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Verizon has agreed in a letter of intent to sell its bridge at the northern end of the Bark Park to the city for $100,000, which YMCA officials will present to the City Council at the Feb. 7 meeting. The program, which culminates during every December’s First Thursdays Art Walk, just celebrated its 12th year. The council declined to purchase a bridge from Verizon that would have allowed access at the northern end of the Bark Park for skateboarders. ?

By BARBARA DIAMOND February 23, 2007

The New Year seems an appropriate time to wonder “Whatever happened to fill in the blank?” For instance: What ever happened to plans for a skateboard park in Laguna that would rival the YMCA’s prototype Encinitas facility? After getting the run around for years and spending considerable money, the YMCA will probably not even be involved in a downsized proposal that attorney Larry Nokes and architect Marshall Ininns are developing. “We disagree with the proposed ‘institutional’ zoning,” said Greenbelt Inc. President Elizabeth Brown. “ACT V is a buffer area for all of the greenbelt, the (Laguna Coast Wilderness) park and the Nature Reserve. Zoning should allow for only low impact intermittent uses. Institutional zoning allows for uses, which are too urban and intense for this parcel.”Sounding Off: Skateboarding is way of life

By Roger Carter August 19, 2010

john lewis mulberry sale Articles about Skateboard Park
pray if you like, love, walk and skateboard. Laguna Beach is more than a “skateboard park. ” It is a skateboard heaven. The whole town is up and down, and people have been skateboarding here from the beginning when a skateboard was a piece of wood with a pair of old skates screwed on the front and back. Certainly we need some good ideas in relation to safety on the really steep hills, but a ban will never work.

August 13, 2004

Running a city is complicated. There are so many priorities, so many points of view and so little money. What to do when a controversial issue arises and the decision has potentially long term affects on many people? Well, if you’re in Laguna, you’d create a task force, of course. Or a committee, which will do just as well. Sometimes,
john lewis mulberry sale Articles about Skateboard Park
there’s even a committee ready to go when a problem arises.