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Golden Girls Has Changes

Tribune Media Services, February 17, 1992

Bea Arthur is sticking to her guns and wont be along for the ride when the reconstituted Golden Girls complete with a new, still undetermined title debuts next fall. Bea has been talking about moving to England after the series wraps this spring. Producer Tony Thomas has been hoping to get her to change her mind, but is now planning to proceed with the show without her. “We definitely intend to go forward with our other three actresses playing their same characters,” he says. He also says that just about everything else “is up in the air right now” with regard to the new series including whether it will remain on NBC. “Wed like to be back with the new show on Saturdays on NBC but deals have yet to be made,” says Thomas.

ARTICLES BY DATEGolden Girl: Springs Teen Tops In Taekwondo At Israel Games

By Lisa J. Alyssa Rosenberg, 17, of Coral Springs, has returned from Israel the winner of the gold medal for taekwondo at the Maccabiah Games, also called the “Jewish Olympics.” But she had a distinct advantage over her five American teammates. She was the only one in the 108 pound or under category. Among the thousands of athletes who competed in the July 12 23 events, there was only one other taekwondo competitor as tiny as she a girl from Israel. Still, the 106 pound Rosenberg pulled no punches in Jerusalem. Frances Woofenden of West Palm Beach, at 83 the oldest participant in the tournament, won the women’s 10 tricks and overall title in second day action Wednesday at Okeeheelee Park. Thelma Salmas, 72, also of West Palm Beach, won the women’s 8 tricks, jumping and overall titles. Defending champion Stan Switzer, 64, of Mulberry, won the men’s 6 tricks. But where is the buzz? Has the fashion franchise decamping from campy fun Bravo network to earnest you go girl Lifetime Channel drained all the bitchy? Blog after blog is filled with wistful posts about the good ol’ days y’know, when every episode was an intoxicating melange of Crystal slaps Alexis melodrama mixed with sudden slashes of weepy personal confessions. The fear is that Lifetime understands the Project Runway universe only through the prism of Golden Girls reruns.

Younger Women Take Cues From Golden Girls

By Stephen Battaglio New York Daily News, June 27, 2003

Pass the cheesecake the Golden Girls are hot again. Each week, 13 million viewers tune in to Lifetime to watch Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty play a group of randy, mature women living together. Viewers have plenty of chances it airs seven times each weekday. But the audience isn’t just geezers who can’t work the remote control. airing of Golden Girls attracts as many women in the 18 to 34 age group as MTV. Thomas Aquinas High School, March 6, 1992

Stop, or my mom will shoot? (Please!) The title itself leaves much to be desired, but its enough to pique the interest of the prospective moviegoer. As you sit in the theater, the comments fly: “This is going to be great,” or “I cant wait to see Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty.” Thats right; Hollywood has paired up Rambo and a Golden Girl. Stallone plays Joe Bomowski, a rough California cop with a mission in life. Statistics show that more than nine million older Americans live alone, and 80 percent are women. While most want to stay independent and in their own space, limited finances or failing health can make it difficult to keep up with household chores and maintenance.
Discount original mulberry bags sale Outlet Articles about Golden Girls