’t be surprised to see the more than 20 physicians involved double by the time they open.

With University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center down the road and Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest just a few miles away, the East Side suburbs certainly aren’t facing a shortage of capacity.

Allan Baumgarten, a Minnesota based health care consultant who studies the Ohio market, said he’s not surprised to hear that the hospital is slated for Beachwood.

These types of developments are often in areas with higher median household incomes and good employer group insurance coverage. Beachwood’s median household income, for example, sits at $84,219, making it the 19th wealthiest suburb in Northeast Ohio, according to a recent Crain’s ranking based on census data.

Beachwood, Lin said, made sense for both its location that’s centralized for where doctors live and work, and for the demand he sees from the community.

The hospital will be able to treat all patients, but will not hesitate to send them to a facility that has better expertise in an area. Lin said he sees the other hospitals in the market as partners, and expects the specialty hospital will be sending patients to them.

“If we are not the best to take care of them, we will send them across the street to facilities that can,” Lin said. “There are a lot of other able hospitals in our market.”

The high end, hotel like experience shouldn’t cost patients more, Lin said. Indeed, he expects the smaller facility and specialization to reduce costs.

In theory, a hospital that aims to deliver higher quality services at lower costs should do well in the market. But with the fee for service model that hospitals still in many ways operate in today, there can be some challenges in being able to work with payers and commercial insurance companies a roadblock that has come up for specialty hospitals and other models in the past, Baumgarten said.

“Opening hospitals is not for the faint of heart,” Baumgarten said. “There are a lot of things that can go wrong.”

Lin said the new hospital will accept Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance coverage.

Lin and Gobezie are confident that they can carve out a space in the market for a specialized hospital through referrals and the networks of the doctors behind the project.
Discount mulberry mitzy messenger Outlet New specialty hospital slated for Beachwood