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Buster Posey began catching pitches in a crouch from a machine. He need to build up those hamstrings and quads.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said that he met with Posey a week ago for an in depth discussion before the reigning NL Rookie of the Year left for rehab work in Arizona. When that heart to heart was over, both manager and player were resolved: Posey will return to everyday catching duties in 2012.

both in agreement it best for the club and for Buster to be catching for us, Bochy said. need his mind back there, too, along with his physical talent to help with this staff. confirmed what I been hearing for several weeks. There is a current of belief within the front office that Posey should move to first base, and perhaps the organization would try to talk their best hitter out of returning to a position where he in greater harm way.

yeah. We had internal discussions, Bochy said. we all in agreement. We need Buster behind the plate. attached a rider, though: He only talking about 2012.

look down the road, whether it Hector Sanchez or someone else, that a possibility, Bochy said. we talking about next year. Playing next year isn going to shorten his career. agreed that the Giants, who have scored the fewest runs in the NL, have missed Posey bat more than his receiving abilities. (It should be noted that the Giants weren scoring runs in bunches before Posey went down in a season ending home plate collision May 25, though.)

would say yeah. He was out cleanup hitter, Bochy said. miss him behind the plate, too but I say that because Stew and Whitey have done a nice job of handling this staff.

Nate Schierholtz (broken foot) will take batting practice tomorrow and Jonathan Sanchez (sprained ankle) is throwing off flat ground today. But Bochy said both players almost certainly done for the season.

Bochy said Schierholtz have a lot of confidence going into the offseason, knowing he can hit major league pitching on a consistent basis. question for the Giants, as they evaluate whether to entrust Schierholtz with an everyday job in the 2012 outfield, is whether he can stay healthy. Fair or not, he has the dreaded label.

know Nate desires to be out there every day, Bochy said. was tough for him because of nagging injuries and his foot issue. But his overall game was much improved, particularly swinging the bat and driving the ball. Schierholtz: felt I was able to contribute. That a positive. I just look on building on it next year. I can improve on what I did. Just come back next year, improve and play every day. That my goal. for Sanchez, he a non tender candidate but sources tell me it more likely he be offered arbitration and possibly be put on the trade market. Sanchez said he was disappointed in his season after pitching the Giants to the NL West title a year ago, but injuries happen.

want to be part of the team. I haven been all year, said Sanchez, who made 19 starts and posted the highest walk rate of his career after leading the NL in walks a year ago. human. We get hurt. I came to spring training and I was 100 percent good. I wasn hurt. I was in shape. I just got hurt. My shoulder was sore. heard that Sanchez had more arm issues than the club let on. Although Sanchez said he wasn affected by the heavy workload last year, it was obvious that he ran out of gas in the postseason. If there was one starting pitcher who had 2010 catch up with him, it was Sanchez.

Does he think he thrown his last pitch as a Giant?

year, he said, shaking his head. rumors, you know? I was out there and I stayed here. So that doesn bother me anymore. I probably stay here my whole career, you know? said he throw bullpens over the winter with an eye toward being more aggressive in the strike zone. That something he hadn resolved to do this spring, even though the walks were obviously an issue for him. So Orlando Cabrera and Jeff Keppinger, despite being in major funks, are out there.

We asked, the manager answered. I bet on Eric Surkamp regardless of whether the Diamondbacks soak themselves tonight or not. has documented the most eventful era in San Francisco Giants baseball history, having covered the team since 2004 for three major media outlets including the San Jose Mercury News and the Oakland Tribune. Baggarly’s other notable life accomplishments include running as the Bratwurst in the Milwaukee Sausage Race and becoming a three time Jeopardy! champion.

Snarkk, I didn respond in time about your season summaries, so this is sort of an edited repost. Your summaries were good and I agree with most if not all of your analysis.

Thank God the season is almost over, as it reminds me of a classic Giants game I went to where the Shooter came in for a save, up by say, 3 runs (the details are fuzzy now), only to give up the lead and what seemed like 5 or 6 more runs after that, which became a blowout. The opposition was racing around the diamond one after another like a production line. Worst thing was that I had seats behind home plate to witness that carnage up close. This season wasn’t that harsh in intensity, but it was a bit like a long drawn out train wreck that we could see playing out in slow motion. The fans were yelling at the dugout for the yank (for Beck’s sake), but the skipper was sticking with Shooter until the end. We been wanting some changes in strategy from both Sabes and Bochy, but they’ve mostly stuck to their guns until the end. Game over. Season over. Well, almost.

Anyway, it’s an interesting memory that puts any tough game in perspective for me and helps me savor the better days that much more. There will be better days again, in Spring at the latest. Just ask Shooter in that cloudy baseball diamond in the sky. So Go Giants.

Let see some good ball tonight.

He a C. It is not just his offense that is needed and his offense out of that position that is sorely needed, because of what it does to the offense as a whole, replacing .220 with .280 or better. Then, add his arm, and you really have a dramatic jump in WAR.

plays the righty vs. lefty card as if it is gospel. Virtually all Lefties are tougher on lefty hitters, yet some still get hits, and Fontenot is one of those guys, .262 with a .352 OBP, A .352 OBP FOR CHRIST SAKE! Cabrera (aside from no hits the past week, playing in two games) is .239 with a .282 OBP vs Lefties and Keppinger .299 with .300 OBP (not a walk, he was once hit by a pitch, lol, though his .087 average for his last 23 ABs is pretty horrible.

Way to rely on those stats to make no sense whatsoever, Bochy!

Bochy is a moron or a liar or both. He cannot possibly be trying to field a team that performs best vs. LHP by starting Cabrera over Fontenot. It hard to imagine that he doesn know how crappy Cabrera has been at the plate overall, just using the eyes, and how crappy he is vs. LHP compared to Fontenot, just by reading elementary splits (which Bochy has claimed to consult). And, while Fontenot is below average at SS, Cabrera is terrible there. So what the eff is Bochy doing? He knows his starting lineup is worse than it should be, yet he trots it out. Why? I really don know or understand. Is he making a statement? Is he Forrest Gump? Why does he do this? Alll those who blast managers, tell me: Why does Bochy start a clearly inferior player (and one who has no future in SF)?

Nice job TD. Maybe the name matches a little closer to your attitude. Shouldn you be celebrating in that half empty stadium trying to outcheer those louder school children on $12 tickets off StubHub? Does most of the state even care? If by America, you mean those people in that half empty stadium and yourself, then it really is a great day. Or if you are from the Southland, why don you bathe yourself in the polluted Latrine? The word on the grapevine is that it good for the skin. I not telling you to literally do that, just in case you are too dense to figure that one out.
Discount mulberry factory outlet online uk Outlet Buster Posey and Giants are resolved that he will catch in 2012