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An “all star” cast of elected officials from Cowlitz County assembled on the steps of the state capitol building in Olympia Tuesday holding signs protesting what they view as a state Department of Ecology run amok.

The group included all three legislators representing the 19th Legislative District, a Cowlitz County commissioner, the mayor of Longview and a Longview City Council member. Industry representatives and local labor leaders also were present.

Port of Longview Commissioner Jeff Wilson, who organized the event, said it was the first time he can remember such a broad group of county leaders coalescing on the capitol’s steps.

“When’s the last time so many local leaders actually demonstrated against a state agency?” he said in an interview. “We believe Ecology has run rogue.”

Wilson said the demonstration was not in specific response to any of the agency’s rulings, although companies seeking permits for fossil fuel projects have suffered a string of setbacks from state regulators in recent months.

Ecology denied Millennium Bulk Terminals a key water quality permit for its proposed $680 million Longview coal terminal in September. Meanwhile, the state shoreline hearings board reversed two key permits for Northwest Innovation Work’s $1.8 billion methanol plant in Kalama the same month.

The two projects together would create more than 300 family wage jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenues, but they’ve been bitterly fought by environmentalists and some concerned citizens.

Millennium has named Ecology as a defendant in a handful of lawsuits, while Northwest Innovation is voluntarily working with the Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County to conduct a supplemental environmental impact statement about its project’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Pacific Coast Fertilizer is also scheduled to begin a draft environmental impact statement for a proposed ammonia fertilizer plant at the Mint Farm Industrial Park in Longview.

Wilson said the protest, staged over the course of a few hours Tuesday afternoon, was just the start of a broader dialogue local leaders wish to start about reforming the agency.

Wilson said he doesn’t expect to see changes occur during the Legislature’s short 60 day session, but expects legislative action next year.

State Rep. Jim Walsh, R Aberdeen, held a sign that said “Ecology Gone Too Far” on Tuesday. He’s said in past interviews that he supports legislation that would limit the agency to providing research and data to policy makers, as opposed to allowing Ecology to create and implement policy itself.

State Rep. Brian Blake, D Aberdeen, offered a similar sentiment Tuesday in a press release.

“My hope is that someday permit decisions will be based on science and law,” he said.

Ecology has suffered its own setbacks recently.

In December, a Thurston County Superior Court Judge held that the agency cannot regulate suppliers of natural gas and petroleum products a key part of Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to use the Clean Air Rule to reduce statewide carbon emissions.

Ecology could not be contacted Tuesday evening for comment.

The only good thing here is that we have a photographic record of all of the soft bodied, round headed, snowmanoidal, untrustworthy and industry influenced two bit, short sighted, money grubbing, wouldbe politicians whose collective deranged mentality wants to trade all of our natural beauty and pristinity for 30 Shekels from the filthiest and most conscienceless industries and offshore sociopaths. Thanks guys but both science and morality ‘trump’ your mindless trumpiness that would turn beautiful Longview into Newark, New Joisey. That side is called “dirtyside” in CB lingo for a reason. These self important stooges can see nothing but themselves while claiming that bringing poison to our area and to the entire stretch of the raw material supply chain is a ‘benefit’ to us all while calculating how much they and their cronies can suck for themselves out of this full scale industrialization of southwest Washington. This picture and caption identifying these miscreants should be on every refrigerator door in our area so we know who we should trust and who will sell us out as soon as someone waves money at them. I was watching an interview of a prominent and very wealthy man who was honest in one thing. The interviewer asked “Would you consider yourself to be a moral person?” The man hesitated for whole seconds and then he said, “Well., let’s just say I’m a businessman.” These are ‘businessmen’ and business has its own ‘morality’: Take anything you can take from whomever you can take it. They want our clean air, our clean water, and our clean consciences that we are doing our best to not completely crap all over and destroy our own nest to make others rich. These guys don’t care. They’ve got rich friends (until this waiting debacle finally is put to its well deserved end). Thanks Washington environmental custodians for putting us who live here first, an evermore rare choice in our national decline.

Yeah. Why don’t you tell that to all of the Texans who drowned this year in record breaking tropical storms. Tell it to the Californians who burned to death in fires caused by record breaking droughts. Tell it to the Portlanders who lived through Tianjin levels of smoke caused pollution when their backyard burned to the ground.

The evidence is right in front of you. You cannot ignore something like this and expect it to resolve itself. Do you really think something/someone like God will save us when these disasters truly get out of control?

Harvey’s death toll was less than 100, that I could find. Survivors can claim they lived thru a 300 year storm. Fed flooding for insurance only considers 100 year storms, I believe. California’s policy is to leave dead fall in the forests. It’s cheaper that way. ‘Ventura’ means wind, and in the LA area that means big winds in the fall. Every year. Smart people adjust for this, and their homes were (generally) spared due to fireproof roofs and expansively cleared yard surrounding home, with reservoir of water like a swimming pool or a pond. After these storms replacement structures are allowed to be constructed from wood frame and wood products. This would be a good time to consider replacing with concrete dome homes (constructed by inflating balloon and spraying concrete over it, then deflating balloon when concrete hardens).

Cowlitz County has always been “resource based”, mainly on timber and, in the early days, fish. Overfishing has nearly ruined that side of the equation as has overcutting threatened the timber side. Longview residents live in a hole and we are subject to temperature inversions several times a year contribution to smoggy, foul smelling air and until the Washington DOE exercised some muscle polluted water and nasty smog from local industries. We do not need any more sources of pollution from hydrocarbon based activities. The biggest coal users in the world China and India are rapidly developing solar, wind and hydropower as the air in that part of the world is hardly breathable. Costs for infrastructure to support those “job creators” will far exceed any benefit derived from the few jobs provided and put our environment at further risk. They are neither necessary or needed.
bag shop online Cowlitz leaders rally in Olympia