mulberry bayswater ebay California Cops Retire To Idaho

dark brown purse California Cops Retire To Idaho

Some even have formed their own support group in Coeur d said Karl Thompson, a Kootenai County Sheriff Department captain and former California officer.

don attach any significance to the fact Fuhrman might be looking to retire up here, he said. only natural to want to retire someplace that is less intense and reflects more genuine American values. Simpson murder case, created a stir with a visit to Sandpoint this week.

Before he left Wednesday, the detective scuffled with a Spokesman Review photographer at the Spokane airport and cut a deal to buy a $159,000 three bedroom home on Sandpoint south side.

The white, single story house at 419 Euclid Ave. is where Fuhrman plans to retire after the Simpson trial. The house is only two blocks from Lake Pend Oreille in a quiet, distinguished older neighborhood laced with Victorian style homes.

Thursday, the house was mobbed by television crews and satellite trucks. Media from across the country, including the New York Post and tabloid television shows, descended on Sandpoint.

Many were playing up the fact that Fuhrman, accused of being a racist by Simpson defense team, is moving to Idaho, a state often painted as a bastion for whites.

That suggestion infuriated some residents and other former California lawmen who now live here. officer.

are here because we are tired of gangs, traffic and crowds. Sandpoint is a wonderful area to raise my kids. Mayor Ron Chaney held court with the media all day, doing his best to dispel Sandpoint racist reputation.

absolutely amazed at the coverage of this story, said Chaney, whose wife, Rose, helped Fuhrman find a house.

Chaney talked with three networks, the National Enquirer, Current Affair and Edition. a golden opportunity for me to discuss what Sandpoint is really all about and communicate the fact we are not racist and white supremacists, he said.

If Fuhrman house deal survives the publicity, one neighbor will be 60 year old Gayle Dolsby. He a retired California sheriff deputy.

can absolutely understand him (Fuhrman) wanting to get out of that mess in California. I feel sorry for him and appreciate the position he in, Dolsby said.
mulberry bayswater ebay California Cops Retire To Idaho