mulberry shepton mallet online by The Sonics

mulberry vintage by The Sonics

The Sonics the Thomas Edisons of the music world. They invented punk too. They even invented grunge. Their influence can be detected in such bands as: The Dead Boys, The Cramps, Japandroids, Mudhoney, The Fall, The Hives, L7, The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, The Fleshtones, The Fuzztones and LCD Soundsystem. While some of The Sonics dealt with typical early 60s subjects like cars, surfing and girls, their most successful numbers revealed a darker side: witches, psychopaths, Satan and drinking strychnine just for the heck of it. It causes muscular convulsions eventually leads to death through asphyxia. One pint of poison coming up!

The Sonics contemporaries The Kingsmen, The Wailers, The Dynamics, and Paul Revere The Raiders weren tackling such gloomy subjects as drinking strychnine for kicks.

“Strychnine” is a bizarre, aggressive tune that combines Gerry Roslie rowdy, Little Richard like vocals with boisterous, loud frat rock. Although it was only a modest hit on a modest selling record, “Strychnine” contributed to The Sonics cult status.

Here Are The Sonics their primitive yet effective recording techniques. The album was recorded on a two track tape recorder, with only one microphone pick up the entire drum kit. We’ve talked to dozens of novelists, playwrights, and poets and discovered amazing stories of the unhinged live performances or forgotten.
mulberry shepton mallet online by The Sonics