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Ashoke Bijapurkar, former group president, Rediffusion DY is no more. He passed away on Wednesday, February 11 from a cardiac arrest. Bijapurkar was in his 60s and is survived by his wife, Rama Bijapurkar and daughter.

His friends and colleagues remember him as a fine gentleman, one who always upheld his values and had a great sense of humour. Born on August 15, Bijapurkar did his schooling from Hazaribagh before moving to Kolkata’s St Xavier’s College for his graduation. He finished his MBA from XLRI and went on to pursue a doctorate fellowship in marketing from IIM Ahmedabad.

“Apart from being a good student, he was a good sportsman. He was a wonderful human being. You do not get many of that make, you know. He was popular among people from all walks of life,” remembers his batch mate from IIM A, Arvind Gupta.

Bijapurkar joined Rediffusion in 1982. He quit in May 1999 as the group president.

Diwan Arun Nanda, managing director, Rediffusion Holdings, remembers him as an outstanding individual. “I knew him for over 25 years. He was extremely professional. And this is a great loss to the industry.”

Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director, Madison World, had the opportunity to work with Bijapurkar on Cadbury’s, when it was handled by Chaitra (now known as Leo Burnett). “I have known him for a very long time and this is very unfortunate. He was such a fine gentleman, gentle to the core. It is indeed shocking to hear this. I am fortunate that I got to meet him just 10 days ago at my daughter’s wedding,” says Balsara.

While at Rediffusion, he also became friends with Ogilvy’s Piyush Pandey. Pandey fondly remembers him as someone who has always wanted the best for the industry. “He was a dear friend. I am shocked and saddened. He was a thorough professional and brought Rediffusion to such heights because of his hard work. Even after he left the agency, he continued to want the best for the agency. Therefore, I know he was agency neutral. It’s certainly a loss for this industry,” says Pandey.

Bijapurkar went on to set up his own advisory services along with partner Subhas Chakravarty. Future Step Advisory Services was set up in 2003. His erstwhile partner, Subhas Chakravarty, remembers him as a noble soul.

“Of the many people I had met in the corporate life, Ashoke was one of the most noble. He had a great sense of values and was extremely well in conduct. He would never take any shortcut for personal or professional gain. An avid reader, Ashoke was interested in history and had an enviable collection of books. Winning a debate was never more important for him than making a point which he felt was correct. A lot of people can become successful in the corporate world, they can achieve success and fame, but no one can clone Ashoke’s values, his soul,” says Chakravarty.
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mulberry outlet sale Ashok Venkatramani quits ABP News Network

Discount mulberry saddle bag Outlet Ashok Venkatramani quits ABP News Network

Atideb Sarkar who was serving the Group as executive director will be replacing him as CEO.

“I took this decision as I think it’s time for me to do something new,” is what Ashok Venkatramani says after resigning as the chief executive officer of ABP News Network. “I have had a great stint but I thought this is the right time for me to move on. It’s too early to talk about my next move,” he further adds.

The news business is making headlines in India as there is a sea of movements and appointments happening in the fraternity, most recent being Venkatramani.

Venkatramani joined ABP in 2008 as CEO and continued for over eight years. Before that he worked for over 19 years with Unilever. During his stint at the FMCG major he worked on the foods and personal care business in sales, marketing and general management roles. He was the vice president and business head skincare for Unilever in India before stepping in as the CEO of ABP news network.
mulberry outlet sale Ashok Venkatramani quits ABP News Network

mulberry clutch black friday Ashley boys basketball off to best start in nearly two decades

mulberry elkington Ashley boys basketball off to best start in nearly two decades

The Bears have been playing so well in fact that there were rumblings that this year team was the best team since Pat Yelsik and company graced the floor back in 1999 and 2000, which is a statement within itself because Yelsik is a living legend in mid Michigan basketball circles and arguably one of the best pure scorers this area has ever seen.

Former Morning Sun Sports Editor Eric Herter once came back to the office from a Yelsik led victory hooting and hollering about his unorthodox shot and about how Yelsik was a one man wrecking crew. As it was Yelsik had hit a long 3 pointer and then turned towards Herter and winked, as if to say this.

And watch Herter did as Yelsik scored a dozen straight points to lead the Bears to a victory. They would go on to win the conference title that season.

Since then the Bears, who were a dominating force in the 1990s on both the boys and girls side, have struggled on the hardwood, winning on average between five to seven games per season.

However, this trend, has officially come to an end this season because Ashley has been rock solid from top to bottom.

whole community is behind this basketball team, which is awesome and something that hasn happened in probably 20 years, said Ashley head coach Frank Sourek. had a great season so far but it only been about 10 games so there a long way to go. Hopefully, we be right in it until the end.

On paper the Bears create problems via their balance. Led by 6 foot 7 center Nick Sperling (11 points, 11 rebounds per game) Ashley has height in the middle. In Friday night game Sperling blocked three shots in the first minute.

Add to it 6 foot 4 Colin Dolloff (17 points, 10 rebounds),
mulberry clutch black friday Ashley boys basketball off to best start in nearly two decades
Keagan Welch (14 points, 4 assists, 3 steals) and three or four players who average between six and eight points per and you end up with a solid nucleus to build around.

On Friday night though the Bears (9 2, 6 1 MSAC) were in hibernation mode as they saw their one game lead in the conference standings evaporate via a 62 46 loss at Carson City (6 6, 6 1).

City has driven down this road before and it kind of new to us, said Sourek following the loss. could see it in how we played tonight, they wanted it more. We had way too many turnovers and couldn get the ball inside because of their zone defense. Our spacing was bad and we shot the ball horrendous. But sometimes a loss can do as much good for a team as a win can. The Bears led 12 6 early in the first quarter and appeared to be in prime form. Yet from that point on out they went 12 for 41 (29 percent) from the field and turned the ball over 16 times. Meanwhile the Eagles went 15 for 33 from the floor (45 percent) and turned it over five times while hitting five of eight triples. In short Carson City was efficient offensively and its zone defense baffled the Bears for the final three frames.

have to be ready to play, that what I saw, said Sourek. going to move on and learn from this game. This group of kids is very tight, they good friends, and they regroup and get ready for Montabella Tuesday.

For the night Austin Efu led the Bears with nine points while DJ Keller and Dolloff both had eight. Nick Burlingame, Welch and Sperling also added in six points apiece.

Carson City Kolbe Rohn led all scorers with 13 while Beau Hollinshead and Drew Stout had 11 for the hosts. Jackson Murphy, Andrae Wilson and Brody Mikula all finished with six apiece also.
mulberry clutch black friday Ashley boys basketball off to best start in nearly two decades

Discount official mulberry outlet online Outlet Ashford Studios’ Push for Council Approval on 90 Million Extension Plans

second hand mulberry handbags Ashford Studios’ Push for Council Approval on 90 Million Extension Plans

The proposal, which will include the creation of four new film studios in Wicklow, was put on hold by the Council due to concerns raised by members of the local community.

In this statement, Two of Ashford Studios’ plans are said to be necessary to prevent a drop in revenues for the film studio.

The million expansion is expected to create up to 1,500 film and television sector jobs, with plans set to include the construction of four new 40,000sq ft. film studios. The plans also include a television studio, studio offices, a visitor centre and an expanded car park intended to include over 600 car and 100 bus spaces.

However, the Wicklow County Council put the plans for the studios extension on hold after concerns over the project were expressed by members of the Council and local community. The Council raised concerns back in July that the expansion could detract from the landscape and set undesirable precedent for similar forms of highly inappropriate development of million project have outlined the importance of the second phase of expansion, stating in the EIS report that one of the studio, which saw Ashford open its doors to History back in 2012, was no longer sustainable to host other projects alongside the large scale drama series. which is currently filming its sixth season, occupies the entire Ashford Studio space for eight months of the year leaving the studio with Periods of little to no production taking place in the subsequent four months due to time restraints on production turnarounds.

Outlining the need for the expansion, Ashford EIS Document states:

“(Phase One) is not a sustainable rhythm and activities can be rolled out in this manner,(Phase Two) Allows for constant roll out of the studios and prevents a drop in revenues of the management company and a drop in activities in the nearby town of Ashford”.

Furthermore, the EIS report argues that a decision against the proposed expansion would see Ashford Studios progress and development as a attractive film location internationally, stagnate:

“The second phase allows for continual production of film making without valley periods. The need for film studios in Ireland is increasing. The lack of production turnover in the studio has demonstrated the need to expand the current facilities”.
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What is it, this love affair that we have with wood? Robert Penn has some suggestions.

We recently picked up a copy while in London, UK. In the book, Penn works through his plan to fell a giant ash tree and make as many useful items from it as he possibly could. It is a 101 on how trees grow and why their wood is so serviceable to us.

Penn chose to cut down an ash tree and explore its practical possibilities because it is reputedly the most useful of any tree in the world. He proves this by explaining how ash has won over various sports, how it has opened entire continents by providing the most serviceable canoe paddles, axe and hammer handles, and was the choice of native people for making snow shoes. The story grows more fascinating with each page.

What is so special about ash?

The straight grain and dense annual growth rings lend ash wood to an amazing variety of uses. Here are a couple:

Arrows. The best arrows in the world are made of ash wood. During the Hundred Years’ War between France and England, the long bow was the British weapon of choice. When preparing for the battle of Crecy, France, King Edward III wrote to King Philip VI of France, on the eave of the battle in 1346, “at whatever hour you approach you will find us ready to meet you in the fields, with God’s help, which thing we desire above all else.”

King Edward was a bit cocky about the coming engagement, with good reason. He had commissioned three million arrows to be made of the best English ash wood. His 5,000 archers stood on high ground that morning and rained down arrows on the unsuspecting French 60,000 every minute. The best archers had three arrows in the air at any one time. “The scale of defeat was unprecedented and shocking,” writes Penn, “the consensus is around 50 English dead and 16,
mulberry sale uk black friday Ash a powerful and versatile wood
500 French (dead).”Ice hockey has roots in the Irish game of hurling, which features the hurly stick: a hardwood bat that looks like a cross between a cricket bat and a field hockey stick.

A professional hurler can whack a hurly ball, with an ash stick, up to 90 miles an hour. Most often, this is a high scoring game due to its speed and ferocity. Penn describes hurling as “a cross between hockey and homicide.”

Hurly sticks are made of ash by selecting a special section of the hardwood from the bottom of the tree where it flares out to the root below. Sticks for ice hurling, in Canada’s Maritimes, were made similarly from ash trees by indigenous people, using timber from the base of the tree. It was a thriving cottage industry until about 1880, when laminating wood put an end to traditional methods.

A natural love affair

Equally fascinating as the tales of 44 useful products that Penn made from one tree are his anecdotes about our love affair with wood generally. He suggests that, “Through odour, colour, resonance and warmth, we develop a sentimental attachment to artefacts made of wood that often reaches beyond their practical use.”

Penn reflects on our connections to nature or “perhaps a kind of biological response. After all, we come down from the trees and for 99.9 per cent of our time on Earth we have lived in natural environments: our physiological functions remain finely tuned to nature.”

The power of wood has been demonstrated through numerous studies. Penn states that blood pressure and heart rates drop in classrooms and offices with wooden furniture.

The ash tree has been under attack here in Ontario. Emerald Ash Borer has wreaked its havoc with many of our native ash, which is why we write this column on an ash desk that Mark made with his own hands. It features a solid plank that a professional tree trimmer recovered from a large, dead ash in a Toronto park.

There is a certain satisfaction in working with wood, to be sure. And taking time to be in the company of trees has its own benefits. Final word to Robert Penn, “Walking in a forest proves the magic of trees. How it works on humans at a molecular level, in our cells and neurons.”
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mulberry uk bags Asada files for bankruptcy

mulberry factory store Asada files for bankruptcy

A judge earlier this week granted two motions on behalf of a Laguna Beach restaurant seeking bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana. Judge Erithe A. Smith approved the motions.

Filing for Chapter 11 will allow Asada, a Mexican steakhouse and tequila bar at 480 S. Coast Hwy., to remain open, said Jim Bastian, partner with the law firm Shulman Hodges + Bastian.

The restaurant moved forward with the bankruptcy process “to protect creditors, preserve the business, to preserve jobs and protect membership interest of [Scott] McIntosh [owner and part debtor of the ownership group],” according to the court filing.

The restaurant’s debtors are McIntosh, a restaurant industry veteran, and landlords and part owners Arthur and Sueko Fong of the Fong Trust.

MCF480, LLC, the umbrella company that Asada operates under, was set to provide $45,000 in wages and benefits by Saturday, according to the bankruptcy filing.

The debtors have money to pay these expenses,
mulberry uk bags Asada files for bankruptcy
Bastian said.

The Fongs had filed a complaint noting that rent for December, January and February per month had not been paid, spurring the move toward bankruptcy, Bastian said.

The Fongs have majority ownership, 60%, in the company.

The Fongs initially approached McIntosh, who also helped open Nick’s Laguna Beach, about opening a restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Javier’s Cantina.

The two parties entered into a 30 year lease agreement on Aug. 25, 2010, according to court documents.

In 2011, they entered into an operating agreement in which the Fongs loaned McIntosh $1.5 million for the restaurant’s construction, with McIntosh acting as a managing member for the company, the bankruptcy petition said.

Disputes between both parties soon ensued over additional costs for the restaurant’s build out and money that was loaned by McIntosh and his family to cover those costs.

The restaurant also owes $53,000 to food supplier Sysco, according to documents. The company has an agreement to repay this amount over time,
mulberry uk bags Asada files for bankruptcy
Bastian said in a follow up email.

mulberry bag outlet black friday As we were saying

Discount mulberry tote bag Outlet As we were saying

As part of a CFL notebook in Wednesday Spectator, we note that Noel Prefontaine release from the Argos got short shrift in the avalanche of attention afforded Kent Austin re arrival in Canada.

Hopefully Pre gets another fulltime gig n the league, although that not a gimmee despite his Canadian passport. He in his late and teams like to be established for the longterm at the kicking positions. But there always some flex in the CFL punting/kicking pool and Prefontaine could easily be someone shorter term answer,
mulberry bag outlet black friday As we were saying
even if it not from the start of the season.

Although in his teenaged years he was a Californian and a quarterback, Prefontaine has embraced the country which is responsible for part of his ancestry. He been a great salesman for his league and his team, and a constant in the Argo Ticat rivalry over 10 of the past dozen years.

We write it in The Spec at least once a year,
mulberry bag outlet black friday As we were saying
and we do it again. The most valuable player on the Argos so far in the 21st Century is Noel Prefontaine.

continental purse as Gallery redevelopers retool

Discount york mulberry outlet Outlet as Gallery redevelopers retool

More than a year before the planned opening of their revamped version of the Gallery at Market East, the site developers have retired the project Fashion Outlets moniker, along with their plan for an emporium of outlet stores.

The reborn Gallery will instead be known as Fashion District Philadelphia when it formally opens next year. The new name reflects a expansive mix of retail, entertainment and dining, the project owners mall companies Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust and Macerich said in a statement Wednesday.

Philadelphia based PREIT and Macerich of Santa Monica, Calif., also shed some light on who those tenants will be: fast fashion retailer H which will open its largest store in the region at the site; deep discounter Burlington Coat Factory, which is moving to a new space from its current location in the Gallery western most building; and a movie theater, whose operator was not identified.

Further details included a deal with an affiliate of Philadelphia Vibrant Development Group to help create a and entertainment district along the property northern edge facing Filbert Street. Vibrant has worked on retail, dining, and entertainment projects at casino resorts including Atlantic City now shuttered Revel, as well as sports venues, urban waterfronts, and other properties.

Clothing discounter Century 21, at Eighth and Market Streets, has stayed open throughout the redevelopment and will remain a tenant of the shopping complex.

Andi Pesacov, a senior director with real estate services firm Cushman Wakefield retail business in Philadelphia, said PREIT and Macerich had seemingly struggled to find retail tenants matching their original outlet vision.

Nordstrom and Bloomingdale outlets would have been natural anchors, but they already have off price shops in western Center City, while other retailers with outlet versions are spoken for at nearby centers such as Gloucester Premium Outlets in South Jersey and Philadelphia Mills, Pesacov said.

sort of inundated with outlets, so what the draw? she said.

What sort of shopping experience the Fashion District will offer, however, is unknown, with the newly disclosed leases accounting for just a fraction of the mall 730,
continental purse as Gallery redevelopers retool
000 square feet of retail space within its complex of buildings running between Eighth and 11th Streets along Market Street in Center City Market East section.

H Hennes Mauritz AB on Thursday plans to announce its lease there for a 38,000 square foot store, nearly twice the size of a typical location, over three stories at 10th Street and Market, a spokesman said. The store, whose offerings will include the company line of children clothing, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.

Burlington Stores Inc. is to announce that it is moving from the three floors it occupies at its current location to a two story space at Ninth Street and Market, according to PREIT and Macerich. Burlington said in a separate release that it would open in its new space this fall. A spokeswoman did not know when the store would cease operating in its 11th Street location, or how its new location would compare in size with the current one.

The Burlington based retailer is said to have signed a long lease with options to renew when it opened as a Gallery anchor in 2003.

Taking over the third floor space now occupied by Burlington at 11th and Market space will be the planned movie theater, which PREIT and Macerich said will feature power recliners, personal swiveling tables, food, and alcoholic beverages. The theater is expected to be joined in a nearby space by another concept, they said.

At ground level, along Filbert, Vibrant Leasing Strategies is being tasked with what the owners describe as the revitalization of the mall structures three block long northern edge, the district by curating dynamic tenants that engage both the project and the street.

Liz Holland, chief executive of retail and office investment firm Abbell Associates in Chicago and immediate past chairwoman of the International Council of Shopping Centers trade group, said the developers were canny to select a consultant with experience working at casino resorts, which excel at providing dining experiences she described as

Holland said the decision to seek a broader mix of tenants than the previously planned roster of outlet stores, meanwhile, is consistent with how an increasing share of consumers prefer to shop, hopping amid price points and store formats in search of bargains and special finds.

way the business used to be was very much like spumoni; the vanilla was very separate from the chocolate, which was very separate from the strawberry. You were either luxury, you were discount, or you were kind of middle market,
continental purse as Gallery redevelopers retool
she said. are very now. They very happy walking out of a Burlington store and into a fast fashion like H and then into a pretty high end kind of internet startup brick and mortar retailer.

Discount mulberry outlet stock Outlet as Baltimore’s SoHo Buildings in 400 block to be bought as first phase of artists’ community

Discount when is the next mulberry sale Outlet as Baltimore’s SoHo Buildings in 400 block to be bought as first phase of artists’ community

City sees Howard St.

The Baltimore Development Corp. has established a nonprofit affiliate to build and manage at least 50 residential and work spaces and galleries on the west side of the 400 block of N. Howard St.

It intends to use $1.2 million in federal Community Development Block Grant funds to begin acquiring buildings for the project, through conventional sales or by condemnation, if city representatives can’t reach agreement with the owners on a price.

A development manager is being selected by the city to help choose the buildings, develop a financing plan and oversee the project.

Preliminary studies indicate the total development cost will be $4 million to $5 million, with additional funds coming from state loans and syndication of tax credits for affordable housing.

At a workshop on downtown development Saturday, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke touted the artists’ housing initiative as one of many his administration is working on to continue the revitalization of the center city.

Mr. Schmoke and his aides say the project will help speed the transformation of Howard Street by providing viable uses for old commercial buildings that ought to be preserved; adding to the city’s stock of affordable housing, reinforcing the theme of making the area a magnet for artists, and spark spinoff development.

“The goal is not one isolated block. It’s a neighborhood of artists living and working together,” said Honora Freeman, president of the Baltimore Development Corp. “It would create jobs, create energy, create spending power, and stabilize the neighborhood.”

The 400 block of Howard St. is within walking distance of more than a dozen art institutions and organizations, including the Walters Art Gallery, Maryland Institute, Center Stage, Peabody Conservatory, the Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland Art Place, and Antique Row.

Other ventures proposed for the corridor include a $60 million performing arts center at 901 N. Howard St.,
Discount mulberry outlet stock Outlet as Baltimore's SoHo Buildings in 400 block to be bought as first phase of artists' community
expansion of the Maryland Historical Society in the old Greyhound bus terminal off the 600 block of N. Howard St., and reopening of the Mayfair Theater in the 500 block of N. Howard St., possibly in conjunction with Towson State University.

Planners say that adding rental housing to the mix would increase activity in the area around the clock and trigger the opening of cafes, restaurants and other businesses catering to artists, such as supply stores and craft shops.

They point to SoHo in New York, the Adams Morgan district in Washington and a nonprofit venture called Artspace in Minneapolis as examples of artist communities that could be a model for Howard Street.

‘The right ingredients’

“It’s happened elsewhere. I’m convinced it can happen here. We have all the right ingredients,” Ms. Freeman said.

Located between Franklin and Mulberry streets, the west side of the 400 block of Howard St. contains a dozen commercial buildings built between the 1920s and 1960s that range in height from two to five stories. During the heyday of the city’s retail district, they were filled with shops and restaurants.

Recent tenants included a Rite Aid pharmacy, Chinese restaurant, fried chicken outlet, temporary employee agency, income tax preparation service, furniture store and pawn shop. The largest building still occupied is Linn’s Uniform City at 406 N. Howard St.

rTC A feasibility study commissioned by the city indicated housing for artists would be a good way to draw people to the Market Center area and recycle older commercial buildings.

The Abell Foundation funded the study, which was prepared by Bacon and Co. of Baltimore in cooperation with Cho, Wilks Benn Inc. and Struever Bros., Eccles and Rouse Inc.

Ms. Freeman said her agency chose the block to begin building artists’ housing because it has an abundance of deep buildings with large windows and interiors that are ideal for conversion to loft housing. City Council legislation that established the renewal area would have to be amended, however, before the city could take particular properties within the block.

In most cases the buildings will be recycled, although in some instances they may be demolished for parking or new “infill” construction. The city’s preliminary plans call for all of the buildings’ upper levels to become rental housing and for the spaces at street level to be set aside for galleries and other arts related uses.

Individual living and work spaces will range in size from 900 to 2,000 square feet and will be designed to meet the needs of “artists of all disciplines.”
Discount mulberry outlet stock Outlet as Baltimore's SoHo Buildings in 400 block to be bought as first phase of artists' community

mulberry outlet bristol Arts Culture

Discount mulberry bag with studs Outlet Arts Culture

Between July 11th and August 7th, we are asking you to take a second (today or once a day) and vote for the favorites in your community. All you had to do is choose your community, write in your nominations and submit. Yep, that easy. You’ll vote for these categories: Eat, Drink and Be Merry, It’s All About the Art and Entertainment, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Look and Feel Your Best, It Is Your Business and Pet Projects plus we might ask a little about you.

Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. Your votes are all confidential unless you check that little opt in box and then you may receive some awesome emails from us after this promotion ends.

More small details: You were welcome to enter votes for multiple communities as we know we all have favorites in other places but you can just vote once per day. Now that you have the voting thing down, don’t forget to vote in this year’s November election.

A Stephanie Reilly art form is a bit like an onion. On the surface, one may see some collaged words and pictures. After a second look, one will likely notice the layer upon layer of acrylic paint, decorated with various artistic knickknacks. A third glance may reveal more hidden pleasures: messages lurking in the background, colors missed before, thematic connections previously unseen. Each look peels back a new layer, giving the viewer more material to enjoy and to interpret.

The Redmond resident began making these textured canvas statements three years ago. Before that, she experimented in many mediums, progressing through stained glass, children’s clothing and wire wrapped jewelry. Reilly has discovered she has an eye and a hand for creating self reflective art pieces and is pleased to present her second show at Pogacha restaurants.

“Thoughts from the Divine” will run Jan.

The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center at The Evergreen State College will host its annual two day holiday art fair December 10th and 11th at the Longhouse on campus. The hours of the fair are Friday, December 10th 11AM 6PM and Saturday, December 11th 10AM 5PM. Admission is free. Friday, parking costs $2.00.

The fair will feature over 30 Native artists selling original work in a wide variety of price ranges to appeal to every budget. Artists will be selling jewelry, clothing, textiles, weaving, carvings, games, prints, paintings, cards and more. Frybread and Indian tacos will be available for sale.

I’m not sure why this is such a popular weekend for events, but Gig Harbor is experiencing another mother lode weekend of events and activities. Not to be too clich, but there is seriously something for everyone in Gig Harbor coming up this weekend.

Brix 25 Restaurant presents a dinner with Mcrea Cellars and Salida Winery on Thursday October 14Th. Buy a soldier lunch from 1:30 3:30pm.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival opens on Friday the 15th and runs through Sunday with a wide variety of films through out each day.
mulberry outlet bristol Arts Culture