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During this time he studied many alternative healing practices trying to find a process that would release the pain in his body. His inventive spirit began to rise again. With chronic pain beginning to slow him down he started looking for a healing process to relieve his pain because the doctors could not find anything wrong with his back, legs and shoulders other than stiffness and compressed disc’s in his back. Being unable to find an alternative therapy process to heal his pain which was now constant 24/7 his intuitive nature had a major breakthrough when he bought a computer in 1982. Our mind is a networking computer. Knowing this did not provide the answer immediately.

After studying Kinesiology with Dr., John He developed a process that will get to the bottom of any dysfunction and reveal the base cause and core issues along with all the activators, catalysts and triggers that cause pain, illness, disease, frustration with relationships and lack of success at any task we approach in life.

When the student is ready the teacher appears. In the same year he met two more mentors who gave him the keys to healing the body, yet the final solution was years away. When he bought his first a computer this was the final key he was looking for. Our body is our mind controlled by software programs created by our mind. His search on how to release the dysfunctional programs lead him to Acupuncture and Acupressure. Two modalities that seemed to release pain, yet they did not go far enough. What he discovered was that the software was triggered by holding the acupuncture points. His intuitive nature was activated again. “If you hold the points and say an affirmation at the same time the pain would be released and the software creating the dysfunctional program would be deleted and erased. In practice this proved out to be the case. Art found a new a healing modality which he called body/mind structural rebalancing. In a few years he changed the name to Neuro/Cellular Repatterning. Recently many people have described it as Psycho Acupuncture because we are using both the principles of Psychology and Acupuncture in the modality.

With his approach to health and wellness Art has healed his body of all the ailments and pain with the help of the practitioners he trained in his process of Energy Medicine which he developed over the last twenty five years.

In 1996 he met an inventor who was interested in the work of Nicola Tesla. In studying Tesla’s work he had a intuitive brainstorm about a unit that would relieve stress and tension we face each day. His friend dropped out of the project so he began a search for a computer electronics person who would be willing to help him build some prototype units he was describing as a Harmonizer which would block stress and EMF radiation. He succeeded in accomplishing this task in 1996. In the following years he noticed that the effect was not as strong as it had been in the past. Research was showing that the Schumann or earth resonance was rising and tension and stress were increasing. He began his search for a new frequency that would be the perfect frequency for the body.

At 72 years of age you would think he would be slowing down, yet he keeps a pace similar to a person half his age. When he was checked medically by a doctor three years ago the doctor claimed he was physically equivalent to a thirty seven year old. Most people today have a biological age five to twenty years older than their chronological age, yet Dr. Martin has reversed his age. He attributes much of his superior health to the StressBlocker. Of course one must eat right and exercise too, which he does. He is consumes of very strict diet of vegetables seafood, poultry, fruit and grains. He is not a vegetarian, but he does not consume any animal meat.

On the Family front he has been married to Susie for 42 years. Quite an accomplishment for a person in the Psychological field. They have two offspring 32 and 38. They have never had a serious illness in their life.
mulberry outlet bags Art Martin Ph