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(AP) A South Carolina mayor says a researcher who worked with the water crisis in Michigan doesn need to test the his town drinking water even though he already found lead pollution at some homes.

Denmark Mayor Gerald Wright tells the State newspaper in Columbia that the testing isn necessary because state environmental officials have declared the water is safe.

But Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards has found lead pollution in the tap water of some homes in Denmark and wants to do further testing. He says he can access the wells without permission.

Edwards is credited with confirming the crisis of lead in the water supply in Flint, Michigan. He tested the water in some Denmark homes in response to complaints from residents of the town of about 3,300.

TechTown business incubator program to get grant extension

DETROIT (AP) Grant funding is being extended for a program in Detroit that supports a business startup accelerator for students.

TechTown Detroit Technology Exchange Business Incubator will receive a $250,000 extension. The funding is part of more than $1.7 million in extensions approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The TechTown program also supports an entrepreneur in residence placement program and integrated ecosystem services.

Automation Alley 7Cs program will get $500,000 in extensions. The program is aimed at accelerating the growth of small businesses and startups across Michigan, with a specific emphasis on advanced manufacturing startups.

The rest will go to the Gatekeeper Business Incubator grant for Lawrence Technological University and the 2015 and 2016 Business Incubator Gatekeeper grants for a number of SmartZones across the state.

Great Lakes art exhibition debuts at Grand Rapids museum

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) The past,
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present and future forces shaping the Great Lakes will be explored in a new exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

The Great Lakes Cycle debuts Saturday at the western Michigan museum. It the work of New York based artist Alexis Rockman.

The exhibition is anchored by five six foot by 12 foot panoramic paintings featuring themes Rockman developed during Great Lakes expeditions. It also features six large watercolors and monochrome field drawings based on his travel and research.

Rockman says in a release he aims to tell a story that compelling call for action on behalf of this natural treasure. Michigan University professors have developed online educational materials in conjunction with the exhibit.

The exhibition runs through April 29. Afterward, it travels to other cities, including Flint, Chicago and Cleveland.

Judge considers case of 4 potbellied pigs in Michigan homeYPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) A family is fighting for the right to keep their four potbellied pigs in their southeast Michigan rental home.

The Ann Arbor News reports that Ypsilanti resident Stephanie Rowland went to court earlier this month to fight a citation that called for her to remove the pigs from her home. A neighbor filed a complaint about the animals in August.

The city ordinance prohibits livestock.

Rowland must prove to District Judge Kirk W. Tabbey that the animals are for emotional support and that her family qualifies for reasonable accommodation through the Fair Housing Act. Rowland says one of the pigs is trained to respond to seizures and low blood sugar.


After an ESPN report detailed various allegations involving Spartans football and basketball players, Dantonio addressed reporters Friday night.

Dantonio says accusations of my handling of any complaints of sexual assault individually are completely false. The coach also says each incident mentioned in the report was documented by either police or the university Title IX office.
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