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Raincoat with removable lining is classic menswear

By Lois Fenton February 13, 1992

QI was looking for a raincoat recently, and noticed that they still sell raincoats with removable linings. It struck me as a good investment. Examples such as blazer suits (navy blue suits with brass buttons) and reversible vests come to mind. But a raincoat with a removable lining is one of the most established classic items a man can own. Burberrys, the Rolls Royce of raincoats, makes a variety of coats in different cuts, weights and fabrics including the raglan sleeve single breasted, fly front model and the weatherproof double breasted trench coat designed for British officers in what the company refers to as the “14 18 War” (World War I)

ARTICLES BY DATEDispatch from the land of boring weather

By Meghan Daum November 5, 2012

When it comes to the relationship between Southern Californians and massive storms like Sandy, the conventional wisdom is that such weather (“such” meaning the kind not commonly found in Southern California) can give rise to just a tiny bit of gloating. Think of it as stormenfreude. Were it a real word, “stormenfreude” might be defined as this: “Pleasure taken by those in temperate climates at the suffering of those in less temperate climates,
mulberry bag brown Articles about Raincoat
especially in the wake of a storm that causes said temperate climate inhabitants to justify all the other miserable things about their region by asking, ‘Why would anyone live there?Londontown to close city factory Firm seeks union concessions to keep open raincoat plants in Boonsboro and Va. A phone call from my daughter’s school, and instantly the father’s mind goes to Dark Foreboding, but no this is her teacher calling to say that the child scored 96 on the spelling test. The child’s instant reward is the phone call home and the words of praise. She sits at her desk pretending not to listen, basking in the acclaim. Well done. Writing is an act of paying attention, and if you don’t care about the difference between “their” and “there” or “needle” and “noodle,” then I am sorry for you. The teacher’s praise of my child is a large moment in the day. I live with fear, as any parent does. Times News Service March 20, 1991

There was a time, a mere generation or so ago,
mulberry bag brown Articles about Raincoat
when spring meant a new go to meeting blue coat and a straw hat trimmed with flowers. announced yesterday the appointment of a top menswear executive at Calvin Klein Inc.