small mulberry purse but no one is planning for it JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN

mulberry bags for men but no one is planning for it JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN

So good ol Marijuana Murphy is riding high in the governor joint and all signs point to him riding the reefer train to full scale legalization of Panama Red in Paramus and points south.

I mean, he says he going to do it anyway. He said so on the campaign trail, and he re iterated it in his inauguration speech.

stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces criminal justice reform comprehensively, and that includes a process to legalize marijuana, he said, not exactly sounding like Cheech or Chong, but no matter: He wants to see legal weed happen.

Of course, just because a governor wants something doesn mean he going to get something. Bills still need to be debated, bills still need to be posted for votes, horse trades need to be made. It not as much of a slam dunk as I thought it once was, but it still a wide open 15 footer at worst.

On one side, you have towns like Point Pleasant, which saw its town council vote to ban marijuana sales in their seaside burg. At least four other New Jersey municipalities have introduced similar ordinances.

Meanwhile, Asbury Park officials said they ready and willing to host pot shops in their town, and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has ordered his planning department to comb through the city zoning laws so they ready to welcome marijuana trade in their city.

Of course, just because some places are taking a proactive approach doesn mean all places are.

In Hamilton? take a wait and see attitude, said Dave Kenny, the business administrator for the township. not sure it will be legalized. There just a lot of things up in the air right now. not planning anything at the moment. If it were to become legal,
small mulberry purse but no one is planning for it JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN
there would likely be some time lag between the legislation passing and the law changing, so we tackle it then.

You ask me, Trenton, Hamilton and Princeton the three municipalities in Mercer are all making a mistake here. Princeton, being about as liberal a town as you going to find, should be at the forefront of this. They should be figuring out if they going to allow it (you have to assume they most certainly will) and where it will be allowed. Hamilton, being the county largest town, needs to get ahead of this, and Trenton should be clamoring for marijuana businesses to set up shop there if for no other reason than to add to the tax base.

I just don get it.

Look around New Jersey and the rest of the country. Look at all the bars, liquor stores, liquor licenses floating around.

The same thing is going to happen with marijuana. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon enough.

And if I were mayor of a town or city, I would be doing everything in my power to get ready for the onslaught. Becoming a town like Point Pleasant is sticking your head in the sand. Getting ready for legalization, passing ordinances and the like so businesses can set up shop immediately when the time comes, is the way to go.

If I were a mayor, I be getting my hands dirty. My really super interesting hands dirty. I mean, wow. Hands. They like hands. Look at your hands. Right? Hands man.
small mulberry purse but no one is planning for it JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN