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second hand mulberry handbags Ashford Studios’ Push for Council Approval on 90 Million Extension Plans

The proposal, which will include the creation of four new film studios in Wicklow, was put on hold by the Council due to concerns raised by members of the local community.

In this statement, Two of Ashford Studios’ plans are said to be necessary to prevent a drop in revenues for the film studio.

The million expansion is expected to create up to 1,500 film and television sector jobs, with plans set to include the construction of four new 40,000sq ft. film studios. The plans also include a television studio, studio offices, a visitor centre and an expanded car park intended to include over 600 car and 100 bus spaces.

However, the Wicklow County Council put the plans for the studios extension on hold after concerns over the project were expressed by members of the Council and local community. The Council raised concerns back in July that the expansion could detract from the landscape and set undesirable precedent for similar forms of highly inappropriate development of million project have outlined the importance of the second phase of expansion, stating in the EIS report that one of the studio, which saw Ashford open its doors to History back in 2012, was no longer sustainable to host other projects alongside the large scale drama series. which is currently filming its sixth season, occupies the entire Ashford Studio space for eight months of the year leaving the studio with Periods of little to no production taking place in the subsequent four months due to time restraints on production turnarounds.

Outlining the need for the expansion, Ashford EIS Document states:

“(Phase One) is not a sustainable rhythm and activities can be rolled out in this manner,(Phase Two) Allows for constant roll out of the studios and prevents a drop in revenues of the management company and a drop in activities in the nearby town of Ashford”.

Furthermore, the EIS report argues that a decision against the proposed expansion would see Ashford Studios progress and development as a attractive film location internationally, stagnate:

“The second phase allows for continual production of film making without valley periods. The need for film studios in Ireland is increasing. The lack of production turnover in the studio has demonstrated the need to expand the current facilities”.
Discount official mulberry outlet online Outlet Ashford Studios' Push for Council Approval on 90 Million Extension Plans