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Dmv Denies Church Vanity Plates

By Daily Press staff reports June 19, 1992

Just because a Catholic lay group was able to have special vanity license plates doesn’t mean the United Methodist Church can have them, the Department of Motor Vehicles said. DMV spokeswoman Jeanne Chenault said Wednesday the department had issued 250 plates in 1990 to the Knights of Columbus, mistakenly believing the group was a fraternal one such as the Masons. One of the goals of the 110 year old Catholic lay group is converting non Catholics to the faith. The department had reversed an earlier agreement with the United Methodist Church to produce specialty license plates for the denomination.

ARTICLES BY DATEDont Tread on Me license plates in high demand in Virginia

February 8, 2014

A Virginia license plate based on a historic 18th century flag has become one of the top 10 vanity plates available in the commonwealth. As of the end of January, more than 24,500 plates have been sold for passenger vehicles, and more than 1,100 are on motorcycles.

License Plates Don’t Appeal To My Vanity

By TONY GABRIELE Daily Press January 25, 2001

All the stuff in the news about Virginia’s specialty license plates plates for Confederate Sons, for NASCAR fans,
mulberry bags ebay uk Articles about Vanity
for all the other associations, alumni groups, etc., in Creation kind of leaves me cold, I must admit. I’ve never really grasped the point of displaying these plates. Inform everyone that they are being considered for a Cabinet position. They will immediately pay the money they have been cheating from the Internal Revenue Service, plus interest and penalties. Judging from recent events, this should go a long way toward paying our national debt. Alan Fletcher Newport News Personalized plates Reference the Jan. 30 article “Your driving vanity may be getting more expensive”: It looks like our Virginia government wants to squeeze its people for more money during these hard economic times.

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mulberry bags ebay uk Articles about Vanity